Welcome to Reagan’s blog. This is a Sims 3 story about my favorite Sim Reagan Leeds and her life. She’s the ultimate diva and is looking for love, fun and adventures throughout her travels in the Sims 3 World. So see what she is up to. 

Wasn’t planning on starting a blog for my Sims, but Reagan’s story just sort of started writing itself. This is my first time sharing her story via a blog although I have shared pictures and tidbits on her on other forums in the past. I’m posting her story along with some of the other characters’ in her life on some other sites as well as another blog just to get it out there. I love reading and writing and obviously the Sims and this is just an creative outlet for me. Reagan’s story hasn’t been completely written or told and is still going along, so I may even be surprised whats in store for her yet!


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