La Isla Bonita

LA ISLA BONITA Screenshot-227

I stayed another few weeks in Appaloosa. Through my real estate contacts I was able to find a house to rent pretty quickly on Isla Paradiso. However, I could not move in right away because the house wasn’t ready yet. While I was still in Appaloosa I had learned that my cousin Briah had moved to Isla Paradiso. Briah was my Uncle Alonzo’s oldest daughter. I didn’t have many girlfriends growing up on account of most females were shady, but the ones I did have usually were related to me somehow so it was as if we were cool by default. I hadn’t really seen Briah since high school after my mother left.

Matter of fact I had not seen a lot of my mother’s family after that. The last I heard was that Briah had moved to Trinidad with my grandparents. My mother was born and raised there and most of her family had moved to South Florida throughout the eighties and nineties. My grandparents ended up moving back once we left Miami. Screenshot-215

Briah was cool, she could be a bit ratchet at times, not that I should be one to talk. She is a DeSai like me however and we have that fiery island girl blood in us. Actually, most of the De-Sai’s could be a bit hood more so than the Leeds side of my family. I don’t know, I had a family full of pimps, players and thugs really on both sides, but it seemed the Leeds managed to produce a more respectable class of people like my father and my aunties. I could have stayed at a swank hotel while I was waiting for the house to get ready and for Kennedey to finish wrapping things up with my dad and in Starlight Shores. She stayed in Appaloosa for a while longer than me, but had to take care of some things back in Starlight Shores. Screenshot-223

Briah was happy to hear I was making the move to IP and invited me to stay in her house. Briah did hair on the side but what she really wanted was a man to pay her bills. It was nice to know someone else there while I got settled. I mean, because of my job I knew other people on the island and around the world, but no one I was really close to. Not that I ever had a hard time meeting people. Briah wanted to show me some of the spoils of the island. Screenshot-3Rea Rea, girl I’m so glad you moved out here hoe!” Briah said to me as we chilled at her house one morning. If it was anyone else calling me ‘hoe’ I would not go for it, but I knew Briah used it as a term of endearment toward me. It was different in the way we used it against females we didn’t like. “I know, me too, a much needed change,” I replied sipping my coffee. Screenshot-134 “Girl, I bet. Especially considering what that trick did to you. When we heard about it you know me and the whole fam‘ was ready to come out to Starlight Shores and get in that ass. Can’t believe that triflin‘ ass dog put his muthin effin‘ hands on you. He obviously don’t know about The De-Sai’s of Miami and even the ones in Trinidad,” Briah exclaimed passionately. I knew both sides of my family felt some of kind of way about Ra$hin and some of them even made public threats to him over Twitter. My dad’s sisters had managed to calm down his side of the family, but I couldn’t be too sure about my mother’s side.

Like I said before, I hadn’t seen much of them since high school partly because Islanders were proud people and many of them felt embarrassed about what my mother did, up and leaving her family in the middle of the night. Things had gotten very weird very fast after that. We also didn’t stay in Miami long once Apollonia left. Not that we were all super tight as a collective, my mother had managed to alienate even her own family with her stank attitude and meism she often showed around everyone. Screenshot-132 With her quest and dreams of being some world renowned dancer she started acting like she was better than everyone and bragged how she was the first one to attend college but blamed my dad and her pregnancy with me for not being able to finish, so in essence she blamed me also. Don’t think she didn’t let me know I was the primary reason her ass and hips began to spread and her breast began to sag and how I managed to take all the nutrients from her so her hair wasn’t as healthy and long as it used to. She was reduced to wearing a lot of weaves apparently after she had me. I knew better than that shit though, maybe if she wasn’t always over processing her hair when she relaxed it and dying it jet black all the time maybe she wouldn’t have had to be spending my Daddy’s hard earned money on weaves. Screenshot-140 “Dang, I wish we had seen each more over the last few years, Rea, but y’all up and left the MIA and I moved to Trinidad a few years later to get away from G’s ass,” said Briah as we got in her car and made our way to the beach. Even though it has fall it was unseasonably warm she told me. I didn’t mind. I was loving it considering I didn’t really get to enjoy my summer. Between working everywhere, traveling with Ra$hin on the road and the “incident” and all the mayhem that followed, my summer went down the toilet pretty quickly.

