A Powers Trip

A Powers Trip.


2 thoughts on “A Powers Trip

  1. I appreciate the fast updates, I’ve really been enjoying them. I hope you have other stories planned in the near future, there really needs to be more good urban stories like this one.

    Jaylen’s my fav male character at this point. I’m loving him more and more. I like that even miles away in New York, he’s still thinking about Reagan. I’m glad that girl Kanna didn’t have any effect on him. She seems like a gold digger, I hope she doesn’t mess things up for Jaylen and Reagan.

    Jaylen has such a nice family. His mom looks a lot like him. I’m glad she isn’t territorial over her son like Ra$hin’s mom. The last thing Reagan needs is drama with her boyfriend’s mom.

    I love the New York landscape screenshot. New York at night is so beautiful. You did a great job capturing that NYC vibe. The club, the dialogue, it was all on point. Also, how do you get so many sims at your clubs? In my game, I always just see a handful of sims show up at the community lots.

    I’m glad you added in some more Reagan and Jaylen time. They looked so cute.

    That girl Amarre saw in the store, is that the same Martina Reagan had a fight with? If so then all I can say is dramaaaa. lol. I hope Martina didn’t follow Reagan to IP, just to bring more chaos in her life.

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    • Yes first off about Martina, I just sent you an email about her. She is one in the same. Because, I don’t play in Starlight Shores, most of the Sims I play with now live on IP, with the exception of a few in the NYC world. Martina and her sister are also twins, I created them shortly after I made the Leeds family, therefore I consider Martina to be a main Sim of mine, although she is not in this story as much. Her background is that her parents live in IP so that is why she and her sister moved there. She didn’t come to start drama with Reagan, but as you can imagine, because of their history there will be drama. Amarre and Jaylen have no idea who she is, but you better believe Reagan will have something to say once she finds out Amarre is dating her.

      Yes, Kanna is a gold digger and Jay was turned off by that. He likes to spoil his woman, but he doesn’t like a lazy gold digger. Jaylen’s mother Yuri is pretty chill, no she doesn’t hover over her sons like Juana Dodge did with Ra$hin. She can see Jay is happy and she knows he can take care of himself. I think there may be some issues when she initially meets Reagan (not because of anything Yuri does), but they will get past it. Also, Yuri has a life outside her children, unlike Juana Dodge. Yuri is a mover and shaker and travels a lot, so she is not always up under her sons. I like the NYC vibe as well, thanks. I get Sims to the club in so many ways, sometimes I throw a party, sometimes it’s mods, sometimes it’s just the hot spot.

      Yes, I wanted to add that little extra time with Jay and Reagan. Of course it wasn’t as detailed as Reagan’s POV, probably because Jay is a guy, LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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