May Have to Split My Next Chapter Into Two Parts

So, I am working on chapter 20, hoping to get it posted next week sometime. As of right now I am thinking I may have to for the first time, split one of my chapters into two parts. My chapters are already a bit on the longer side, I’ve noticed than other S3 stories, which is fine with me. However, for this current chapter there is so much material I want to introduce and several new characters that I don’t want to skim over any important stuff so I may be splitting it up. I haven’t edited it yet, but if I do have to split it up I will try to post very close together since it is two parts. I am so excited for the upcoming chapter, you’ll get to meet Jaylen and his crew. He will also have his first POV in the story. There are several fun scenes (and time consuming) that I am happy to show you. Along with her cousin, Reagan and Briah will really show you how Miami girls get down in the club! LOL. Reagan’s modeling friends are also coming to visit her and Aoki will be returning with a new look. Kennedey will also be displaying a new hairstyle, which some of you on Tumblr may have already seen on her. Anyhow, I will keep you updated.


One thought on “May Have to Split My Next Chapter Into Two Parts

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