Diamonds In The Sky Part 1

Diamonds In The Sky Part 1

***Author’s note, both Reagan and Jaylen will have simultaneous Points of View the night of New Year’s Eve

***Contains Adult Situations

Jaylen’s POV



It’s been a while since I introduced Reagan to my parents. I was glad they were all able to meet and everything went well. My mom and dad told me later that they really liked Reagan and thought she was really sweet, unlike the rumors out there that she was a straight up bitch. I’ve been thinking about my relationship for a very long time. Reagan and I have gone through some  things together, but we managed to work through them. I loved her so much. I couldn’t imagine my life without Ma. I couldn’t believe how simple it was when we first met. I knew of her, but I never expected I would fall so hard or so deep for Reagan.

I’ve dated a lot of women and I always enjoyed my freedom of not being tied down to one girl. With Reagan, I wasn’t interested in seeing anyone else. She most definitely made me turn in my player card. I knew more than ever I wanted Reagan in my life forever. I wanted her to be my wife. There was no doubt in my mind.


Amarre and I were back to New York to check on Avenue and handle business related to the club. I haven’t told Amarre that I was planning on proposing to Reagan yet. I wanted to talk to my parents alone before I told him anything. After we finished running some errands, Amarre went back to his apartment, which was free again. I headed over to my parents house determined to discuss with them what my plans were. I ain’t gonna lie, I was nervous about talking to them.



“Hi, baby. When you said you wanted to come over and talked to us, I was worried,” said Mom, as I sat down on the sofa. My father looked at me expectantly. “Is there anything wrong, Jay?” he asked. I took a deep breath, both my parents had a concerned look on their faces. “No, nothing is wrong. I just need to talk to you, about Reagan,” I started to say. My parents both glanced over at each other. “Well, what is it baby?” asked Mom. “I know you guys just met her, but I’m planning on asking Reagan to marry me,” I blurted out, waiting for their reaction.

“Wow, that is really something, Jay. I could definitely see how much you were in love with Reagan when she came here. “Look, son, if you love her and it’s what you really want, then do it. There was no doubt in my mind how I felt about your mother when first started dating. We weren’t together too long before I proposed,” said Dad. “Sweetie, Reagan is a lovely girl. I have a pretty good judge of character. I could see nothing but love in her eyes when she looked at you and I know you love her. I think half the girls in Brooklyn will be in mourning once they find out you’re getting married,” my mother said with a slight giggle. I laughed a little. “Yeah, well, it is what it is. She still has to say yes,” I said, thinking about what Reagan’s reaction will be.

“So you are okay with this Mom?” I asked. “Baby, I have never tried to run your life. You are a grown man and you know what you want. Do what makes you happy, boo. You see your Daddy and I have been in love for over twenty five years. I only want you to be happy, baby. You’ve lived long enough to know what’s out there and you have seen the relationship your father and I have. I won’t lie to you, marriage is not something to be taken likely. You shouldn’t want to just up and decide if you don’t want to be married anymore that you can get a divorce. I am so proud of you Jaylen. I have watched you grow from the over the top party boy who at times didn’t take care of his priorities to this mature, responsible young man,” Mom said as she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“I agree with your mother, son. Don’t think that if you begin to have problems that divorce is the first choice. That is the problem with so many folks running and jumping into marriage without knowing the person and at the first sign of trouble they look to divorce as the only way to solve the problem. Marriage is sacred Of course there are circumstances when divorce is the best option,” said Dad. I let both of my parents words resonate with me as I reflected on their advice. Reagan was definitely the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was relieved both of my parents supported me in this. Reagan was the most important thing in my life and it was important to me that my family liked her. Even if they didn’t, it would not change any of my plans.


After I told Amarre I was going to propose to Reagan, he was a bit shocked. He knew I was deeply in love with her, but marriage was the last thing he thought I wanted at this point. I asked him, why wait? I knew what I wanted. Nevertheless, Amarre supported my decision. I knew Reagan and Amarre tended to butt heads at times, but I think they will both come around once they got to know each other better and when she becomes part of our family.

I extended my trip in New York for the sole purpose of going ring shopping. I was bringing my father and brother along help me pick out a ring. My mother said she trusted my taste and if I came home with something she didn’t think Reagan would like, she would help me choose another one. I trusted my father’s opinion as well. When he proposed to my mother, he got her a very nice ring, it wasn’t too expensive because he didn’t have a whole lot of money at the time. Over the years he has been able to add more diamonds to my mother’s ring and now it’s worth a pretty penny.

We headed into Manhattan to Je T’aime Jewelers. It was one of the highest regarded jewelry stores in New York and they only carried the finest jewelry. I was sure I could find a ring Reagan would love here. “You going all out, boy, they’re expensive here,” Dad observed. “It’s only the best for my baby,” I said. We entered the store and a sales reps immediately approached us.”Hello, welcome to Je T’aime Jewelers. My name is Amy. May I help you find anything in particular? she asked. “Hi, I’m Jaylen and this is my father Kevin and my brother Amarre. Yes, I plan on proposing to my girlfriend and I wanted to find an engagement ring, money really is no option. She has a lot of style and I want something that will match her taste and personality,” I replied. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you all. Okay, wonderful. May I offer any of you gentlemen a glass of champagne?” Amy asked.  I shook my head.”Maybe later,” I responded.


Amy took us to the main display case that had the best engagement rings in the store. “Just to let you know, most of these are new arrivals and we only carry conflict free diamonds in our store,” Amy told us. “Oh that’s good. My girlfriend’s sister talked to me over an hour about blood diamonds and things like that,” I said. Amy nodded her head. “That’s wonderful and soon, she will be your sister in law,” she replied with a smile.