It was really no secret why Briah left. Back in high school after we had moved I heard that she had gotten involved with one of the ringleaders of a gang in Liberty City, one of the worst neighborhoods in Miami and where my mother first lived when she moved to the States. Basically Briah’s ex, whose street name was  Pimp G had been too controlling and his lifestyle had put her in some dangerous situations. Some of his enemies had even made threats against her and one of the other gang leaders, even attempted to try and kidnap her at one point. Just way too much drama for some relationship. Everyone was scared of him and my mother’s side was really no match for him and his crew so Briah ran away to Trinidad. I didn’t say anything as we both had drifted back in that bad familiar place with lovers past. Screenshot-121 “We need to get in the streets. They got some crackin’clubs out here. When does Kennedey get in?” she asked as we settled on the beach. “In a couple of days or so,” I answered Briah. “Does Kennedey even go out? Drank or anything?” Briah asked. “She goes out from time to time, but not like how you or I go out. She is not really into the big club scene and the places she and her friends go are usually hole in the wall spots. She drinks every so often. She tries to act sadity at times, but Kennedey got a little hood in her too. Don’t let the eco-friendly lifestyle and socially conscious talk fool you, I done seen that heffa get gangster a time or two,” I said chuckling. Screenshot-173 Briah started laughing too. “For real? Kenney always seemed like the goodie goodie type to me growing up. Does she have a man?” Briah asked. “Nah. I don’t know what Kennedey’s problem is when it comes to men. She be acting like she’s allergic to them or something. She has had a couple of boyfriends that I know of, but her relationships only last a hot minute and Kennedey is always the one bailing out. It’s either that or no dating at all. She probably hasn’t even had any since college,” I said. Briah looked at me in surprise. Screenshot-167 “For real? I can’t even imagine Kenney being with anyone. If I had to guess she still had her V-card,” she said. I shook my head. “No, she done assumed the position a time or two before. But it’s been so long she probably got cobwebs growing up in there,” I mused. Briah started to crack up. “You stupid Rea Rea. I missed you though. It would seem the other way around with you two as far as dudes go,” she said. Screenshot-125 (2) She had a point. To outsiders, people would think I was the one who would go through men with no commitment and not want a relationship or could do without a man in my bed while Kennedey would want a relationship. It wasn’t like that though. I had always had boyfriends in the past, but I could go a considerable period without one until my mom left, then it seemed like I always wanted to have a man with me. Screenshot-128 (2) I liked being in a relationship. I loved most things about being in a relationship the emotional, the physical. Wanting and needing that intimacy, especially physical intimacy. I don’t know, maybe I was addicted to men the same way Kennedey seemed to be allergic to them. Screenshot-142 (2) Screenshot-182 It was nice being able to enjoy myself again on the beach. The water was so calming, I felt free. Screenshot-185 I decided to try my hand at surfing something I had not done since I left home. My dad taught both Kennedey and I  how to surf when we were really young. Screenshot-199 Briah reminded me so much of home, it was nice to have that feeling again. I wanted no more drama, I was so over it at this point. **************************************************************************************************************************** Screenshot-231 Our house was finally ready, just in time as Kennedey and the cats were set to arrive. We decided to rent instead of buying just yet, give us a little more time on the island to see how we feel about the new house. Kennedey was still feeling some kind of way for me leaving Appaloosa, but nearly two months were ample time I felt and I was ready to start my life again. I was ready to forget the past, maybe it seemed like I was running from my problems, but things started to get too heavy for me. I also was ready to leave my father’s home because I kept being reminded of what happened to him, how we almost lost him. I couldn’t stand seeing him like that. I know he had even been working more and his heart attack could have been worse, even still I was just ready to be done with everything. Out of sight, out of mind.

Kennedey finally left the nest again and I went to pick her up from the airport. “How was your flight? Was Daddy all settled when you left? I asked cautiously, knowing the subject was still a bit sensitive. “The flight was uneventful. Daddy is fine, at least Marcia is able to stay on,” she replied. I nodded my head slightly still in awe of the beauty of our new home. Screenshot-234 “I mean, he is feeling good though right? I mean when I talk to him, he seems well. He probably doesn’t even need Marcia full time anymore,” I said. Kennedey shrugged her shoulders and let out a breath. “He is doing better. I just hate having to leave him. What? You don’t want to pay for Marcia anymore Reagan? It’s not like you can’t afford it. About time your modeling career does this family some good,” Kennedey replied. Whatever, I thought. “What the hell does that mean?” I asked I could feel my face getting hot. Ugh I really did not want my good mood to be spoiled by Kennedey’s whining and complaining. She always found some way to take cheap shots at what I did. “Nothing,” Kennedey said sternly.

