Please go here for my cosmetics/perfume boutique, Aura.


Je T’ aime Jewelers. I originally made this lot for my story. I’ve rebuilt it on a new lot. 20X20

You need One More Slot Please in your package folder before placing the lot. Download Here

The main decor is by Ladesire’s Creative Corner. Download Here

Lustre Bloom by Jom Sims Here 

Other Shop Jewelry and Decor BuffSumms LPGA Pro Shop Here   Cashcraft Classic Beauty Collection Here  Mensure’s Red Line Gift Set Here

AP Deco Sparkle Master Here  Zedrael Ring With Box Here  CEMRE Turkish Mother of Pearl Jewelry Boxes  Here

Sofa is from Roaring Heights it will show if it is installed in your game. You must have OMSP installed or else some of the decor will not be in the proper place.

Some of the items are available for sale, except the ones on an OMSP, your Sim will not be able to purchase those as this is for decor purposes only.

Optional  Tamamaro Champagne Here Around the Sims Glasses Here Cashcraft Regency Goblet Here

I originally built the lot to use with Savvy Sellers, but I have made it into a consignment store in case you do not have Savvy Sellers installed. The consignment register comes with the Ambitions Expansion Pack. If you want a regular store, change it to Visitors Allowed.

I have all EPs except SN & ITF. Thank you to Sims 3 Legacies and DesiKnight for testing the lot out for me.

Terms Of Use

You can edit the space if you do not want the sofa or desk/chair and the outside of the shop. Just do not upload or claim as your own. Please link back to me.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Download Lot Here














15 thoughts on “Lots

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  2. Glad you finally posted this from your thread on LSA! I’m the same MOOSE font from the previous comment saying I’ll look into designing your blog if you’d like. I just joined a couple minutes ago and I wanted to let you know. Peace!


  3. Thanks. I have all cc, BTW I just LOVE UR STORIES. Ur simsvarevabsolutely beautiful, i really wish u would consider uploading a few, especially ur guyd. They r too die for. Continue with the greatvwork. Ur storiesvare inspiring and they really hit home with my life.


    • Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I’m always happy to hear people enjoy my stories. I may put some Sims up but not any of my main characters as they’re my personal Sims. Thanks again.


  4. Hi again. Maybe u can answer this question for me since I can find the answer. I wanna move my main Sim to another hood but I’m afraid he’ll lose his family connections and his friends. and if I can move him will his friends/family b able to visit or call???


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