“Wow, it’s beautiful in here. I may have to get something for your mother for our next anniversary,” Dad said, looking around the store. “Does your future fiance have any type of style she likes best?” asked Amy. “From what I can tell, she usually likes a round cut,” I replied. “She has great taste. We have a beautiful assortment of round cut diamonds, I am sure she would love. Would your future fiance like something in a more traditional setting? We can put the stone in any type of setting you desire,” Amy informed me. I looked over at Amarre and Dad. “She’s very stylish and fashion forward, but I think she would like more of a simple setting, so the diamond itself would stand out. A colorless, flawless diamond, that’s what I want and what she deserves,” I answered.

Dad, Amarre and I looked at some of the engagement rings and sets in the various cases. They were all beautiful. I couldn’t really decide which one I liked best. I have never been ring shopping before and I wanted to make the right choice. “May I show you this one right here? It is one of our most exquisite engagement sets. This is a five karat round cut of the highest quality, a “D” grade stone, it is considered flawless. A “D” grade, as you know is the highest quality of a colorless diamond. Diamonds circle the main stone, as you can see. The design is intricate and breath taking in a platinum setting or we can set it in 18K gold,” said Amy. I looked at the ring Amy presented to me and I was blown away. It was something Reagan would definitely love. “I prefer a platinum setting if I could. I really do like this one, I think my girlfriend will love it,” I said.


“Great. When would you like to pick it up? We can have it available as early as tomorrow or delivered by special courier,” Amy told me. “The sooner the better, I have to leave town,” I replied. Amy took me over to the register and let me get a magnified view of the diamond, while Amarre and Dad waited in the sitting area sipping champagne. I admit, I was getting excited at the thought of giving it to Reagan when I proposed. One of the managers came out. “Hello, my name is Jefferson Wilmington, manager of the store. I hope we have found something to your liking, sir. You have chosen one of our most beautiful stones,” he said. I nodded. “Thank you. I know my girlfriend will love it,” I said. The next thing we did was ring up the cost of the diamond, that mug in a platinum setting was well into the six figures. I didn’t care about the cost, Reagan deserved nothing but the best.

After I signed some paperwork and scheduled a time to come back to pick up the ring, we headed back to my parents house. I told my mother about the ring and showed her a picture of it on my phone. She was very impressed and said she believed Reagan would flip over it. I think I made the right choice, now came the big step.



After discussing it with my parents, I decided to head to Appaloosa Plains to see Ray. I asked my mother and father if they thought Reagan would be offended if I were to ask Ray for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I knew that was traditional and maybe even old fashioned. It’s not like Reagan needed her father’s permission to marry. I just thought it was the honorable thing to do. From my conversation with Ray a while back, I knew he shoots from the hip and he didn’t play when it came to his daughters. I thought our meeting went well and Reagan told me that he basically liked me, which was good. I rarely get nervous, but as I made my way to Ray’s house I could feel my palms sweating a little. Ray knew I was coming and I think he expected what I was wanted to ask him.


Ray greeted me at the door and invited me inside his home. I looked around, it had a man’s man feel to it, much like the house in IP and my Brooklyn high rise apartment. “So Jay, you called me saying you wanted to come all the way to Appaloosa to talk to me,” Ray said, looking at me expectantly. I took a deep breath. It was a little weird being around Ray by myself. “Mr. Leeds, you can probably imagine why I would came here speak to with you. I love your daughter, I am deeply in love with her. I would very much like to ask you for your daughter’s hand in marriage,” I said, keeping my voice even and confident.

Ray looked at me and slowly rubbed his hands together. “I figured that is why you came. Jaylen, I don’t know you very well, but Reagan speaks very highly of you. I know she loves you very much. The only thing I’ve ever wanted, was for both of my children to be happy. I think you are a respectable young man. I will not lie to you, your occupation still worries me a bit. I believe you when you say that you are not a playboy. However, you are surrounded by beautiful women all the time,” said Ray, looking me dead in my face.

“Mr. Leeds, I can assure you that I keep both my professional and private life very separate. Actually, Reagan comes to the club quite often. Everyone knows we’re together. That may not stop some people from trying to make a pass at either one of us, but I don’t take the bait. There is no other woman that could ever come between Reagan and I. I love her, my family really likes her, and my parents are happy I want to propose,” I assured him.


“Well, Reagan certainly doesn’t need my permission to get married. I do appreciate you coming to ask me, however. You can probably see that I am a bit on the old fashioned side, but I don’t believe that a woman’s place is in the home. I think women should make as much money as men in the same job. I know my girls are women capable of taking care of themselves. Reagan has dealt with so much in her life, she’s been hurt more than words can describe. Surely, you can appreciate why I am highly protective of her. I know you two haven’t been together for a very long time. My wife and I were off and on for a while we were dating. When we did get back together, she became pregnant with Reagan and we married very soon after that. Which leads me to ask, is Reagan pregnant? Or are you wanting to propose because it’s what you want to do?” Ray asked, keeping his eyes locked on mine.

I was a bit taken aback at his question. I already knew that her parents got married because her mother got pregnant and Reagan’s grandparents insisted Apollonia get married. Ray was very much in love with his wife, I just didn’t think Reagan’s mother was really ready for marriage, which was too bad, she probably felt forced into it. “No, sir, Reagan is not pregnant. Even if she was, that would not be the sole reason I would want to marry her. I want to marry your daughter because I love her,” I answered. Ray nodded his head.

