Update…Coming Soon

I won’t be able to post Part 2 of Diamonds In The Sky until next week. I wasn’t feeling too well for a few days and couldn’t work on the story. It’s weird, but I think this is my toughest chapter to put together, I’ll explain more once the chapter is finished. The chapter after this one will be more time consuming (sigh). Thankfully, after the next two chapters, the rest won’t be so pose heavy and full of a lot of Sims I must dress and pose.

I’ve always intended for Reagan’s mother, Apollonia to come back and you have seen her like in the shadows so far (I’ve mentioned this in my comments section a few times). She’s been keeping up with both Reagan and Kennedey. Once Apollonia comes back I will post the first chapter to her own story. There’s really only one word to describe Apollonia De-Sai, she is a snake (at least in her earlier days). You’ll see more of that in her own short story. Happy Siming 🙂


4 thoughts on “Update…Coming Soon

  1. I hope your feeling better. I’m sure the next chapter will be amazing. Apollonia must miss her girls if she’s still keeping tabs on them. I’m curious to see how her life’s been since she left home.


    • Thanks, if it’s not one thing, it’s another . Apollonia will talk about her life after she left. She’ll show up soon in Reagan’s story. In her own story everyone will see the true original diva and master manipulater at work. Reagan will look like a sweet little kitten compared to her mother. Basically, Apollonia runs circles around her daughter. I can’t wait to write for her, I’ll be able to show my true talents writing for such a mean snake in the grass character. LOL. 🙂


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