A Powers Trip

A Powers Trip

It was cool being back home, even though I found myself looking forward to going back to Isla Paradiso. My last date with Reagan at her house went very well. She surprised me when she invited me over for dinner. I know she said she wanted to thank me and all for grilling, but I had a feeling it was a bit more. I was excited about something, whatever this was happening between Reagan and me.

Whenever Amarre and I came back to New York, we usually stayed in our own spots. Since my condo was being repainted and Amarre was renting his out to a family member, we decided to stay with our parents. It was cool because we haven’t seen our parents the last couple of times we have been out this way. My mother Yuri used to model part time and a full time college student. she married my father and had us, she wanted to focus on motherhood. Now my mother had her own interior design firm and consulted with my father for his architectual projects. They were always traveling around the world on business, working and meeting new  clients.


I guess you could say I had a pretty traditional upbringing. My brother and I were raised by both our parents, we have a big extended family here in New York, Chicago, and several other places. Sometimes Amarre and I got flack from different family members because our parents were what they considered “well-to-do”.  I really didn’t consider my parents that way. They both went to school, received their degrees and worked hard to establish a successful business for themselves.

My parents didn’t raise us to be spoiled or soft. We lived in a normal middle class neighborhood in Brooklyn and went to a normal public school. That didn’t stop some of the haters in our family and some kids in our school from trying to start shit with us

Because we often had to “prove” we weren’t punks, Amarre and I stayed in a lot of fights throughout middle school and the first few years of high school. We weren’t thugs or anything, but when kids started messing with us, we didn’t back down. Our mom and dad made us get out there and work, we didn’t have an easy or free ride.


My personal philosophy has always been, since I worked hard, I liked to play hard too. Having a job and dealing with school growing up wasn’t necessarily something I enjoyed doing and I usually tried to get out of either one in favor of going out to the club or throwing parties. Amarre has been usually right there with me, partying too, although not as hard. He was always a bit more low key, which  is why he also managed to get caught less often than I did. We even managed to keep an active party life all throughout college.

I admit, Amarre has always been more focused than I have. Don’t get me wrong, I handle my business and all, I just probably procrastinate a bit more than I should and I am usually out in the streets most of the week. I knew how to chill too, but I figured I would have plenty of time to chill once I got married and settled down some day.

Coming home once or twice a month was always something I looked forward to doing, even though the main point of my visits was to check on our club in Brooklyn, Avenue. It also gave me an excuse to see some of my boys back here as well. My main crew I rocked with lived back on IP. Amarre is my twin and the closest person to me in the world. We could pretty much read each other’s thoughts.

We bumped heads like most siblings, but he is my best friend, I trust him more than anyone else. My cousins Apollo and Aubrey are both my dogs. Their mother and my father are sister and brother. They’re originally from Chi-Town, but had to come live with us for a while back in high school. Their mom was having some issues and had to move back home to New York. Apollo and Aubrey are bit on the hood side and can act a little thugged out at times, but they’re my people, so I deal with it. My other friend, Jax, we’ve been knowing each other since childhood, our fathers are partners in their architecture firm. Yeah, I had friends all over, but they are my core.



“So, baby, I heard you have been seeing that model, Reagan Leeds?” my mother asked me one morning. I looked over at Amarre. “What? I didn’t say anything,” he said looking up. “Yeah, right,” I said. “Your brother didn’t tell me, you can’t keep something like that a secret, I don’t care if you do live on an island, sweetheart,” said Mom, with a knowing look on her face.

Yeah I read about it on Twitter,” my father piped up. “Dang, can I get some privacy? Why is everyone all up in my business?” I said feeling a bit irritated. My family loved to stay in each other’s business and it really got on my nerves sometimes.


“Why are you getting upset, Jay? I’ve never seen Jaylen get this upset over a girl before , Kevin,” my mother said, looking at my father with a sly smile on her face. I shook my head. My dad let out a small chuckle. “Yeah, the boy is getting a little red in the face, Yuri,” Dad said.