“You know, I loved my wife, I still do. Reagan wasn’t planned in the least. We had her very early, I was just a senior in college when Apollonia became pregnant, as I am sure Reagan has told you. While I knew I wanted to marry Apollonia one day, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I was happy to get married nonetheless, because she was carrying my child and I wanted a proper family,” Ray told me, looking as if he was remembering that time in his life.

“You did what you had to do. It was very honorable and Reagan told me you loved her mother very much,” I said. “Yes, I am trying to move on with my life and be happy. I admire the fact that you thought enough of my daughter to come to me, not many young men your age do that. It shows you have respect. Look Jaylen, if you want to ask my daughter to marry you, I won’t stand in the way. Just know you better not ever break her heart. I expect you to take care of her, treat her like she is a queen and not take advantage of her,” Ray warned me.

“I hear every word you are saying, Mr. Leeds. I would never do anything to hurt Reagan. Thank you, for being okay with this,” I said. “Good, just make her happy. When do you think you’re going to propose?” asked Ray. “I was planning to on New Year’s Eve. Neither Reagan or myself want to go to a big party. After her last New Year’s she wants to lay low. There’s a huge bash at Tomo, but I’m not going. We rather be alone and we plan on going to France,” I replied. “That’s good. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Reagan. You should also know I always have one eye open,” said Ray. I laughed a little. “Trust me, Mr. Leeds, I know,” I said. I left Appaloosa shortly after my conversation with Ray. Now, comes the big question.



Instead of staying at home on New Year’s, Reagan and I decided to go to France. We’ve both been there, just never together. Amarre, Apollo and all my friends were shocked I was bypassing the biggest night of the year to party, especially since it was Tomo’s first New Year’s Eve bash. Once I told Amarre I planned on proposing to Reagan in France he understood and I knew he wouldn’t breathe a word about it to anyone.

Reagan thought we were going to have a quiet low key vacation in France full of sightseeing and wine drinking. While we were going to do all of that, she had no idea of the fireworks I had planned up my sleeve. “Baby, what did your brother say when you told him he was going to be on his own to host New Year’s at Tomo? Was he mad?” Reagan asked me. I shrugged a little. I didn’t want Reagan to know that the only reason he was cool with me bouncing out of town was because I was going to ask her to marry me.

“Nah, not too much. He knows we want to lay low this year. Apollo ‘nem were trippin’ that I wasn’t going to the party, but it is what it is. I wanna be with you and chill. I think this is going to be our best vacation yet,” I told her, knowing all the while this particular trip would be one neither one of us would ever forget. Reagan didn’t seem to suspect anything, which was good. Actually, when I think about it, Reagan has seemed a lot more calm lately like she has been at ease. Don’t get me wrong, my fiery haired diva will always be who she is, but she seems so chill right now. She told me that she ran into her former friend Fallion at a shoot and they were cordial to each other. Reagan said she could tell Fallion still had a stank attitude, but at least they weren’t beefing. For the first time since I met her, Reagan seemed at peace.



Amarre wished me the best before I headed out of town. My mother was really nervous for me, calling me to make sure I was doing okay. I tried to assure her that I was very calm and I felt good. When Reagan and I arrived in France, the weather was a lot better than it had been on IP and in New York. It was early evening when we arrived in Paris. As we made our way into the city, I glanced over at Reagan as she bobbed her head to the radio. My eyes fell to her left hand, particularly her ring finger. Just to think she could be wearing my ring in a couple days.

Reagan must have felt me staring at her. “What’s wrong, Jay?” she asked. I averted my eyes back to the road. “Nothing, I was just thinking about how beautiful you are,” I answered, which was the truth. Reagan smiled and placed her hand over mine. “I’m really happy we came here together,” she said. “You sure you won’t be bored? I mean, we’re not going to any big parties,” I said. “Please, you’re a bigger partier than me,” Reagan replied, giggling. “That’s because I own the club. I’ve calmed down a lot, trust me,” I laughed. “I know, boo, I’m just teasing you,” she said as she smiled at me.

Reagan and I checked in our rental house and set off to grab some dinner. We wound up at a little corner cafe not too far from where we were staying. “How is your shrimp cocktail, Baby?” asked Reagan. I swallowed the food I had in my mouth. “It’s good, some of the best I’ve I had in a long time,” I replied.


It was a perfect almost clear night and the sky had about a thousand stars in it. I usually never noticed all that kind of stuff before, but Reagan made me feel differently about a lot of things. Reagan and I walked along the River Seine, not saying much, but enjoying each others company. We stopped along an area where the moon was shining brightly, either that or the street light, I couldn’t really tell. I took Reagan in my arms and kissed her. Whatever chill I was feeling in the air, I didn’t notice anymore.

“Boo, I think I could stay like this for the rest of my life. We’ve only been here a few short hours, but I already feel like I’m having the time of my life,” Reagan murmured. “I know, I feel the same way. Maybe this city does make you feel extra romantic,” I mused. “We will have to come back, a few days is not long enough,” she said. I nodded my head in agreement.

I’ve always though of Oahu as our special place because that was our first vacation. It was there I first told Reagan I loved her and we made love for the first time. There was something about this trip that felt differently. I knew a big part of that was because I was going to propose. There was other reasons I felt differently on this trip. Both of us have come a long way both personally and professionally. We’ve grown as individuals. I’ve held back on how I deal with the opposite sex while Ma began to let down some of her walls and let me in.


Reagan and I came across a fountain in the middle of the city. We didn’t speak much, but just enjoyed ourselves in the moment. I never used to do things like this with girlfriends past, but Reagan was no ordinary girl. Pretty soon, our lives will never be the same.



