New Sims Design Page

I added a design page to my secondary blog of some of the interiors I have designed. So far, I only have pictures of a Jewelry Store I designed. Eventually I will add pics of Reagan’s new living room and bath as well as other rooms when I get to the. I also have pics of Yana’s house.

Here is the link


10 thoughts on “New Sims Design Page

  1. I saw the jewelry store on tumblr, you did a really good job on that. Will you be sharing that? I’ve only seen one or two other jewelry stores out there, and may be looking for one for an upcoming scene in my legacy.


    • Thank you. Someone else asked me about that. I would have to make it on a whole new lot since I designed it in an empty building in the New York world. I’ve never made a community lot for upload on TS3. I couldn’t upload it with others cc, but just provide the links. Thanks for your interest. I would love for you to use it. 🙂


        • I checked the creator of the main deco and her terms said the items can be uploaded with the lot, that makes it easier. I.will post links for the other cc, its not too much.


        • Once I am done with the lot, can I send it over to you to test? The main cc would be in Sims 3 pack the other cc I can include in the dl I give to you, but others would need to dl it from the creators themselves. I haven’t uploaded any of my lots for TS3 and I want to make sure everything is in the right place, thanks in advance.


            • Wonderful, thank you! I’ll get started on designing it on a new lot tomorrow. I found some other jewelry I am going to swipe out and add like a restroom area for Simmies. 🙂


            • I am wondering if its best to export or just put the lot in my library along with the main deco that the creator says you can use on your lots. The other stuff I will provide links for, but since you are going to test it, I will send you all the cc to make sure it comes up the correct way. Can I email you the link in private? Thanks


            • That’s a good question. If you export it as a sims3pack, to my understanding any of the cc you used that was also a sims3pack will automatically export with it, though you’d still have to link to the cc that was installed as packages. On the one hand, that would make it easier to have less cc to track down and install. On the other hand, some people don’t like having much cc installed via their launcher, and want to be able to choose what cc they install with the lot, so they might prefer to install it as a library file.

              I personally have no preference, since I keep my shooting saves in separate AGS profiles, so whatever is easiest for you. And yes, you can email me the link when you’re ready. There’s an orange contact button at the top right of my site, that goes straight to my email.


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