This is my first go round at a Sims 3 story I recently started writing. I had no idea I was going to write a Sims 3 story when I started re-playing The Sims 3 earlier this year and so it has somewhat just come about on its own. My story is about Reagan Leeds, a drama attracting, party loving diva who’s found herself in some trouble from time to time due to her own personal vices. Reagan is a model trying to make it in her world on Isla Paradiso. She currently lives with her sister Kennedey and their two cats Sammy and Tinky.

The sisters along with their dad, Ray moved to Appaloosa Plains from Miami while they were in high school shortly after Reagan’s mother, Apollonia left them to “find herself”. Upon graduating from college the Leeds sisters moved to Starlight Shores then Isla Paradiso.

I’ve written the story of Reagan’s life and of those other Sims that are apart of it. Therefore most of this blog will be written from Reagan’s own point of view. I’ve also included points of view from several other characters within the story. There will also be flashbacks in some chapters to a previous time in their lives when sharing their stories.

Reagan believes it’s her world and everyone else is just along for the ride. Proven to be the thorn in many a foes’ side, she is constantly running into drama with everyone she considers to be a hater.

Although Reagan may be a bit shallow and superficial, there are reasons for that, the biggest being that her mother left their family and wasn’t a very good one to Reagan and Kennedey while they were growing up. Reagan starts out pretty bratty and diva-like in the story, but as she faces harsh realities, she begins to grow up and appreciate the people around her.

While I consider Reagan’s story and the other characters more “urban” in tone, this story  can relate to all other Sims and Simmers alike. The content is generally PG-13, but some rated R language. 

Come follow Reagan as she makes her move from Starlight Shores and the fun she had there dating and working in the modeling industry to her time in the present on Isla Paradiso and all her world travels while she tries to figure out who she is and where she wants to be in life.

***Some chapters and scenes contain adult language and situations, no nudity


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