Reagan and I decided go to the jazz club, Le Baiser Salé the next evening. Neither one of us have ever been to one. This was more of my parent’s speed, being here reminded me of them, mostly because they were such huge jazz fans. I knew my dad would get a kick out of me coming here. The air was crisp and fresh. Reagan began telling me about her last trip to France when she walked in several runway shows for the top fashion designers.

“I never really got to enjoy France like I wanted to, even when I lived here briefly last year. I was always working,” Reagan recalled. This was my third time being in the country. The other two times were on family vacations with my parents and other extended family members. One summer we spent nearly three months traveling the world. From Western Europe to spending significant time in Tokyo where my grandparents lived. The Japan trip made me appreciate my Japanese heritage more.


Reagan’s POV


I loved being in Paris with Jay. Although, I do have to say he’s been acting peculiar and even a little weird over the last several days, especially after he returned from New York. What I found strange is that he called me saying he had to extend his trip business, but Amarre came back before him. Finally, I got to enjoy Paris for the beautiful and exciting city it was. The experience was made all the more romantic because I was with Jay in the City of Lights, the romance capital of the world.

Jay and I decided to do a little shopping in the city. I didn’t get too much for myself. I found a couple nice things for Daddy and Kennedey while we were out. “Kennedey would love all the art and historical places here. I know she really wants to come to France one of these days and see all of it. I would love the chance to come back with her one of these days,” I said. “Maybe y’all can come back one of these days, Ma,” Jaylen suggested.



New Year’s Eve was almost here. I could not believe the year was almost over. My life has changed so much in the last 365 days. Especially considering my last New Year’s. I went through every emotional imaginable, from high to low and back to high again. From what I went through in the beginning of summer, healing my relationship with my sister, to nearly losing my father. It was more than a little crazy. Then the greatest thing in my entire life happened, the best man in the world walked into my life, or should I say, I walked into his club? Either way, Jaylen was in my life and I would never give him up.

If I really thought about it, I may have fallen in love with him on our first date. I knew my feelings were strong for him on that yacht. When he took me in his arms and we danced to all those romantic RnB songs, to when he asked if he could kiss me. I still got chills thinking about that.

Jaylen and I were incredibly in love. He didn’t know it, but sometimes, I would wake in the middle of the night for one reason or another and watch him sleep. Maybe that seems a little creepy, but I couldn’t help it, he was so handsome and fine. Jay was all mine. When we made love, it was as if were one, literally and figuratively. Jay did things to my body that were inhumanly possible to describe. I loved his big juicy lips and teeth as I took his face in my hands. He was so cute and could always make me laugh, I giggled a little to myself. Jaylen’s face lit up whenever he smiled, hopefully I can wake up to that smile everyday.



The weather has been nice the last couple of days. Unseasonably warm, well not really warm, more like fall weather rather than cold winter weather. We decided to have a little a picnic under the Eiffel Tower after we were done shopping. I looked up as we neared the tower, it was majestic and beautiful. Sure, I’ve seen it plenty of times, but this was the first time I was “seeing” it. “Where do you want to sit, Ma?” Jaylen asked me, as he took my hand. I looked around briefly. “How about over there?” I said pointing to a spot that had a nice view of both the Eiffel Tower and the city.

“It’s been forever since I’ve been on a picnic. We don’t usually do this back home,” Jaylen mused. “Really? Who have you been on a picnic with? One of your little ex girlfriends?” I teased him. Jaylen shook his head. “Nah, it wasn’t something most people I knew did. Occasionally my mother took us all to Prospect Park on a nice day and we would have a family picnic. My mom would fry up some chicken wings, make mac n cheese, hook up some greens and make peach cobbler. She can really throw down in kitchen,” Jaylen recalled.


“That’s very sweet,” I said quietly. Jaylen looked at me. “Oh, baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that to upset you,” He said with concern on his face. I shook my head. “There’s nothing for you to be sorry about. You have a wonderful loving family. My mother may have done little to include herself when we had family time, but my father did as much as he could to make my our lives enjoyable and full of love. I have a great Dad and wouldn’t trade him for anything. You remind me of him in a lot of ways. There’s only two men I have really loved in my life, my father and you. You’re the best thing in my life, Jaylen. I don’t even know where you came from or what I did to deserve you. I haven’t always been that nice, but you managed to break through my shell,” I said on the verge of tears.

I didn’t know why I was emotional, it wasn’t my time of the month. Maybe Paris really did make you feel romantic, it was after all the city of love and the city of lights. Jaylen gazed into my eyes. He rubbed at his beard for a moment before finally speaking. “You’re wrong, Reagan. It’s not anything you did to deserve me, it’s what did I do to deserve you? I only got through that shell because you opened up your heart to me and let me love you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Like I told your dad, you’re the best thing in my life, you make me better,” Jaylen said with such conviction and love in his words. I stared at his face for moment. Damn, he was fine I thought to myself as I remembered back to the very first time I saw him. Jaylen turned me on now just as much as he did that first night we met at Tomo.


“What are you thinking about?” Jaylen asked, licking his lips. “Just about how much I love you and how much I want to go back to the house right now,” I answered, my voice dripping with seduction. “I guess we’re on the same page then. Because I was thinking the same thing,” said Jaylen. I felt extremely hot all of a sudden as a warm and easy sensation surged through my body. Jaylen stood up, extending my hand, helping me up. We cleaned up our area and headed back to the rental.