“Hmm-mmm, I see. He must like this Reagan Leeds girl,” my mother said, batting her eyelashes at me. I tried to hide a smile and didn’t say anything. “Is that a smile I see?” my mother teased. I straightened my face. “No, it’s not. I gotta hit the shower, then
we have to head out,” I said, getting up from the table.


I knew as soon as I left the room,  my family was going to be talking about Reagan and me. “So, Amarre, how many times have you met Reagan?” Mom asked Amarre. “Oh, just a handful of times. I haven’t spoken to her that much,” Amarre replied. “What does she seem  to you? Is she really diva like?” asked Mom.

Amarre shrugged. “I mean, she seems cool enough. When she first came into the club, she initially acted like most other celebrities. She was a bit demanding, but not too much, and she tipped out our staff very nicely at the end of the night. I don’t think she is as ridiculous as some people say she is, but like I said, I don’t really know her. You need to ask Jay, Mama,” he replied.

“Oh, I was just curious to see what you thought. Men tend to be blinded by a female’s wiles at times. I’ll leave it alone, if your brother wants to talk to me about her, I’ll let him come to me,” said Mom.


“Damn girl, what is it?” I said, looking at my phone, annoyed. “Who is it? Kanna?” Amarre asked as we arrived at the club.
“Hell, yeah. I’ve told this girl a million times, we have nothing to say to one another, it was over,” I replied. “Well, maybe you should talk to her in person. I mean, didn’t you break things off over the phone?” asked Amarre. “Actually, no, I did talk to her the
last time I was here in person, but she doesn’t seem to get the message, yo,” I said.


Amarre and I had a meeting that day with the manager of our club to go over some of the details of the new liquor rezoning laws that were going into effect pretty soon and would ultimately effect our business. Honestly, all of this stuff was pretty boring and
mundane to me, but it was part of the game.



After a pretty long day of endless meetings, I was ready to post up somewhere and chill for a minute. I wasn’t trying to get into too much tonight. I wanted to go back to my parent’s house, watch some ball and holla at Reagan. We had been texting each other since I got into town yesterday, but we haven’t spoken.

My phone started to ring. “Hello?” I answered as I turned down Flatbush Ave. “What up, G? Where you at, dog?” Apollo asked on the other end. “Yo, son. We are just heading back to the crib. What’s good?” I asked. “Yeah, me and Aubrey ’bouts to catch the red eye, man. We thought we’d come through the spot for the weekend,” said Apollo. I looked over at Amarre, who sighed. I knew Amarre wanted this weekend to be all about business, so hearing that Apollo and Aubrey were coming out, he knew that plan went down the toilet.

“Oh, alright, son. Where y’all stayin?” I asked. “We bout to get a hotel, unless you giving up them keys to your apartment, since you staying at your parents,” said Apollo. “Oh hell, no, you ain’t stayin‘ up in my shit, son. Besides it’s getting repainted” I told
him. “And they damn sure ain’t stayin in my place even if it was free, f’ that,” Amarre spoke up.

“Man, y’all some  haters. It’s all ‘g, I’ll remember you,” said Apollo. I told Apollo I would see him sometime tomorrow and hung up. I didn’t care if
they were mad, they had money, get a hotel.


Man, I was looking forward to my mom cooking again, but since she was at a business meeting, we were on our own for dinner. Oh well, we ended up ordering a couple of pizzas and watched the game once we were done eating. It was good being back home, chillinwith my old man.


“I don’t care, New York better stand up and do something come the playoffs this year,” said Dad. “We’ll see what happens, we really need some fresh meat on the team if they’re going to get anything accomplished,” I told him.

After the game, I went up to my room when my phone started beeping, letting me know I had a new text, I was expecting it to be Reagan answering the text message I just sent her. I looked at my phone, it wasn’t from Reagan, but from Kanna. She and I used to talk, it wasn’t serious and I had broken things off with her several weeks ago, before I even met Reagan.
Kanna: I know you’re back in town, Jay. Y R U Not calling me back? I keep txting U 😦

I sighed and texted her back letting her know I would scream at her later. That was some drama I didn’t feel like dealing with tonight.

