I’m In Miami

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Ra$hin was officially done with his album ‘From the Ground Up’.
He had released the first single ‘Stuntin’ On ‘Em‘ a couple of weeks ago it debuted as number one on the charts. He decided he wanted to shoot the video in my hometown of Miami.

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We arrived late morning on his private helicopter since we had been in Atlanta earlier for Ra$hin’s radio press tour he had been on.


Predictably, the paparazzi was waiting for us. I actually didn’t mind, so I posed for a couple of shots for them.


Ra and I then head off to his house on Star Island with his security following close behind.

Kennedey would be coming out in  a couple of days for the Miami Art Expo. She was going to be staying with us since she said getting a hotel room would just be wasting more energy. Whatever, I thought. As long as she wasn’t harassing me about anything and stayed out of my way I was fine with her coming here.


We had a pretty busy trip planned while we were in Miami. On top of shooting his video, Ra was also throwing his annual white party at the house in a few days. Taina and the girls were  flying in to attend.

I wasn’t really sure what I had wanted to wear for the party so I hit up some of the boutiques in South Beach. After I spent a lot of Ra$hin’s money I head over to the studio where he was shooting his video.


Seeing the whole process come alive was pretty interesting. I had never been on an official music video set before.


I really did like the song, it had a really good beat and Ra’s lyrics were some of the best I had ever heard from him.

I wasn’t happy at all when I saw that groupie bird Minka Diaz was one of the girls in the video. She was in everyone’s video. I hadn’t seen the other girl that much so I wasn’t really sure who she was. I don’t know why Ra allowed that girl in his video, he knew I didn’t like her. Later I told him that to which he said he wasn’t the one who had cast her. Whatever, he was full of it.


It took Ra$hin a few days to wrap up his video. He said he was glad it was finished because now he would have a some time to chill before his white party.

By then Taina, Fallion, and Aoki had made it to Miami. They were staying in a really nice hotel over on South Beach. I had asked Kennedey if she wanted to come along just to be nice.  I was secretly glad when she said she had some sketches she needed to work on and couldn’t go with us.

Ra$hin and I meet up with our friends at the beach for a little fun. It was nice being able to kick back and enjoy ourselves for a little while.


Taina and I played in the water for a little bit. I had forgotten how much fun a day at the beach could be. Our dad would always bring Kennedey and I to the beach when we were little. I had some of my best childhood memories in the waters around Miami.


Since I noticed Ra hadn’t moved from his same spot since we got there I asked him if he wanted to go jet skiing.

Nah, I just wanna chill for a minute baby,” he replied. “Okay,” I told him and I just went with Taina.


 I felt free being out on the water again.


We were all having a really good time, even Barrington wasn’t getting on my nerves.  Eventually, we head over to  the festival that was taking place at the other end of the beach.


Can you believe Aoki and I were getting along?
“Thanks for letting me come along Reagan,” Aoki said. I didn’t really know what to say. “No problem,” I answered her. “I know things have been kind of weird between us lately and I am just glad we’re able to get along right now,” she said. 
Aoki was only going to be in town until tomorrow then she was off to Japan to visit her grandparents. I couldn’t say I was mad she was going to miss the party.


The next night we go to a new  club on South Beach, Star 8. It was pretty nice. We had the best VIP lounge in the club with a ton of free food and drinks and our own private bartender. Now this is the kind of VIP I like.

Ra$hin also brought along Richard, his main bodyguard who always accompanies him whenever he goes out of town.


“I really like it in here!” Taina gushed. “I know, it’s nice. I wish they had better clubs like this in Starlight Shores. Miami has all the best clubs,” I said. “Miami’s clubs do pop, but New York actually has the best ones,” she said. I laughed. “Of course you’d say that, that’s where you’re from,” I told her. “And you’re from here, so you’d say that!” Taina replied laughing. “Touche,” I replied.

I hadn’t had fun like this in a while with no drama, hopefully the rest of the night would go as smoothly.


Taina told me she was hungry, she practically devours all the food the club prepared for us.

Ra$hin and I get a little frisky on the couch. He smelled so good, I was glad he was wearing that Hugo Boss I had bought him. There was something about the right cologne on a man that drove me absolutely insane.

The DJ started playing some of Ra$hin’s songs so we got on the dance floor. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Barrington was wasted. That boy always had a bottle in his hands.


I guess I shouldn’t have been talking. Like a dummy I mixed my drinks and got a little woozy. I ended up falling down on my way to the ladies room. Not a good look. Thankfully no one was around to see.

We had an overall good time at the club. But I got messed up.
Everyone came over to Ra$hin’s house and Fallion and Ra had to help me inside . I was so busted.

Screenshot-303 (2)

I wasn’t feeling very well at all.


I ended up getting sick and the next day I woke up by the side of the pool. I don’t even remember how I got out there. I asked Ra how come he let me sleep outside all night, he said he had passed out himself and the last he remembered I was upstairs in the bed. He didn’t know how I got outside either.


The next day was Ra$hin’s white party. I had a ton of stuff to do in order to get ready, that included going to the salon. So you can imagine my irritation when Kennedey starts bugging me that morning about visiting our old neighborhood.

“Do you want to go see the old house with me?” she asked.
“Why would I want to go see some house we don’t live in or don’t even own anymore?” I replied
“So what if we don’t live there anymore. I just figured we could go for nostalgia’s sake,” she answered.
“Well you can take a trip down memory lane all you want, I’m straight,” I told her as my patience was wearing thin.