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve had arrived. While the rest of the world was gearing up for the biggest and hottest parties and setting off fireworks, Jay and I planned a pretty low key evening. We got dressed up  in any case because Jaylen wanted to take me into town for a late dinner. Jaylen had made reservations at Chez Louis, one of the most exclusive restaurants in Paris. It was extremely hard to get a reservation even for someone known like me, although I’m sure I could at this stage in my career. “Dang, you looking good, boo. Beautiful,” said Jaylen as he observed my ensemble. After dinner, we weren’t going to do too much except going back home and open a bottle of champagne.

The restaurant was beautiful, it was very French and old world in the styling. Our server arrived promptly after we were seated. “Monsieur, Madame, may I offer you any champagne or wine?,” he asked. “Maybe we can start with a bottle of wine,” answered Jaylen. We opened our menu and everything was in French. Good thing I learned a little bit of the language when I was living here. I told Jaylen what I planned on getting. To my surprise when our server came back, Jaylen ordered for both of us in perfect French. The server said something about “excellent choice” and headed to the kitchen.


“What was that? Since when do you speak French?” I asked him in surprise. Jaylen shrugged. “I can’t really, at least not fluently. I can order food and ask where to find a couple of places in French. You remember when I told you my family spent the summer in Europe when I was in high school? My mother insisted Amarre and I learn how to speak a few simple phrases in French, how to read a menu and stuff like that. My mom speaks it fluently. As a model she spent a lot of time working here, she also spent a couple of semesters in France while in college,” he answered. Wow, Jaylen’s mother continued to become more perfect everyday.

Jay told me when we first started dating his parents weren’t rich. Really, however, Yuri came from money. Her father was a successful business man from Tokyo. Jaylen’s grandfather didn’t set his children up with trust funds so they could just become spoiled brats. At the time, Yuri may have not had her “own” money, but she certainly came from it and she certainly had it now.


I looked around the restaurant, taking in the atmosphere. It was very romantic and I felt a nice easy sensation as I sat across the table from Jaylen as he began flirting with me and telling how beautiful I looked, as if it were the first time he had ever seen me. The food was exquisite, Jaylen would definitely have to take me back here. I didn’t regret for one second that I chose to skip all the big parties and spend a few days in Paris with the love of my life. There was no place I’d rather be, than sitting right here, carving out every last inch of Jaylen’s face into my mind. I did not want to forget one single detail of the look on his face or tonight.


Jaylen’s POV


I looked across the table at Reagan, she was really breath taking to look at. Reagan thought we were heading straight back home once we left the restaurant, but no. I was going to make some excuse to visit the Eiffel Tower because I haven’t seen it up close at night and I was going to ask her the biggest question of my life.

Once I paid the check I helped Reagan into the car. Reagan seemed a little surprised when we headed into the opposite way of our rental home. I simply told her I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. She didn’t think anything of it or expect what I was about to do. We parked the car and I held Reagan’s hand, while patting the ring box in my pocket.

As we drew closer to the base of the tower, my heart began beating louder and faster. I could hear it in my ears and I wondered if Reagan could hear it as well. Reagan and I stood for a moment looking up at the Tower. I looked back down at Reagan. “Jaylen, is everything okay? You seem like you’re a million miles away,” asked Reagan.”I’m fine. I’m just concentrating on you, honestly,” I told her, while swallowing a lump down my throat. “Oh, okay,” Reagan said, smiling.


My heart continued to beat loud and fast. My palms felt all clammy, my stomach was in knots. I hardly ever get nervous, I was now, the most I’ve ever been. I took a deep breath, as I turned Reagan toward me. “Reagan, ever since I met you my life has changed in so many ways. Everything used to be about me and what I wanted. I never really took anything seriously. Life was just one big party. Then, the night we met, it was all over for me. I knew right then I wanted you, no needed you in my life. There was no other woman. I’ve never met anyone that made me forget about everyone else, until you came along,” I began to say. Reagan looked up at me, her emerald green eyes sparkling in the night, the light of the moon illuminating her face.

I took another deep breath. “Before you, I didn’t know it was humanly possible to love another person so much. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, even before I knew what I wanted. I breathe you, to live without you, would be like living without air, I couldn’t do it,” I said as I started to bend down on my knee, while still holding Reagan’s gaze. Tears began to well up in Reagan’s eyes and her whole body started trembling.


“Reagan Leeds, I love you. You’re my lover, my best friend, and I would like to know if you would marry me?” I asked her as I presented the ring I have so protectively guarded for the last several days. The tears in Reagan’s eyes began to spill over. She gasped as she stared down at me and then the ring. Reagan began crying uncontrollably.


“Yes! Yes, of course I’ll marry you!” said Reagan, tearfully. I took the diamond ring out of the box and gently placed it on her finger. Reagan stared down at it for a moment, sniffling. “It’s the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!”


I stood up, taking Reagan in my arms, lifting her off the ground. She seemed to be laughing and crying at the same time. I couldn’t believe it, she said yes. “I love you so much, Jaylen Powers,” Reagan said, still crying. “I love you too,” I murmured softly in her ear.


At this very moment fireworks began going off, signaling the start of a new year, I was the happiest man on earth.


Reagan’s POV

After dinner, Jaylen told me he wanted to head to the Eiffel Tower to see it up close and illuminated at night. I thought that was so romantic. Jaylen was still acting peculiar, but he seemed to be in a good mood and like he was happy to be here. As we got closer to the base of the tower, I looked up into the night sky feeling the crispness of the air hitting my face. The sky was full of stars, it looked like a million stars out, like diamonds in the sky.