Right after I sent off that text my phone started to ring. I was glad to see it was Reagan hitting me back and not Kanna.”Hello?” I said. “Hey, what’s up? I got your text, asking me to call you back,” Reagan spoke into the phone. “Hey, Ma. How you doin‘?” I asked
her. Reagan giggled a little. “I’m doing well. How are you? How is your trip going?” asked Reagan.

“Uneventful. Nothing major, business as usual. So, what’s up? You miss me?” I asked, smiling. “You haven’t been gone long enough for me to miss you,” Reagan replied. “Awwwhh, you got jokes, girl. That’s cold,” I said laughing. I could hear Reagan also laughing on the other end.

“How is your family doing?” she asked. “They’re good, it’s nice to see them. My cousins are flying out late tonight, though,” I told her. “Oh really? Is that going to be a problem?” asked Reagan. I shrugged. “Nah. They just wanna rock with us for the weekend. My brother ain’t feeling it, he didn’t want too many distractions, but we gotta be at the club anyway this weekend,” I replied. Reagan was quiet for a moment, like she was contemplating something in her mind, but she didn’t say anything else.

Reagan told me that she had a meeting with a new client and her agent earlier. She seemed excited to be heading back to work pretty soon. I was happy for her. She had gone through a lot. Hopefully this was a way for her to start getting back to where she wanted to be. We talked for another two hours, about pretty much everything and nothing at all. I really liked the conversations we had. She was very easy to be with, I never thought about who she was or what she did.

Reagan was actually pretty funny, I liked how blunt she was about things in general, she didn’t hold any punches. Even still, I felt like there was a part of her that wasn’t as open with me, like there were things she thought about saying to me, but stopped herself from. I knew a lot happened in her personal life over the last several months. Because of her celebrity, her personal life was a public matter. What her punk ass ex, Ra$hin did, putting his hands on her was messed up and that would scar anyone. I never got it around my head, how any man could ever lay their hands on a woman. I didn’t even know Ma at the time and when I heard about that, I wanted to whoop Ra$hin’s ass. Boy, if I ever meet that bitch in the streets, he just better hope that never happens.

The next evening, Amarre and I headed over to Avenue to meet up with Apollo and Aubrey. My other boy from high school, Que was also in the spot tonight. I ordered a drink to test out our new bartender and I saw Kanna had come through with one of her friends. I wasn’t surprised to see her, I just hoped she did not start wylin‘ out in my place of business, but knowing her I could count on that.

“Isn’t that ol‘ girl standing right there?” Apollo asked after we got our drinks. I nodded. “Yeah, that’s her,” I replied. “Won’t Reagan get mad, knowing your old booty is here?” Apollo laughed. “I don’t see how, there ain’t nothing going on between Kanna and I
anymore. That been over,” I said.


“Man, she stalkin‘ yo ass. She must have not had enough of some Jay,” said Apollo. “Don’t even start with all of that, son,” I replied, shutting Apollo down.

“Yo, Kanna, what’s up girl?” I asked. She was looking pretty pissed, so I tried to keep it casual. “What’s up Jay? I have been calling you for days and you never return my calls. What the hell type of shit is that?” asked Kanna. I sighed. “I’m sorry, I’ve just
been mad busy. I opened a new club, I’ve just been working,” I replied, keeping my voice even. Kanna rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I know what you have been busy with too. Oh, you think ’cause you done copped that model bitch, you better than me or something now. Is she the reason you don’t call me no more?” Kanna asked, her voice getting louder.


“Will you just calm down? First of all, that is none of your business. She has nothing to do with you. You damn sure know why we ain’t kickin‘ it anymore. For one, we were never serious, Kanna. Two, you sold out my clientele that came in the spot, selling stories and pictures, and shit to every damn gossip site on the internet. You’re also too damn childish for me. Things just didn’t work out, it is what it is, sorry,” I replied. Kanna and I kicked it briefly, but that whole time we were seeing each other, she tried to get on.