“Whatever Kennedey. No, you know what? You may not think that what I do for a living is important, but I happen to like what I do very much and I am good at it. It’s also because of the money I earn that Daddy was able to get the extra care he really needed!” I said to her not able to keep the anger out of my voice. “Whatever Reagan. Even if you didn’t have your money, Daddy would have found a way to pay for his medical care. I certainly would have done all I could do as well. I would have even moved back to Appaloosa to take care of him!” Kennedey yelled back, her frustration matching my own. We didn’t say anything for the rest of the car ride home. ******************************************************************************************************************************Screenshot-244 Later on that evening I went into Kennedey’s room. I thought it would be a good idea to try to make peace with her for now even though she was foul for saying that about my job. “Look, I didn’t mean to yell at you earlier. I know things have been very stressful and tense for both of us these last few months. I don’t want us to get off on the wrong foot in our new home. I’m glad you’re here. I like Isla Paradiso so far. There is so much to see and do. So what do you say, do you want to grab a drink with me?” I asked her. Screenshot-249 Kennedey looked at me in surprise, probably because I had never asked her to go out with me. We usually didn’t hang out in the same places. “Uh, okay, I guess. Where do you want to go?” she asked. How about this little pub in town I saw the other day? It’s not a high end place, but it looked cool. Get dressed and we can head out,” I replied. “I can’t wear what I am wearing?” she asked. I looked her up and down and tried to be as nice as possible in my answer. “Being that we’re both new in town, I thought we would dress a little. Doesn’t have to be too fancy, but you never know who we might see or who might see us for that matter. I’m going to change too,” I added. She shrugged. “Okay, sure whatever,” Kennedey replied. Kennedey didn’t like dressing up a whole lot. I was way more girly than she was. I just wished she attempted to do more with her look. Maybe I could convince her to have Briah give her a new hairstyle since we were living new lives, that hair was tired. Screenshot-252 Briah called and I told her where we were going, she decided to meet up with us downtown at The Paradise Pub. The name was a bit deceiving. It wasn’t much like what I imagine a pub to be. Maybe because it was more tropical and not low brow. It seemed like a cool little spot. There were some very big and nice clubs out here as well, but that wasn’t Kennedey’s crowd and I didn’t want to be in that environment just yet. I was still a celebrity and it was getting around that Reagan Leeds had moved here. It wasn’t as crackin‘ as I had hoped it would be. It didn’t seem to matter once I got a couple of drinks in me and saw a couple of cuties eye-balling us who had just entered the room. Screenshot-262 The two dudes came over to our group and started talking to us. “Hi, my name is Lake, Lake Dalloway and this is my brother Micah,” one of them introduced himself to us. “Hey boo, these are my cousins Reagan and Kennedey and I’m Briah,” Briah replied obviously flirting. Lake and his brother were cute, he wasn’t normally my type but he had potential. Lake continued to make eye contact with me. “So, are you new around here?” Lake asked me. Was he kidding? Didn’t he know who I was or had he been living under a rock for the past year? I wasn’t quite sure if he was trying to play dumb or if he really was. The alcohol had dulled my BS meter and senses. I laughed a little, I was in a good mood, I would let his so-called ignorance slide. “Pretty new I guess you can say. What’s up? Y’all live here or just visiting?” I asked them. Screenshot-267 “Oh, we live here, moved here from Atlanta a couple of years ago,” Lake replied. “Hot-Lanta huh? Aiight,” I said, nodding my head, looking Lake and his brother up and down. Briah seemed to get the cue that Lake was digging on me and averted her attention to Micah. Screenshot-282 “What’s up, you got a woman out here or what?” she asked Micah, I was fast but Briah was much faster. Micah chuckled and glanced at Kennedey who seemed to be bored with this whole conversation and was checking her phone. “Nah. I’m single,” he said smiling. “You just haven’t found Miss. Right yet, huh?” Briah said practically salivating, dang she could be so obvious. Micah looked over at Kennedey again. “Well, you know a brotha is always looking for that one you know? Just haven’t found her yet,” he said. Screenshot-280 “Can we buy you ladies a drink?” Lake asked. “Sure,” I replied. “What’s your pleasure?” he asked. “Maybe if you play your cards right, you’ll find out,” I said seductively. Okay, I know I officially was a little beyond buzzed now. Screenshot-294 We finished up our drinks and sat around for a little bit chopping it up. Kennedey yawned a little bit, I knew she had a lot on her mind, but did have to be so dang rude? Throughout our conversation with the Dalloway boys the more Micah answered Briah’s intrusive questions laced with sexual innuendo I could tell he wanted to talk or at least have Kennedey talk to him. Screenshot-297 I looked over at Kennedey who still had that bored uninterested look on her face then I looked back over at Micah. What was her problem? He kept trying to bring her into the conversation, but her responses were reduced to one word answers. Screenshot-300 Micah was hella cute, She better try to jump on that before Briah got her hooks in him. I was gone by my sixth drink, enjoying myself. I didn’t realize it was so late until they called last call. I managed to get one last drink before the bartender started telling everyone they didn’t have to go home but they had to get the hell up out of there. “I’m hungry. You wanna grab something to eat?” Lake asked. I was hungry and knew it would be a good idea to get some food in my stomach. Screenshot-3 (2) We got some burgers from the drive through. We weren’t ready to call it a night and headed back to my house. Kennedey didn’t say much and headed straight to bed. She was acting so weird, even for her. Briah led Micah to the patio out back, my guess was she wanted to skinny dip in the hot tub or pool. Screenshot-17 I settled into the living room with Lake. We made a little small talk. Over the course of the evening Lake had realized who I was. He didn’t act like he was tripping about it, like he wasn’t star struck or that impressed with my celebrity, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that. I had learned that he was a baseball player in the minor leagues. Not such a big turn on for me. I was used to dating the ballers who were really ballin‘, the starters, the known ones. Ra wasn’t the first celebrity I had dated, although he was the biggest. I was fully aware of the shots being thrown online about me. The haters were saying I was now irrelevant since I was no longer with Ra $hin. If I was dating basically a nobody like Lake it would just give them more ammo. Some people would start saying I could only pull a low caliber dude like Lake now that I wasn’t dating the mega star that was the monster I was sleeping with for a year. Lake was a little bit corny and didn’t have much game, but he was really cute and was really into me. I needed that considering I had dated someone that was more into himself than me. I didn’t need to be serious with Lake or anything. He was cool and I hadn’t had any for the longest. I was yearning to feel a man next to me.

