Caribbean Queen/Apollonia’s Blog

I started designing Apollonia’s blog for her short story. There isn’t much on there, just a background so far and I’m still tweaking that. Not sure when her first chap will go up, but I want it to coincide with her appearance in Reagan’s story (maybe).

The title of her story is Apollonia: Caribbean Queen. Tagline is The Original (of course the original meaning she is the original diva)

Apollonia’s chapters won’t be posted as frequently as Reagan’s or Briah’s because I am concentrating on finishing Reagan’s story up and Rea’s story is very time consuming. Once that’s wrapped, Bri’s chapters should be posted more frequently as well as Apollonia’s.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Apollonia’s story will take place in the mid 1980’s until about 1990 ish, around the time Reagan is born. As soon as I have her first chap up, I’ll post an update. Thanks.

PS, Thanks Billy Ocean for the inspiration of the title of this story, love this song.


9 thoughts on “Caribbean Queen/Apollonia’s Blog

  1. I like the background you chose for Apollonia’s blog. She’s a mysterious character, so it’ll be interesting seeing things from her point of view.


    • Thanks. I figured Reagan has diamonds, so I gave Appllonia emeralds to match her eyes. Nice to hear from you. Oh yes, ma’am, I know you just started playing Sims again, but are you going to continue Kalila’s story? Or did you get TS4? You’re an excellent writer. I haven’t played TS3 long and I have so much I want to do with my Sims. I suppose I’ll get S4 one of these days, but I want to money’s worth from S3 and all the EPs and store items I purchased, LOL. Happy Simming


  2. It’s great to hear from you too! I took a break from Kalila’s Story, because I wanted to just play the game for fun. Making a sim story can be so tedious at times, but now that my game is working again I want to continue working on my story. Thanks for the compliment, you’re an exellent writer too. I admire the fact that you stuck with your story this whole time, and stayed true to the characters. I havent bought TS4, but I have the demo. I might wait until the price goes down before I buy the game. I also just started playimg TS3, and I feel like I havent really explored the game.


    • I’m feel the same way. I played S3 when it first came out but went back to S2 until about a year and a half ago. I don’t play as much and there are so many things I want my Sims to do and babies I want them to have LOL. I want to run a bakery, art gallery, store, all types of things. Reagan is my number one Sim, but because Kennedey has the personality to do so many things, I can I have the “most fun” with her. I.played with Kennedey and Micah in AS for several days a couple weeks ago and it was a lot of fun just to play.

      I agree, doing a story is tedious. I look forward to finishing Reagan’s story. At least with Bri, her set ups are basic and there isn’t a lot of other Sims in the story. I couldn’t even tell you how.many organic Sims that are in Reagan’s story.

      Anyhoo, I’ll look forward to reading about Kalila. πŸ™‚


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