She constantly tweeted about which celebrities were in our club, posting pictures from the club on instagram and I found out she even sold pictures on occasion. I couldn’t rock with her after that. She also thought I was going to pay all of her bills and spend all my money on her. I love doing things for my woman and all, but she was never my woman, plus she was so damn lazy. I couldn’t stand people who were constantly looking for a way to come up and get dollars, without putting in any work themselves.


“Whatever, Jay. Like, I said you ain’t no better than me, just cause you got Ra$hin’s left overs!” Kanna yelled. “You know what? If you don’t keep your voice down, you’ll have to leave,” I told her, keeping my voice even. “Whatever, Jay. F’ you and your new trick!” she yelled. Since Kanna insisted on acting like a hood rat, I told her she needed to leave. I wasn’t about to let something ill mess up my night.


“What’s goodie, Jay? How you liking it out there in IP? How’s the new club coming along, dog?” Que asked me as we settled into VIP. “It’s wavy. IP is cool, it’s not New York, but I’m rockin‘ with it. I was surprised there was so much to see and do. Tomo is coming along nicely. There’s a line wrapped around the block Thursday thru Sunday night. We’ve had a lot of high end clientele fly out to come to the club, it’s been getting good reviews, as well,” I answered him.


“They got some bangers out there and the freaks in the club are fine as hell,” said Aubrey. “Yep, and the more beautiful women in the spot, brings in the fellas, wanting to spend those dollars, you already know,” said Amarre. I laughed to myself, it was always about the bottom line with Amarre, but I have seen him eyeballing some of those bangers that frequent our club. He tried to always act professional, but I knew his ass.


“Yo, Apollo. Since, Jay don’t wanna talk about Ma, even though it’s all over Twitter, what’s up with you? You met anyone out there yet?” Que asked. “Yeah, something like that,” Apollo said with a smirk on his face. “Give up the info, dog, who is she, where  did you meet her at?” asked Que. Apollo shrugged. “You know, just around. Her name is Briah, we’ve been kicking it for a few weeks now or so.  She’s cool,” said Apollo.

I was honestly surprised Apollo wasn’t giving up the 411 on Briah, he usually always talked about the females he was rollin’ with. I think he was really feeling Briah and maybe that is why he didn’t want to give up too much.



Amarre and I had a late night at the club and didn’t roll in until after four. I wasn’t sleepy yet, I went back downstairs and I was surprised to see my mother up.

“Hey, Mama, what are you doing up?” I asked her. “Oh, hey baby. I was just about to make myself some tea, can’t really sleep. Why are you up?” she asked me. “Can’t sleep either,” I said shrugging. My mother looked at me, thoughtfully. “Reagan on the brain?” she asked with a slight smile on her face. “I mean, I don’t know. I’m just a night owl,” I replied, my mother knew better.
“Boo, I had you, I know you. I can tell when there is more than just insomnia keeping you up, love. You seem so different, this girl has you tripped up, doesn’t she?” asked Mom.

“I don’t know, Mom. We’ve been kicking it for a few weeks now, but it seems longer than that. It feels like I’ve known her for a good while now. She’s cool. She isn’t at all what people say she is. I can definitely tell there’s a diva inside of her, but that is not
all she is, she’s not like a bitchy kind of diva, if that makes sense. There is a vulnerable and sweet side to her. I feel like she is trying hard to not let that show too much. I know she has been hurt and publicly humiliated, so she has these walls up…” I
trailed off.

“Well, I don’t know the girl personally, but she has been through a traumatic experience. That would make anyone put up their defenses. For what that nut did to her, that was a shame. Do you know anything about her family?” Mom asked. I shrugged my shoulders a bit. “Only a little. I’ve met her sister a few times. I’ve heard things about her family, but she doesn’t really like to talk about that. I know her mom left her when she was younger, but she has never brought her up to me before, so I don’t ask,” I replied.