Lake could be that one, that placeholder for me until something or someone better came along. Maybe that sounded shallow, but me being who I was messing with Lake, I just gave him his whole life. I was putting him on now. He could thank me later. Lake crept closer to me on the couch. Before I knew it, we were making out. He was actually a nice kisser. Dang, I hadn’t been kissed in so long! One thing led to another and we worked our way up to my bedroom. I really hadn’t planned on anything going down tonight, especially with someone I had just met, but I was feeling some kind of way, that along with the alcohol only added to the situation. Yes, I was blaming it on the alcohol. Maybe I would regret it in the morning, maybe not. I just knew I wanted to have some fun tonight and feel like a woman. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Screenshot-35 I woke up the next day with a headache. Toomuchalcohol. I thought to myself. I needed an ibuprofen and some coffee, that always seemed to help when I had a hangover. I looked over to the other side of the bed, Lake wasn’t there. It’s just as well, hooking up with him, probably wasn’t the best thing I thought to myself. I wondered if Briah ended up staying in the guest room. I peeked in there, but the bed was still made up. I could see Kennedey bathing Sammy and Tinky in the bathroom hall. Screenshot-20 I made my way downstairs and could smell coffee. To my surprise, Lake was in the kitchen making breakfast. He looked up.”Hey sleepy head. I thought you could use some breakfast,” he said too cheerily. Okay, I thought myself feeling a little odd. “Uh, where is your brother? I haven’t seen him or my cousin,” I asked him. “Oh they left last night. Micah had to work. He left the truck for me and your cousin took him home,” answered Lake.

For real? I thought I would find them in the hot tub or something,” I replied. I couldn’t be too sure, but it didn’t seem Briah had scored with Micah. Lake laughed. “Nah they pretty much left much after you and I went upstairs. My brother called me a little while ago and told me. Nothing went down. Your cousin is beautiful, but I just don’t think she is my brother’s type,” Lake said pausing. “By the way, what’s up with your sister? She seemed so quite last night, like she was in a bad mood or something,” Lake asked. Screenshot-25 I shrugged. “Kennedey has just been going through a lot lately. She only got here yesterday and I didn’t really give her a chance to settle in before I was dragging her out in the streets,” I replied. “Oh. Well, not to be in your sister’s business, but does she have a boyfriend or something?” asked Lake. “Or something. Kennedey has her art and her cats. To answer your question, no she doesn’t have a boyfriend,” I responded. I looked at him, my head still throbbing. Lake simply nodded and didn’t say anything. He really piqued my interest. “What? Did your brother say something about my sister?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, I mean he said he thought she was pretty and he wanted to know if she had a man, that’s all,” Lake answered. “Oh really? I can’t speak for Kennedey, but if your brother wants to get to know her, he is gonna have to make the first move because she won’t,” I told him. I actually liked the idea of Kennedey dating Micah. Sure, we had just met him, but I got to talk to him a lot more than she did and he seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders. He was a musician of some kind and seemed to be into art on account he kept trying to ask Kennedey about her work. Screenshot-32 She wasn’t taking the bait, however. An idea suddenly popped into my head. If I could get Kennedey to go out with Micah maybe that would distract her from getting on my case about Dad. She and I still were butting heads about that, obviously, she just needed a hobby and what better hobby than a man? Okay, maybe Kennedey could think of a million other hobbies she likes, she just doesn’t know how much fun she could have and I mean fun.

