New Male CC I’m Working On

So I decided to work on a few things for my male Sims. If anyone follows me on Tumblr then you know I love Drake. I decided to make a couple of OVO jackets (Drake’s brand) I may add a couple of other items as well in the near future, but after I am done with with my next chapter. Anyhow, I haven’t tested them to see what they look like in game yet but I like the jackets so far. I’ll post pictures later.


4 thoughts on “New Male CC I’m Working On

  1. I’m sure they look great! Man I wish I could make stuff. I see cute outfits all the time I would die for my sims to be able to wear, but I’m talentless. Haha. I even tried CAW once, thought It would be nice to make my own world. Nope. I’m clueless in that department too. Lucky there are so many creative people in the sims community or my sims would be naked!


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