My mother shook her head. “That’s a shame. If she is the big diva everyone says, that probably has a lot to do with how she acts,” she said.

“Perhaps, but I haven’t seen her check anybody since we’ve been kicking it. I think she is perfectly capable, if someone says the wrong thing to her. She’s not weak, she’s a strong woman, boss,” I said. My mother looked at me more carefully in my face.

“What exactly are your feelings for her at this point?” asked Mom. I let out a sigh. “I’m not completely sure. I know I like her a lot and sometimes I think it’s crazy how much I feel about her when we haven’t been knowing each other that long,” I replied.

“It’s not always about a time frame, boo. Look at your father and me. We met and went out on our first date all in the same day. Four months later, we were married. One year later, out comes you two. We’ve been together ever since. I’m still head over heels in love with your daddy. Our case isn’t typical. You really like this girl. She seems to make you happy. You have had a smile on your face the entire time you’ve been here. But, there is no need to rush into things, honey. Just take it easy and if the time ever comes, let Mama check her out,” said Mom, letting out a slight laugh. My mother was right and no matter how cool I tried to keep it around her, she always knew me best.



A couple of days later, Amarre and I were finally back in the IP and it was the most I had ever looked forward to leaving New York and coming back here. I was seeing Reagan tonight and I wanted to hit up the mall and look for some new kicks.

We were browsing around the stores when Amarre started checking out more than the clothes. “Damn, you see that girl over there, Jay? She is fine as hell,” Amarre said, nodding his head in the direction of a girl looking through the clothing racks. She looked up once she could sense Amarre staring and slightly smiled at him.


Amarre usually doesn’t jump on the first beautiful woman he sees, but he immediately made a beeline for this girl.


“Hi, how you doin‘? My name’s Amarre, this is my brother, Jay,” he greeted her. “Hi, I’m Martina, nice to meet you,” she replied. “You just doing some shopping for ya man or something?” asked Amarre with a twinkle in his eye. That wasn’t obvious at all, I thought sarcastically. Marina let out a small giggle.

“What makes you think I am shopping for my man?” she flirted back. “Well, you’re browsing through men’s clothes, so I figured…” Amarre’s voice trailed off. “Maybe it’s something for my Papi,” Martina said, running her fingers through her hair. “That can mean your daddy or your man,” said Amarre, taking a step closer. “Well, if you must know, I meant, my  father. I don’t have a man,” she said with a flirtatious smile.


Amarre looked Martina up and down. “Well, that’s good to know. So, do you think it would be cool if I called you?” he asked. “I guess that would be okay,” replied Martina. Amarre and Martina exchanged numbers. Martina flipped her hair and told Amarre not to lose her number. I was impressed, Amarre has been so focused since we moved out here and started setting up shop for Tomo, he hasn’t tried to crack at anyone.

“Look at you, A. So you gonna call her?” I asked him after Martina was out of earshot. Amarre had a far away look in his eyes. “You already know,” he replied.



“What made you want to come down to the beach so late, Mr. Powers?” Reagan asked me seductively. We had been out for the last few hours, we ate at a new Italian restaurant and caught a late night movie afterward. I wasn’t ready to call it a night, so I suggested we take a drive down to the water. It was a clear and perfect night and still pretty warm for fall.

“I just wanted to look at you in the moonlight, Ma. Did you miss me?” I asked her. She looked so beautiful tonight, that wasn’t anything new though. “I don’t know, that depends,” she said, her voice lowered. “On what?” I asked, biting my lower lip and keeping my eyes fixated on hers. “Depends on if you missed me or not,” she said touching my elbow.


I put my arms around her waist and brought her closer to me. I leaned over and started to kiss her. Reagan’s mouth began moving with mine. She gently licked my tongue with hers, almost teasingly. Her mouth was so warm, her lips were soft. Reagan let out a soft murmur and my breaths became more rapid. I was starting to get excited and warm at the same time. Reagan pulled away softly. “Does that answer your question?” I asked her. Reagan smiled up at me. “Yes, it does,” she whispered.