Maybe I was getting ahead of myself. Earlier this summer after everything went down between Ra and I, I didn’t think I would even want to be bothered with men ever again. But, alas, my feelings did change. I wanted to have fun in the opposite sex department, I just made a vow to myself I would not fall so hard for anyone so fast ever again. This thing with Lake? I didn’t know if it would go beyond a one-nighter or what but it certainly gave me something to occupy my time with before I went back to work and now I needed Micah to occupy Kennedey. ********************************************************************************************************************** Screenshot-40 I only allowed Lake to stay through breakfast after which I gave him the excuse I had many errands to take care. I had some emails to answer and business calls to return. I also needed to check in with my dad. I did speak with him every day and we would Skype at least three times a week. Like I said before, it was much easier dealing with what my father went through from far away. Maybe that seemed silly and immature and maybe I am, but that’s all I knew how to do.

“Hi Daddy!” I greeted him on my laptop. He was looking better. My father was always a good looking man with tons of women chasing after him, but he had aged a bit over the last year and seemed even more since his heart attack. My mother was so stupid for giving him up, my daddy was fine. What the hell was her problem?

“Hey Gingy! How’s my little island girl doing?” Dad asked me. “I’m fine. How are you? You look good! Are you feeling okay? Is Marcia still treating you right now that we have both left?” I asked him. He laughed and held his hands up. Screenshot-49 “Chill, chill. Yes, I am doing great, I feel very good. Marcia is wonderful. She is a wonderful nurse. I hate you spending your hard earned money on me like this Reagan baby. Daddy is going to pay you back every last cent too,” he said. I shook my head. I told my father I was glad to see him feeling better, he did look better. It was still uncomfortable for me to think about his heart attack so I cut our conversation short and promised I would call him tomorrow. ****************************************************************************************************************************** Screenshot-45 I did manage to avoid a lot of talk online during my time in Appaloosa, but I was back in the real world now. I couldn’t avoid hearing and seeing pictures of Ra$hin online even though I tried to block every instance of his name. I don’t know why, but Fallion sent me a text asking me if I heard that Uniqua heffa popped out his baby. Why the hell would she be asking me? I knew she didn’t like Uniqua on account of her beating her up last year, but why ask me about it? I couldn’t care less, Ra$hin wasn’t my man or problem any longer. I didn’t know if Fallion was just being dumb or trying to be messy. Knowing her it was probably a little bit of both. Screenshot-43 I also saw pictures of Ra$hin flossin‘ his side piece hoe Cocoa Nichelle around New York, I guess he upgraded her to main chick. After he gave a sad mea culpa on a few of the major networks, begging for my forgiveness and how he wanted me back, he could see that was never going to happen. I wasn’t sure how I felt about him anymore. I definitely did not love him, and I am pretty sure I never truly was in love even though I did love for him at some point.

The first few months after it happened I did hate him then that hatred grew to disgust, now I think I was just indifferent in my feelings about him and what he did. I didn’t really care about that girl or what they were doing, I didn’t care he had a baby now. Maybe I just felt pity. Perhaps if I were to ever come face to face with him again, my feelings would be different and I would jump on him and want to rip his face off, but I couldn’t be too sure as I had not seen him since the night he tried to come to the house and talk to me but Kennedey refused to let him in. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Screenshot-52 I went out with Lake a few times over a couple a weeks. He was nice, but just super boring. The media eventually got wind that he and I were hanging out and some paps managed to get pictures of us out to dinner. It was all very irritating. The reaction online was as predicted, people were saying I took a step down, they wondered why I was dating a no body minor leaguer. Some people said while it was a step down for me it was a come up for him. Maybe that was true because no one knew who Lake Dalloway was before they saw him with me. I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that people were saying I was dating a nobody, I was no longer part of a power couple and I lost some of my star power. I mean, I wasn’t super shallow enough to be done with someone simply because of that. I wasn’t really trying to see him too much, but that was mainly because we didn’t have much in common and I was bored. Screenshot-60 This incident did have a profound effect on my self esteem as well, I won’t lie. While I still told myself I was “the best” everything Ra$hin had said about me to his hoe and him putting his hands on me did make me doubt myself sometimes. I hated that. I hated that even sometimes, no matter how small it was, he was still winning in a way when I let him get inside my head. It was really getting chilly now I thought as I made a fire. My thoughts started to drift. I shook my head. No, I can’t let him do this to me again.

