Musings on discouragement and the pragmatic approach

You know when people are only interested in you when they can get something out of you. I deleted my old Tumblr account Livingcolorsims about a year ago, but I had long since stopped being active toward the end of Reagan’s story in 2015. There were so many times because of my depression, I didn’t want to go on with her story, especially when I knew that my blog initially got traffic because of my cc. Eventually, more people than not came to read her story and that’s nice. People still read about Reagan and this story is four years old.

As far as the more recent stuff, I am actively learning and creating a new Sims magazine (S.H.E) I initially started at the beginning of this year. I am putting in many hours and a lot of effort to build the magazine. I’ve always kinda done stuff that appeals to me, but largely that does not appeal to a lot of people. As I develop the upcoming story Reign: A Game of Power, I am looking beyond the Simming community once it gets published. One of the reasons it’s taking me so long to get it out is because I am formatting the story for the general public and not so much just aimed at Sims.  I’ve longed known that was best because my story will not appeal to the majority of Simmers.

I feel very passionate about the project and I am facing my fears as I develop characters who may not have any moral compass.  These are individuals who are all on some level trying to attain power by elevating themselves. What if anything, do we sacrifice to get what we want or need? What is extremely idealistic, more often than not doesn’t produce results. We have many characters who choose to take a pragmatic approach in order to get things done. Some of these characters are more ruthless than others. Sometimes we have to sit down, shut up, and eat the shit given to us in order to get ahead. Do the ends justify the means always? Maybe not, but what will you do to get what you need? How far would you go to gain power?

This is a game of power. The world’s a stage and we’re the players.


3 thoughts on “Musings on discouragement and the pragmatic approach

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down. Being a writer has it’s ups and down, sometimes we love what we do, but I think a lot of us want to know that our work is appreciated. I just want you to know I appreciate all the hard work you do, on the magazine, the writing tips, all the beautiful stories you’ve written (and currently working on). I know I was taking a break, but I was keeping up with all the new content you’ve been releasing. Everything you do, you do it with class. I’m very impressed by all the work you put into your magazine, especially in such a short time. It’s professional, classy, it has good content. If I’m amazed, I know there’s other ppl out there who are amazed too. Keep up the excellent work! : )

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