TS4 Jem and The Holograms Collection I The Holograms vs The Misfits

I’m a true blue 80s kid and Jem and The Holograms is my all-time favorite cartoon. This is a project I personally wanted to do because as usual, I can only make content that I feel passionate about. The first ensemble in the collection is inspired by Aja of The Holograms but updated for a modern look. I’d previously made a collection for The Sims 3 several years ago and wanted to make a bigger and more expansive collection for TS4. As part of my special edition of S.H.E magazine, I am releasing more 80s inspired custom content in the coming weeks.

Check out the collection and download at S.H.E!



4 thoughts on “TS4 Jem and The Holograms Collection I The Holograms vs The Misfits

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  2. OMG! As a child of the 80s i was OBSESSED with everything Jem!
    To this day I still am, and I’m a grown ass man now. Hahaah!

    I even saw the live action movie… It shouldn’t have been called Jem but it was
    alright for what it was. They got the Misfits down pat though!

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    • Thank you so much for commenting! I knew there had to be a few of us 80s kids out there! That’s who this collection is for. I am a true Jem fanatic too! I have the series on a DVD set I bought in 2004! Plus I watch it on Netflix. My brother loved Jem too when we were kids. I have a Jem nightgown and a Jem doll. LOL! Happy Simming!

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      • I think I have the boxset from 2004 too!
        But I also have the newer dvds they released a few years ago. I hadn’t rewatched Jem in a long time, probably since i was a young kid.. and i actually remembered the episodes! and the songs! The songs are so catchy and so deliciously 80s. Some of my faves were Glitter & Gold, Beat This, Depends On The Mood I’m In, etc..

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