Dept of Family Services

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I decided to build this lot as a place of employment for my Sim, Ciara Ford. I was inspired by the Social Care (Social Worker) mod at Mod the Sims.

The Department of Family Services is a state run department designed to meet the needs of the citizens in your town. Maybe your Sims have fallen on hard times and needs government assistance to buy food, pay bills, or find affordable housing. 30 x 30 lot, made it Hidden Springs, can use in any world. The custom content included is in package form, the lot is a Sims 3 Pack.

The services provided:

*Job Listings

*Section 8 & Low Income Housing

*Food Stamps/EBT

*Medical/Dental & Obamacare

*Adult Computer Classes & Resumé Building Workshops

*Arts & Crafts

*College Classes Planning Workshop

*After school childcare & tutoring

*WIC Office (Women, Infant, and Children) Vouchers for specific dietary needs

*Food Pantry/Food Bank

*Psychological and family counseling services

Our social and case workers are here to assist you in signing up for various government benefits that you and your family may qualify for.


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