Jaylen was all of a sudden very quiet. He seemed to be a million miles away. I noticed Jaylen’s palms were starting to sweat. “Jaylen, is everything okay? You seem like you’re million miles away,” I asked him. “I’m fine. I’m just concentrating on you, honestly,” Jaylen replied, looking down at me. “Oh, okay,” I still wasn’t completely convinced, like I could sense he had something on his mind. Jaylen has been so preoccupied the lately. When I asked him a few days ago if there was anything wrong with Avenue or Tomo, he said that everything was okay. I couldn’t think of anything else it could be, so I just left it alone.

I inhaled deeply, Jaylen’s cologne lingered in the night air. He always smelled so good, even when he was sweating, it was like a clean sweat. We didn’t even have to make love, but sometimes we would cuddle on the sofa and I would place my nose and mouth on his neck breathing in his smell. It was intoxicating now as much as it was on our first date. Jaylen didn’t even think I was weird for smelling him, if he did, he never said anything.

We stood there quietly, gazing at the tower. It really was breathtaking, being here with the man I loved made it all the more special. I glanced over at Jaylen, he was biting his lip. Jaylen usually licked his lips especially when he was thinking about something he liked, while he bit his lower lip when he had something heavy on his mind.


I was about to turn to Jaylen and ask if everything was okay, when he gently turned me to face him. Jaylen stared into my eyes, taking a deep breath. “Reagan, ever since I met you my life has changed in so many ways. Everything used to be about me and what I wanted. I never really took anything seriously. Life was just one big party. Then, the night we met, it was all over for me. I knew right then I wanted you, no needed you in my life. There was no other woman. I’ve never met anyone that made me forget about everyone else, until you came along,” he said. I held his gaze, looking intensely into his eyes. I couldn’t stop looking in his eyes, flecks of gold, hazel and brown.

Jaylen took another deep breath. “Before you, I didn’t know it was humanly possible to love another person so much. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, even before I knew what I wanted. I breathe you, to live without you, would be like living without air, I couldn’t do it,” he continued.


Jaylen started to lower himself, my heart began beating so fast and loud, I could hear it in my ears. My whole body began trembling as butterflies took over my stomach. I realized I wasn’t breathing. I inhaled trying to get the air back into my lungs. My eyes began filling up with tears. Everything felt surreal as I looked down at Jaylen on bended knee, his eyes were fixated on mine. I felt frozen, like the whole world stopped spinning. “Reagan Leeds, I love you. You’re my lover, my best friend, and I would like to know if you would marry me?” Jaylen asked. I couldn’t believe my ears, even as I watched his mouth speak the words, I felt as if I were dreaming.


Jaylen then pulled out a box opening it to reveal the most astonishing diamond I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I gasped at the sight of the ring, while the tears gave way and spilled onto my cheeks. I began to cry uncontrollably, like a baby. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I opened my mouth, “Yes! Yes, of course I’ll marry you!” I suddenly cried out, finding my voice again. I watched Jaylen take the ring out of the box and my eyes followed as he gently placed the ring on my finger. I just stared at it, still in shock. “It’s the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!” I said through my tears.


Jaylen smiled up at me, he still had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my life. Jaylen stood up, taking me into his arms and lifted me off the ground. My mind and heart didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both. I couldn’t believe how happy I was. “I love you so much, Jaylen Powers,” I said softly. “I love you too,” Jaylen murmured in my ear. At that very moment fireworks began going off around us, the New Year was upon us. I’ve never felt so happy in my life.

(Stereo playing)

‘Remember when I used to

Love them and leave them
That’s what I used to do
Use and abuse them
Then I laid eyes on you

It was pain before pleasure
That was my claim to fame…
Tasted teardrop stains

I was cold as ice long ago
I wasn’t very nice you know,
Then I kissed your lips

And you turned on my fire
And you burn me up within your flame…’


After a proposal like that and the way I was feeling about Jaylen, I didn’t remember much else. I didn’t remember driving back the house. I just knew I have never felt this way before. Feeling so much joy, happiness, I was elated. Jaylen lead me into the house. The living room was illuminated by the light of the fire and the candles. There were so many twinkling lights coming from the ceiling, but the only thing I could focus on was Jaylen, the touch of his hand, the look in his eyes. Jaylen picked me up, pressing his body against mine, as I began to feel warm and tingly all over. My heartbeat began to race as I felt Jaylen’s lips on my mouth, slowly making his way down to my neck.

Screenshot-301-vert (2)

Jaylen tenderly lowered me to the floor, I began breathing heavily and cried out in passion as Jaylen began running his hands over my body. I slowly caressed his chest, tracing every muscle as I admired the beauty of his body. I began to taste his lips with my tongue and followed the trail down his chest. I took my time, savoring the taste of his skin, it was smooth like butter and almost had a spiciness to it.

Jaylen ran his fingers through my hair and he carefully turned me over on my back. He looked down at me, I could see the love in his eyes. This man was a dream, my dream come true. Even if I thought of the perfect man before, he could not compare to Jaylen. “I love you so much, Reagan,” he said softly as he traced my lips with his finger. “Say it again,” I murmured. “Reagan,” Jaylen repeated. “Jaylen, I love you so much, baby,” I told him.

“Damn, you are so beautiful,” said Jaylen, as if he were mesmerized by the mere sight of me. Jaylen lowered his mouth to mine and began kissing me with such a passion I hadn’t felt before. Our love making was always out of this world, but this time, it felt different somehow, like we connected on a much deeper level, more than usual. Jaylen took me to places I’ve never been before. Jaylen was the best lover I’ve ever had, there was no comparison to any other. But, this time he made me love to me like the first time. I moaned, as I whispered his name in ecstasy, “Jaylen,” I repeated his name over and over.