My image did matter to me and unfortunately people did judge you by who you dated and that played into your star power. I needed to prove I was more than a pretty face and the biggest rapper in the world’s former arm candy. I had to prove I was a supermodel on my own in my own right, not because of the dude I used to date. Yes, I would have to let Lake know that we could be friends, but this thing wasn’t going anywhere. My only problem was that I was still trying to get Kennedey to warm up to his brother. So, if I broke things off with Lake I would risk messing up any chance of Micah and Kennedey hooking up and I really needed that girl to get some business. She was starting all over as a struggling artist trying to reestablish herself again which meant she was at home more and getting on my nerves. ************************************************************************************************************************* Screenshot-67 I decided to hold off on ending things with Lake until I could get my sister and Micah moving in the right direction. This would benefit Kennedey, I think she would like having a boyfriend, she could have someone else to argue with and listen to her radical ideas especially with Micah because he was pretty much the same way. I mean, yeah this would benefit me also but Kennedey would thank me one day. I managed a double date so to speak with Lake, Micah, Kennedey and myself. Kennedey didn’t know this was a “double date” and she seemed surprised and embarrassed when she saw Micah at the house one evening. I chose to avoid the prying eyes of the public and had dinner catered. Screenshot-72 “Hey Kenney, how was your day? We’re all about to eat, I ordered in,” I told her. She gave me a knowing look like she knew what I was up to. “Hi Kennedey. How are you,” Micah asked coming over to greet Kennedey. I gave him a hint and told him that she loved Tommy Hilfiger cologne even though she would never admit because she considered that to be part of “the establishment”. Micah was looking good, suited and booted and smelling nice. Now, if he was still interested after seeing her all dirty from a day of sculpting and painting he was surely in love. She looked okay now, but she needed to change into something a little nicer. Kennedey looked down at her feet, her cheeks flushed. “I’m fine,” she mumbled. There was an awkward silence. Screenshot-74 I excused Kennedey and myself and led her upstairs. Screenshot-82 “I can’t believe you went behind my back and did this Reagan. Dang, I told you I wasn’t thinking about that boy! Will you just leave me alone and worry about yourself?” Kennedey hissed me once we got upstairs to her room. “Damn Kennedey, just chill! It’s only dinner, not a date. Get that pole out your ass and calm down. He’s cool, I don’t know why you won’t give him a chance,” I said. “I know how to be by myself and not man crazy like you. I don’t want to be hooked up! Leave me alone already!” Kennedey yelled. Screenshot-80 “Calm down, heffa. I ain’t saying you gotta get in a relationship, but shit you can get a little something on the side. Besides, it ain’t gonna hurt you to change your clothes really quick and just come and eat dinner. Micah is cool people. He’s into a lot of the same weird shit as you. Maybe y’all can, I don’t know talk about Mozart or something, isn’t he the dude that cut off his ear?,” I asked. Screenshot-85 Kennedey looked at me like I was crazy. “Mozart? You’re thinking of Van Gogh and that is not a truly established fact,” she answered incredulously. I shrugged. “All the same to me. Just put on them little booty jeans and a nice shirt and come downstairs,” I said to her. “Get out foo‘!” she said to me. ******************************************************************************************************************Screenshot-96 About twenty minutes later Kennedey came downstairs. She had actually put on a little makeup, and I could smell a little bit of my Clinique Happy on her. She thought she was slick. We settled into a nice dinner conversation. Whenever Kennedey seemed to act anti social I made sure I gave her a look to join in. Micah was completely mesmerized by everything Kennedey had to say, which was pretty amazing considering she put me to sleep most of the time. At least her answers weren’t reduced to just one word anymore. Screenshot-97 He began asking her about the last rally she held back in Starlight Shores and her position on tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and the rise of job losses in the last quarter. Kennedey loved talking about that kind of stuff, once you got her to start talking all that socially conscious and political mumbo jumbo you couldn’t really shut her up. Micah just wasn’t asking to blow smoke up her ass either for every opinion, she had, he had one also. Screenshot-99 Once I got those two to start clicking it was really no stopping them. They spent the next two hours talking about everything from global warming, music, art to the privatization of cattle lands. It was all incredibly boring to me but they seemed to really get off on it. Screenshot-102 We left Kennedey and Micah at the table . Lake asked if I wanted to go chill upstairs or watch TV in the lounge off my master suite. I knew what he really meant by that but I was in no mood and gave him the old excuse it was my time of the month. It wasn’t a complete lie. It was certainly my time of the month when I didn’t want to be bothered when it came to that. I could pass, I wasn’t in the mood. Screenshot-104 I kissed him goodnight and sent him on his way. Things between Kennedey and Micah were going so well they still were in deep debate even three hours later. The season was already over for Lake, during the off season he worked as an athletic trainer and needed to be up in the morning. Micah and Kennedey weren’t ready to part ways just yet so Kennedey much to my surprise offered to take Micah home thus leaving the truck for Lake to drive home. Kennedey had did a complete one eighty. I was still cautious however, she may seem to be really digging him now, but Kennedey had a way of sabotaging her relationships before they even started. Hopefully this time for her sake (and mine) she would give Micah a decent chance before she bailed out. Screenshot-111 It was pretty late by now. I was ready to call it a night. I said good night to Kennedey and Micah and headed upstairs to the hot tub to relax for a while. I smiled to myself. I needed things to continue to fall into place. I knew Lake didn’t exactly fit my “brand”. He was cool and all but I had worked too long and too hard for my name and I couldn’t throw my career and everything I had worked for down the drain. Lake didn’t fit into my world. He was boring and didn’t understand why I did what I did. He had also hinted that he thought if he ever got married he expected his wife to be at home with this children. What did I look like? June Cleaver? Hell to the no. He and I could be cool and all but I had to do me. I had to get my swerve on, start being the boss I born to be. I had to be me, Reagan Leeds.