“I really don’t understand why you are getting all mad Reagan, it  was just a simple question,” Kennedey said.
“A dumb question at that! If you think you’re going to find mom wandering around over there, think again!” I yelled.
Kennedey was getting visibly angry. 
“For one, what are you talking about? Why would I think Apollonia would be hanging around our old neighborhood? She left how many years ago and we haven’t heard jack from her since? We don’t even know where she is!” Kennedey shouted back.

Kennedey considers herself to be a realist, but I often think of her as having her head in the clouds, thinking the world has to be just so. She has never really said it to me but I had heard her tell Daddy years ago how angry she was after mom had left.

Kennedey, leave me alone, I have more important things to do today!” I said to her and left.


Kennedey ended up going to the old house by herself. She later told me it was eerie seeing it so empty. No one was living there. She said it brought back all these different emotions and feelings she hadn’t felt since high school. That’s exactly why I chose not to go.

I head downtown with Taina and Fallion to get our hair done for the party tonight. I had wanted to hire a stylist to come to the house, but Ra$hin was tripping about having strangers in his private residence. I had told him at least the stylist was a
professional unlike the buffoons he hangs out with.  I ended up just going to the salon.

I was getting upset because the girl who was doing my hair wasn’t  even there yet! The receptionist told me she was “en route”. What kind of ghetto crap is that? The hairstylist finally shows up thirty minutes late, but at least she was good. She laid my hair.


Ra$hin’s party was really nice. He hired one of Miami’s best event planners. The food was catered by Dine by Elegance the best caterer in greater Miami. We sipped on L’Heraud Grande Champagne Cognac served in Swarovski Crystalline cocktail glasses. Noshed on Wagu and foie Gras burgers and some of the best beluga caviar I had ever tasted!

I knew he had spent upwards of a million dollars on the party. He had to, some of the music industry’s biggest stars were there not to mention South Florida royalty namely hotel beach magnates, record label CEO’s, and real estate tycoons. If you were anyone, you were there.


“Oh Baby, your party turned out so nice!,” I told Ra$hin.


“Thank you. But I have to give credit to Johnny Goode, my event planner, he always does my parties, he’s the best. Expensive as hell, but you get what you pay for,” he replied.

“Well then I guess it was all worth it. Everyone has been saying what a good time they are having and the food is some of the best they’ve ever had,” I said.


Looking around at some of the guests, I must say I was impressed that Ra$hin knew some of the people here. Even I was starstruck at the sight of a few party goers. Of course I didn’t let on that I was. I just acted nonchalant like I had been used to wining and dining with the rich and famous all my life.

It was funny how even when you’re a Dominican and a black rap star; something a lot of the world looks down on, if you have enough money, you gain so many “friends”. It seemed the rich were willing to accept you based on the size of your bank account.

e181 (3)
The night was young and I was living it up. Never would I have  imagined growing up in my hood just miles away from here that someday I would be attending a star studded party on Star Island. I used to dream of what it was like in some of these homes when I was little. I vowed one day to be living in one of them and
here I was practically the mistress of the largest mansion on the island. Life was good indeed.

15 thoughts on “I’m In Miami

  1. Reagan is really enjoying herself. I hope she doesn’t forget where she comes from though. One day she can have it all and the next day she can be left with nothing. I have to take Kennedy’s side it their little fight , I don’t see the harm in going to look at their old house. Maybe it’ll keep her humble. Great update 🙂


    • You’re exactly right. I agree with Kennedey as far as going back to the old house and wanting to reconnect. But as far as Reagan goes, she doesn’t want to face her fears by letting all those memories and emotions come rushing in. She sort of lives by the motto ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It’s going to take a lot for her to come back down to earth. She’s enjoying the ride too much.


  2. Ahhh! That world is beautiful. I’m loving reading this. Reagan is a trip. I love her character, she is a diva through and through and not ashamed to admit it. The pictures are amazing. I am truly awed with how long it must take to set up each shot.


    • I love the Miami world too, the creator did an amazing job on it. Yes, Reagan is a trip and so much fun to play with and write for, she is my Dynamic Diva LOL. In several of my earlier chapters many of the sets were a bit elaborate to match the story I was trying to tell. It does take a long time to set up those shots and since I am so picky and somewhat of a perfectionist (although I do make mistakes LOL) it takes me such a long time for some of these scenes because I want everything to be just right. Thank you again for reading and commenting. 🙂


  3. Reagan seemed to be less of a diva in this chapter, LOL. I know she’s still one, but she seemed nicer and less drama-filled, like when her and Taina were talking about clubs in Miami and NY. I liked seeing that side of her. Oh her sister, LOL, I kind of agree with Reagan more, haha, If I was in Reagan’s situation, I would think I’m here in Miami to support my boyfriend, not do some weird family memory crap, ROFL. 🙂


    • Yes, Reagan does tend to show a softer side from time to time, plus Taina is her friend so she is a bit easier for Reagan to talk to. It was hard for Reagan to deal with some of the memories of her mother leaving. I definitely get why she didn’t want to go with Kennedey. Thanks again for reading and commenting!


  4. Wow! Reagan seems to be livin’ the high life, right now! Talk about living in the clouds! That’s Reagan! 🙂 I like her sister! She’s just trying to help her remember where they came from. There is nothing wrong with that. 🙂 I loved that Reagan showed a little compassion towards Anoki. Granted, I don’t think it lasted long. LOL!


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