I took Reagan’s hand and guided her over to a spot in the sand. We sat down, not saying anything, just watching the night sky over the water. It was so quiet out, you could only hear the waves of the ocean running to the shore.

“Beautiful view out here,” I said. “Yes, it is,” she agreed. “See, you’re talking about the water and I was talking about you,” I told her. Reagan looked over at me and blushed. “You’re just Mr. Smooth, huh?” she teased. “Nah. I just call it like I see it, Ma,” I
replied. Reagan smiled at me.

I thought about what my mother said, by not trying to box this thing into a time frame. Sure,  Ma and I didn’t know each other long, but my feelings had started to come on strong and fast for her. It wasn’t some typical infatuation for sure. I knew better than that. I  couldn’t call it exactly. I knew I liked being around her and being with her. Reagan stayed on my mind, I thought about her all the time. I was really feeling her and whatever she was doing to me, I didn’t want it to stop.



8 thoughts on “A Powers Trip

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  2. Lol I love Yuki. She isn’t all nosy like Ra$hin’s mama, but she is concerned. I’m glad she waited on him to feel comfortable enough talking about Reagan and his relationship. Speaking of..I wonder how (I forgot her name) feels about her punk of a son she raised. Ugh just thinking about that coward pisses me off again. Is that the same girl from Starlight Shores? Her name sounds familiar..but I hope it isn’t. The twins both have a thing for red heads I see lol. The Powers family seems really nice. Close knit, hard working, and loving, the boys come from a really nice home and that’s good. Loved the update 🙂


    • Oops I meant Yuri lol. And I forgot to comment on Jaylen’s ex..ugh I hate clingy can’t-move-on type people. No means no, bye means bye..stubborn girl.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I really like Yuri as well, she has a life so she isn’t overly concerned with her son’s, although she is curious. I can imagine Juana Dodge found some way to excuse Ra’s behavior and blame Reagan. Yes, that is Martina from SS. Most of my Sims moved to IP since I don’t play in SS any longer. I didn’t realize Martina’s hair looked so red until I.posted these pics, it’s supposed to be like a chestnut with red highlights, but I’m going to tweak it a bit more. Amarre and Martina have been together for several months in my game of course, Reagan doesn’t like her being in the circle and thinks Amarre can do better. I love the Powers family too, thanks again 🙂


  3. Ugh. Jay’s ex. I hate those types of people. I mean–move on already. Nobody likes a person who dwells and obsesses like that, right?

    I liked reading this chapter from Jay’s perspective. His family seems nice–nosey a little, but nice. They have his best intrests at heart, I can see that. 🙂


    • Yes, Jay’s ex is a bit thirsty, she really needs to let it go and move on. I liked writing the whole chapter from Jay’s POV as well. Yes, he does have a nice family, they are in each other’s business, but they are much nicer than Ra$hin’s family. Thanks again for reading and commenting!


  4. Ooh, Jay is so cute, being real about his feelings for Reagan. His talk with his mother was so nice. She had some good advice. She’s so right, all relationships are different, some go long, some go fast, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s the right person. 🙂
    Wow, his ex Kanna is a psycho LOL. I don’t really get her kind, making drama wherever they stand. From what Jay said, it sounded like he broke it off with her before going out with Reagan, so the fact that she’s trying to throw Reagan in his face is just dumb. Hahaha, Reagan had nothing to do with their breakup.


    • Jay really cares for his mother. While he is fine with everyone knowing how much he likes Reagan, he can only share his deeper feelings with his mother. Yeah, Kanna was one of many Jay dated before moving to IP. They were never serious, but dated casually. Kanna looked at Jay as her meal ticket, a way for her to come up. She’s jealous that he’s dating Reagan Leeds, a famous model. Reagan may be a lot of things, but she would never try to come in between anyone’s relationship. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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