There was no part of me that he didn’t kiss, nowhere I didn’t feel his tongue. All my problems, all the pain, and heartbreak was a thing of the past in this moment. It was truly pain before pleasure. If I had to go through all the mess I endured in the past, I would do it all over again, just to be with Jaylen. Sometimes you have to go through the pain in order  to experience the pleasure, sometimes you had to lose in order to win. I scratched at Jaylen’s neck as my hands rushed to his back, experiencing every firework imaginable. I could put together all the times Jaylen made me explode and it couldn’t measure to this. “Reagan…” Jaylen whispered my name. “Jaylen…” was all I could say. I lost all ability to speak after that. I didn’t want this moment to ever end, please let me stay in this place for the rest of my life, I silently pleaded.


Jaylen’s POV


I still could not believe Reagan said she would be my wife. We would spend the rest of our lives together. I slowly began undressing Reagan and felt like I was in trance and in awe as I stared at the beauty which was her body. It was always more than the physical that made her so beautiful to me. I would not change one single thing about her. Not her laugh, not her smile, the way she looked when she woke up in the morning, nothing. Reagan’s beauty radiated from the inside out. Maybe many people didn’t see her inner beauty right away, but I did.

I placed my hands around Reagan’s waist and slowly lifted her up. I kissed her tenderly, inhaling the sweet smell of her breath. Reagan began to kiss my neck and ran her hands up and down my back. She moaned as our kisses became deeper and longer. I carefully laid Reagan on the floor. She turned over to climb on me. Reagan was so gorgeous I thought to myself as the light of fire bounced off her skin and glowed in her eyes. Reagan sent a chill through my body when she started running her tongue up and down my chest. Her tongue was so soft and warm, it felt just like butter against my skin, I didn’t want her to ever stop.


Gently, I turned Reagan on her back. “You’re so beautiful,” I whispered. I placed my lips on Reagan’s and began exploring her mouth. I’ve been with other women, but no one made me go places like Reagan. Mostly because I was so in love and I didn’t love the others. Reagan also knew my body like no other.

No woman could ever compare to Ma, not just in the physical department, but in every aspect. Nobody had anything on the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she expressed her deepest thoughts so intelligently, everything about her was on point. Whenever Reagan walked into the room, she immediately owned it, no one could take their eyes off her, but she chose me. Reagan was without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I may not have suffered as much as Reagan growing up, but I have experienced pain in my life. I worked through the fire and kept moving on. If I had to go through it all over again, I would, if it lead me to Reagan. I became more excited every time she called my name, it let me know she didn’t have another thought in her mind, that she was only focused on me and the pleasure she felt. Reagan belonged to me and I belonged to her.


Reagan’s POV


Jaylen and I didn’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. When I woke up in his arms, I wasn’t even sure what time it was. With one glance of the clock on the mantel, I could see it was just past noon. I didn’t know the time difference between Paris and Appaloosa let alone Isla Paradiso. I had to call my father. “Good morning, baby,” Jaylen said, sitting up. “Morning, boo,” I said, gently kissing him. “Jay, I have to call my dad to tell him the news!” I said excitedly. Jaylen rubbed at his beard. “Um, Baby, there’s something I should tell you,” he said. “What is it?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t anything bad. “Well, you don’t know this, but remember when I told you I had to extend my trip?” Jaylen asked. I nodded my head slowly. “Yes, why?” I asked. “What I didn’t tell you was that, I visited your dad in Appaloosa,” he answered. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I could not imagine any reason in the world Jay would go to Appaloosa, let alone visit my father on his own.

“You went to see my father? Why?” I asked in disbelief. “Don’t take this the wrong way, Ma. I know you make your own decisions, I respect that you have your own mind and do exactly what you want to do. I also know how much you respect your father. I can see how protective he is of both you and your sister. So, I figured, that the honorable thing to do, would be to ask him basically for your hand in marriage. If he said no, I still would have proposed. I just wanted to make sure he was okay with it. I talked to my parents first and they both said it was a respectful gesture,” answered Jaylen.

I was still in disbelief, but the reason Jay told me he went to see my father warmed my heart. Not only did it show how much he respected my father, but the close bond I shared with him as well. Jaylen knew how highly I thought of my dad and he was a true gentleman. Jay was committed to me, he never tried to regulate me to a “wifey” or a “main chick” while he had a so-called “side chick”, thinking those things were cute like so many guys around our age do. Jaylen has always treated me with the utmost respect. From the time he first met me at his club to last night and everything in between.

“Oh, baby, that is so sweet! I’m not mad at all. It shows how much respect you have for my father and I. I am assuming he was okay? Because he didn’t say jack to me about it! I can’t believe he knew you were going to propose. Did you tell him you were going to do it last night?” I asked. “Yes, he asked me if I knew when I was going to do it. I told him New Year’s Eve and here. He assured me he would not say anything,” replied Jaylen. I was dying to hear all the details of this conversation, but right now I was too excited to tell my father the good news (even though he already knew about Jay’s plan). Once I was done talking to my father, I wanted to immediately call Kennedey.



“Daddy! I know you already know this, but Jaylen asked me to marry him last night, and I said yes!” I excitedly told my father. “So, Jaylen told you about his little trip out here, huh?” said Daddy, chuckling. “Yes, he confessed this morning. I thought it was sweet and thanks for not saying no,” I said. “Why would I say no? I like Jay and I know how much you love each other. I am happy for you baby,” said Dad. I gave my dad a few of the details leading up the proposal and how and where Jaylen ask me to marry, of course I didn’t tell me anything after that. “Daddy, we have to call Jaylen’s parents too. They already knew he was going to propose, but Jay still wanted to tell them,” I said. I told my dad I loved him and hung up.

