Considering Writing A Short Story Prequel Based on Apollonia Leeds

I was telling one of my readers I have been considering writing a short story prequel about Reagan’s wayward mother Apollonia De-Sai Leeds. I have always wanted to write a Sims 3 story based in the 80’s considering this was my favorite decade as a little girl.

It would show Apollonia and her family moving from Trinidad to Miami in the mid eighties as a teen to her starting college, studying dance, meeting Reagan’s father, Raymond, and getting pregnant her senior year in college and having to drop out of school. Most of you know based on what Reagan and other characters’ tell you about Apollonia is that she is pretty self-centered and she never wanted to get married and have children, but her parents pressured her to marry Ray when they found out she was pregnant with Reagan, she gives birth to Reagan I assume about 1990. The story would pretty much end there because mostly everything afterwards has already been covered in Reagan’s story. Apollonia will eventually make her way back into the present (She is not back in my game yet) She will also have her own POV. She is such a complex and difficult character to write for, so depending on how her character develops in Reagan’s story, I’ll see if I can go forward with a short story about Apollonia. I am not sure if it would be after I have completed Reagan’s story or concurrently. I will keep you updated. 


3 thoughts on “Considering Writing A Short Story Prequel Based on Apollonia Leeds

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