***Author’s note, the title of this chapter comes from one of my favorite Madonna songs.


9 thoughts on “La Isla Bonita

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  2. This was one of my favorite chapters, probably because it had all three DeSai women interacting. I love how your characters have their own personalities. Briah had a wonderful introduction, I’m going to enjoy seeing her develop in your story. I also got to see more of Kennedy’s personality, like her aversion to dating. Lol, that picture where Micah, Briah and Kennedy were talking, Kennedy looked so put out by the conversation. I wondered if that was how you posed her, or if that was just her normal reaction to the conversation. I’m so glad Micah likes her, usually guys would be put out by the whole anti-social thing. When his eyes kept looking over to her, I knew he had a thing for her.

    I had thought that Reagan would be more opposed to being around men so soon, but her wanting to still be around men and not be serious makes a lot of sense. I guess that whole issue with Ra$hin really made her want to be more careful in the future. The Dalloway’s seem nice, but I think only Micah’s going to be the one to win over one of the Leeds sisters. I’m glad the double-date went well for Kennedy. It’s really nice that Reagan was trying to help set her up. Even though she just did that to get Kennedy out of her hair, I think she also wants to have a better relationship with her now they are in living in a new town.

    I knew Ra$hin would move on with his life, but I’m glad that Reagan feels indifferent about it. She shouldn’t be bothered with the past anyway. Lake seems like a good guy, but they both want different things in life. Even though she’s hanging out with a guy that’s not well known, I’m sure she’ll be able to keep her super star status. I think with this new chapter in her life, she’s going to try to prove that she doesn’t need Ra$hin or any man for that matter to be a star.


    • Thanks again for reading and commenting. I really liked this chapter also, Briah was the highlight for me, I love her so much. I also like that she is different than other characters, she has flaws like all my characters, but that is what makes her so real. She also reminds me of some of the girls I grew up with and some in my own family. She does really love Reagan and missed her all these years. I have had Briah for the longest, but just haven’t done much with her. Showing her relationship with Reagan is giving people an insight into other relationships/friendships Reagan has had prior to meeting her model girlfriends. You will still see Taina and the others, but I am building more on Reagan’s relationship with Briah.

      Kennedey was just looking like that which turned out perfectly for the story! She really did seem disinterested, I think she really was but she tried to make herself ignore Micah. The interesting thing is, Lake and Micah were the first male Sims I made shortly after I made the Leeds girls, I just rarely play with them. I have tweaked them some, mostly Lake, but something was off with the new contacts I put on Micah I wasn’t feeling. I have modeled Micah in some of my cc before. Micah is a good dude, he loves his dogs as much as Kennedey loves her cats. They are also a lot alike. I think Kennedey will still have some issues when it comes to getting serious, I think it is more that she is afraid of being hurt rather than incapable of loving someone.

      As far as Reagan, it has been a few months since the incident and like she mentioned at first she didn’t want anything to do with men. But, Reagan has been so used to being with someone she couldn’t stay single for too long, plus I think seeing Ra move on with a girl he cheated on her with and seeing what people were saying online made Reagan want to move on with pretty much the first available guy she thought was suitable for the time being. Lake isn’t Mr. Right, but rather Mr. Right Now. It’s unfortunate because Reagan’s self esteem has greatly suffered in behind what Ra did and she is equating who she dates with her status. She is afraid to lose that. On one hand, she wants to prove she can be a supermodel in her own right, but at the same time she feels as if she will be judged based on who she dates. Unfortunately, in the celebrity world this is true a lot of the time. Reagan will just have to realize she can make it on her own and not need a man, but rather if she wants one she can have one, but not by necessity. Hopefully, if she finds true love she can hold onto it and it will be selfless love. Guess we’ll have to see.

      Reagan has made a lot of progress, but she is still Reagan and very young. Using Lake to bide her time isn’t really fair to him, but she sees it as something to occupy her time until she is ready to get back to work modeling. The Leeds sisters will end up in similar precarious situations with their relationships eventually.

      On another note, I used to have a reputation as being anti-social myself when I was younger, but I am naturally shy and once people got to know me they got to see a whole other side of me. Kennedey is similar to myself when she is extremely attracted to someone she clams up and sometimes even acts like she is not interested. I am past that stage fortunately because I am a little older than Kennedey, so she still has a lot of growing to do, both the Leeds girls do. They are also trying figure out how to be women when they never really had anyone to teach them.