Jaylen called his parents in the Hamptons where they spent the new year. “Yo, Pop, put me on speaker,” Jaylen said with a look of glee in his eyes. “Okay, son, you mother and I are here. I can tell by the tone of your voice you have some good news to tell us?” asked Kevin.”Yep, Reagan told me last night she was going to make me the happiest man on the planet. She said she would marry me,”Jaylen answered his father. I could hear both Kevin and Yuri congratulate Jaylen and tell him how much they loved him.

While I called Kennedey and told her the good news, Jay called his brother. Jaylen’s immediately family all knew what he was planning. While I felt like his parents were genuinely happy for him and supported him in his decision to propose, I could not help if Amarre was one hundred percent on board, even after Jaylen told me that Amarre accompanied him and his father to pick out my ring. Either way, nothing or no one was going to make me come down off my high. Jaylen and I were set to head back home tomorrow, but like I said last night, I wanted to stay in this moment forever and never leave.


18 thoughts on “Diamonds In The Sky Part 1

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  2. Amazing chapter! I kind of expected that Jaylen was going to propose in this chapter. The jewelry store was a big hint, lol. The lot looks so classy in those screenshots. It was nice of Jaylen’s family to accompany him and give their support.

    One of the reasons why I love Jaylen so much, is that he’s a gentleman at heart. It was really sweet of him to want to ask Reagan’s dad for permission to marry his daughter. I love how he put so much time in planning his proposal.
    France looked amazing in-game, especially the Eiffel tower.

    Both Jaylen and Reagan’s point of views were really sweet. There was so much emotion in the proposal scene, especially the parts where Reagan had tears in her eyes. After everything she went throgh, I’m glad she’s finally found a man that truly loves her.

    I can’t wait to see the thoughts of the rest of their friends and families. Keep up the good writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Yes, I think a lot of my readers expected that because of the store as well as Rea and Jay meeting each other’s parents which sometimes signifies the step before a proposal. Thanks, I am glad you liked the store, I wanted it to look classy and I had Tiffany’s in mind. Jay is a gentleman, it was honorable of him to go to Ray. I loved that Paris world, which was custom made. I liked it better than EA’s world which isn’t really based on Paris. The Eiffel Tower scenes were my favorites out of the entire chapter. I designed that restaurant on an empty lot as well. I wanted everything about their engagement to be perfect in my eyes and I felt the emotion from both Rea and Jay.

      Part 2 is taking me a while to complete the dialogue, I have had to edit it so many times because it was getting so bloated. There are some time consuming scenes and a lot of activities with planning the wedding. You’ll see three more of Reagan’s cousins, two on her mother’s side and one on her father’s. I posted pics of her cousins Jade and Shaina on my Tumblr. I’m updating Briah’s story as an extra to this chapter and a POV from Aubrey out of all people. LOL. Thanks again for reading and commenting. 🙂


  3. Aw Jaylen had everything planned out so well. It was really big of him to ask Ray. I would have been so scared if I were him lol. I would have figured Amarre would have had an idea with them being twins, maybe not though. I’m happy Yuri is much better than what’s his face’s mama. I know his name but it isn’t worth typing lol. She said yes! Of course she would lol. I liked reading things from both their pov’s too. The pictures after he proposed, at the house, were gorgeous! You out did yourself. Wanna take some pictures for me? Lol jk.


    • Thanks sweetie. Glad you liked the chapter. I’ve been so busy w/ real life stuff and putting together the next two chapters I just posted today. I need to catch up with your story, I’m so behind. Yes, I really like Yuri’s character. Was there ever any doubt Reagan would accept? LOL. Thank you, I had fun with those photos, I just let my creative juices flow based on that song and Rea N Jay’s love for each other. Thanks again for reading and commenting. 🙂


      • You’re welcome! My story is on hold until I’m done with summer school. I have a little less than a month and so much stuff is due. I feel like I can’t catch a break. I don’t think I’m taking summer courses anymore after this lol. In between studying I will find time to read your next two updates 🙂


  4. And I have a random question. Do you know how I can move a car around in the game without a sim actually driving it? (Thanks a bunch for any help you can provide!)


      • Like If I wanted a picture of sims talking in a car, with poses specific for cars instead of having them actually driving/riding in the car (if that makes sense). I can get them in the car but it’s hard to focus the camera on them and they are just sitting there you know? And sometimes if it’s a group, everyone won’t be in there. So I rather stage it instead of hoping the sims will do what I want them to. I appreciate your help 🙂


        • Off the top of my head, IMHO has car poses. You can also check mysims3poses.blogspot. I’ve never done car poses before. I would assume you can pose your Sim and use an OMSP to move them in there.


        • Also as far as groups, I’ve been using Story Progression to add more than eight Sims to my lot. I need certain ones to be there and sometime I’ll throw a party with or without integration. Like my last few club scenes, I’ve done it like that. If I need others outside my household, I’ll use the misu pose add on.


          • Oh I have some poses. My issue is I can’t move the car off the lot unless they are driving it. But I don’t want them to be driving, only posing like they are. Sorry my explanations can be so confusing. I’ve been trying to research it but no luck.


          • Have you tried putting it in their inventory or buying a car on the new lot with testingcheatsenabled true? I can imagine if using that code to buy on community lots, you can purchase a car and place it there. But you don’t want the car on your home lot right? I’m sure there’s an easier way. Sorry if I’m not being helpful 😦


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