Tutorial: Creating a simple recolor & adding a logo to a shirt

Hello everyone, this is a simple and very basic tutorial on how to make a simple recolor and add a logo to a base game t-shirt. I am not going to make tutorials on how I make some of my more advanced cc at this time, but I will later. This tut has a bit more steps than a basic recolor because I also show how to prepare 4 logos/color them and add them to your shirt. Try finding logos online that have a transparent background. If you can’t, you can cut out, but I will not be covering that in this tutorial. I am, however, including the logos I used and you can download. This is not a tutorial that goes over everything in GIMP.

Download the logos I used SFS

This tutorial is for GIMP. I will make one for Photoshop as well, but you can follow along as the tools are similar in both applications.

First, you will need GIMP, which is free. Also, Sims 4 Studio, which is free too. First, register before you can download S4S.

https://www.gimp.org/downloads/  Download version 2.8.22 from the direct link

http://sims4studio.com/thread/562/sims-studio-windows-wishes-open   Scroll down and choose the Installer option


Open Sims 4 Studio. Go to CAS, Create CAS Standalone

At the top you can select what you want to recolor. We are using this t-shirt from the base game. If you were recoloring cc, you would choose Custom under the Content tab. But you would need to make sure the package you are recoloring is added to the Sims 4 Studio Mod folder in your Document.

Shift-click for all swatches, control-click to pick individual swatches. Hit next it will prompt you to save your package. I recommend saving to a folder on your desktop. Name it what you want.

Now we see our shirt. Select the swatch you want to recolor. Make sure you are on diffuse and export.

S4S accepts DDS and PNG. I make my cc using DDS plugins, but for this tutorial, we are saving as PNG. Using DDS would take more steps and we don’t need to. Your diffuse is your texture. Call it diffuse or texture, whatever you want.

Open up your texture in GIMP. Go to the windows tab at the top, dockable dialogue. You need Layers, toolbox, and tool options.

Now we want to change the color of the shirt.


Open your first logo. We will need to repeat these steps for the other ones later.

Once your paste your logo on your shirt, it will say Floating Layer on the layers panel. Right-click new layer to paste it.

You can either resize your logo before pasting or do it after you paste. In your toolbox, you need to select the scale tool. Make sure you are on the logo layer.

For the red/green part of the label, it was a bit dark. So, open it up in GIMP. Go to color-curves and move the point slightly upward to make it a little brighter. Copy and paste onto your shirt layer, but make sure it is under your logo layer. You can either add this one or the logo first.

Adjust your logos using the move tool in the toolbox to the center of your shirt.

We need a new layer for the color we want to add. Go to the Layers tab and select a new layer or add a new layer from the layers panel in the red box.

Let’s fix the color. We want it to be a brighter orange. Adjust the color levels in the foreground toolbox to get the color you want. Or you can add the HTML color code.

A few things. Make sure you are on the color layer. Use the rectangle/marquee tool to draw a rectangle over the shirt. Select your bucket tool. Then click inside the box. It will fill with your new orange color. Go to the layers panel go to mode (blend modes) there are several options, but I chose soft light and brought the opacity down to 80.

Whenever you want to get out of your “current”  selection, go to Select at the top and click “None”



Copy and paste this logo onto your shirt.

Hide the first logo we added by clicking the little eye on the layers panel.

Another thing I forgot to mention. You need to flip the red/green label so that it is horizontal. You can use the rotate tool in the toolbox.

Once we add our other logos for another swatch, you want to rotate them using the rotate and flip tools in the toolbox.

You can duplicate the layer and flip it so it is upside down using the rotate tool and flip tools. You may need to mess around with getting it aligned with the first layer.

Scale your logos, make sure they are smaller than the red/green label.

After you are done adding your logos, export as a new png with a new name and import it.

I don’t like the size and placement of the logos. No big deal, we will just resize them.

Now it is resized using the scale tool on each one.

Export again. Looks better.

I forgot to add the larger GG one, but no biggie, we can copy and paste as a new layer just like before. Also, try sharpening your labels to make them crisper. Not always necessary.

Import under a different swatch and change the colors in the thumbnail. Save your package. Copy and paste your package into your Mods folder.

Kane models our new shirt in game. Unedited picture.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.

I am always here to help my fellow Simmers. Happy Simming.

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