      Thanks again so much for your thoughtful and meaningful comments, I really look forward to reading what you have to say.


      • Your welcome! I appreciate that you reply to all my comments. I can’t wait to see how the next chapter goes. Oh, and the Isla Paradiso pictures came out great. Now I really want to buy the expansion pack, lol. : )


        • I love that EP, I wasn’t going to get it initially, but I was able to catch it on sale shortly after it was released. I love the speedboats and all the water activities you can do. It really is a pretty world. Unfortunately, I have to find a new house for the Leeds girls because the house they have lived in all these months has been having routing issues because of the way it is built. I don’t know why, not sure if its a patch thing or what. The designer has beautiful homes so I will be looking this weekend for them. That is why I said they were only renting in the story. Once I decide to decorate it, I want to so a design video. I also plan on making a dress up video w/ Reagan, the software I used kept crashing in CAS for some reason on my laptop, So I will try it on my PC once things calm down a bit. Hopefully my next chapter will get posted soon, can’t wait everyone will FINALLY get to meet Jay and he will finally get a voice with his own POV!


  3. I can definitely tell Briah and Reagan are related lol. I wouldn’t have known so much time had passed between them seeing one another because they didn’t act like it. It’s good that she knew someone when she moved though. I can understand Kennedy’s feelings towards moving especially after Ray’s heart attack. I would have felt the same way, probably even have stayed if I was her. I get Reagan wants to put everything behind her, but that doesn’t mean it’ll go away. She has to deal with things not sweep it under the rug. Did Briah really not notice Micah was NOT into her? lol Or she was really desperate. Micah drooling over Kennedy was cute. Poor Lake. It’s sad that celebs have to go through that. They can’t date without everyone talking about it. It’s so annoying. As a non-celebrity, I get tired of hearing about x and y dating or not dating or whatever. I have my own life to worry about, so I’ll let the paparazzi and whoever else worry about the famous people lol. I’m glad Reagan is letting Lake go. He doesn’t deserve to be a rebound and I don’t think she’s ready for anything serious. I get she wants to have fun too, but maybe she needs to just be single. Maybe her and Kennedy can flip roles. But I also feel like Reagan should have stayed out of Kennedy’s business. If she doesn’t want to date then that’s on her. It seems like it worked out though. And at least Micah and her have something in common. The island is beautiful. I will have to live through your pictures because I don’t have that ep and I doubt my laptop would survive if I added too many games lol.


    • Yes, Briah and Reagan were close growing up even though Reagan contends she didn’t have many female friends. Sometimes when two people are close and haven’t seen each other in a long time, they’re able to.pick up right where they.left it. Like my best friend from middle school and I had not seen each other in years, than last summer I.saw her and it was if.nothing had changed which was so cool.

      No, Lake shouldn’t be a rebound, he’s just someone to help Reagan pass the time. Kennedey wanted to stay, she was there for a pretty good while, but she could see Ray was doing better, he had gone back to work part time, and she knew he was ready for both his girls to get on with their lives. She still feels uneasy about leaving however. Reagan flat out didn’t want to see her father like that any longer. Reagan also figured Marcia was staying to continue to help.him out.

      LOL, yes Briah doesn’t.let.much stop her if she is out for a man. Some girls are totally.oblivious when a man isn’t truly interested. She could see Lake was digging on Reagan, but Micah choosing Kennedey over her seemed a bit ludicrous. Reagan probably should stay single, but she like many other women find it hard to be without a man. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂


  4. The move seems to be half good and half bad for Reagan, which was good cause it made it realistic. 🙂 That’s unfortunate that Reagan is somewhat stuck now in who she chooses to date or hook up with. The way she has to choose someone who’s in her league, so to speak, rather than just dating someone because she likes them. LOL it kind of worked out with Lake that he didn’t fit into her world, since she didn’t like him that much. He seems like a nice guy, but I agree with Reagan, he’s a little too old fashioned for my taste. Haha, somewhere out there is a woman who would want to stay at home with the kids, but Reagan is definitely not that. 😀
    Briah is nice, and it’s awesome to see Reagan have someone she can talk to who is on her side for sure. Sometimes I wasn’t too sure about some of her Starlight Shore friends, but Briah’s got her back. LOL.


    • Yes, Reagan is still pretty caught up in her image, she has learned a bit from dealing with Ra, but unfortunately in a lot of ways her self esteem is worse now then before she met him, so the haters are getting to her and she is out to prove she is a star in her own right outside of Ra. Lake was pretty boring I thought when I had them dating in my game several months ago, agreed he is too old fashioned for Reagan. I love Briah and she really loves Reagan, I am happy they were able to reconnect. Briah will have an upcoming chapter, actually the chapter I am currently working on. Thanks again so much for reading and commenting 🙂


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