Chapter Index

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Chapter 1 The Mirror

Chapter 2 Movin’ On Up

Chapter 3 You Wish You Were Me

Chapter 4 Love In The Club

Chapter 5 I’m In Miami

Chapter 6 Ratchet

Chapter 7 Kennedey

Chapter 8 Diva

Chapter 9 Start Spreading The News

Chapter 10 If I Can Make It There, I Can Make It Anywhere

Chapter 11 Ebb Tide

Chapter 12 Don’t Get Caught In These Streets: The Streets Are Watching

Chapter 13 Boomerang

Chapter 14 Fathers and Daughters

Chapter 15 Lovers and Friends

Chapter 16 You Will Learn

Chapter 17 My Sister’s Keeper

Chapter 18 Family Matters

Chapter 19 La Isla Bonita

Chapter 20 Steelo Part 1

Chapter 21 Steelo Part 2

Chapter 22 A Powers Trip

Chapter 23 Love In The Making

Chapter 24 Glow

Chapter 25 It Never Rains In Southern California

Chapter 26 Seasons Change

Chapter 27 Return of the Mack

Chapter 28 Meet the Parents

Chapter 29 Diamonds In The Sky Part 1

Chapter 30 Diamonds In The Sky Part 2

Chapter 31 The After Party 

Chapter 32 Reagan Getting Married

Chapter 33 The Honeymooners

Chapter 34 Mr. & Mrs. Powers

Chapter 35 This Is Only A Test

Chapter 36 My Baby Love Part 1

Chapter 37 My Baby Love Part 2

Chapter 38 And Baby Makes Three

Chapter 39 Apollonia

Chapter 40 The Aftermath Part 1

Chapter 41 The Aftermath Part 2: Leeds vs Leeds

Chapter 42 Honor Thy Mother: The Confrontation

Chapter 43 Long Kiss Goodnight

Chapter 44 Dynasty


7 thoughts on “Chapter Index

  1. I really like the story so far. It’s been a couple of weeks since I started following you. I finally catch up. I won’t lie I had trouble liking your lead character Reagan at the beginning. She was everything that I thought was wrong with this media driven society. She was more Love and Hip Hop than Real housewives and it was just not my cup of tea. However I found myself unable to take my eyes off the story. Keyword being you know Progression. You are a gifted writer as well as an amazing Simmer. She turned from ratchet to classy. It was subtle. I really enjoyed the journey with her. Reagan is quite beautiful for a sim also. She has a certain uniqueness to her. Though I question some of her clothes’ choice. She does have her moment. ( In front of my screen, I’ll be like no girl you did not wear that to the club.) But then I realized you had my undivided attention and I could not help but care for her despite her explosive over the top personnality. I love that she could show vulnerability as well as strength. Your other characters have also interesting backstory. I expect the reunion with her mother not to be too warm. I guess past the shock the girls will be all in their feelings.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, several people have had that reaction to Reagan initially. I knew when I was writing for her, she wasn’t the.most sympathetic character. Reagan is definitely a hot-headed diva. What I love about her, is her ability to show that vulnerable side. She talks.a good game, but at her heart, she’s really a softie. Her family has been through a lot, dealing with her mother. Reagan hasn’t always made the best choices, but she wants to do the right thing.

      She’s experienced a lot of changes over the course of the story that’s made her grow and mature. My story.pretty much follows my game play and I thought she’d be an interesting character to write for. She’s not perfect, no one else, but I’m proud of the progress she and other characters have made.

      Thank you so much for your compliments, I appreciate it. I agree, the reunion will most likely not be very warm. Thanks again.


  2. Even though I have novels downloaded in my iPhone , Im more excited about you putting out a new chapter than my ebooks . Your really talented and I love each character . Reagan has this aura about her that I idolize . Even though I’m considered a diva in my neighborhood she takes the cake and does it so effortlessly . Also , reading made me question my love life and what makes me happy . Crazy , right? But real shit . You showed a great way of what love looks like and it makes me want to find a great relationship that’s worth it . Sad that I compare my dates to the guys in this story but I can’t help myself lmao ! Anywho, I really enjoy it and can’t wait for the big reunion ! I know it’s going to be epic .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, thank you. I appreciate you saying that. Yes, I think Reagan pulls off being a diva very well, LOL. It’s in her blood.

      I think that’s pretty cool, that you see my writing as being realistic. I know for me, personally some of my favorite stories have a way of making me feel connected to the characters and their emotions. There’s stories I’ve read over the years, that made me think about what I find acceptable in relationships and checking my own self-worth.

      That’s awesome, you find my guys real enough to compare them to men you go out with. None of them are based on any one real person, but inspired by many and what I come up in my head. My guys like Jay, Ray, Kevin, Amarre, and Apollo, are all great men, but they’re flawed, which is human.

      I’m looking forward to posting the next chapter soon. Thanks again for reading and commenting. 🙂


    • I’m not writing a formal story right now, but I write a story based on my gameplay with Reagan’s next generation. Her daughter Marseille and son Neko are the main characters. It’s exclusively on my instagram which is livingcolorsims. The story is called Marseille’s Mini Story. Thank you for asking. 🙂


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