Love In The Club


Ra$hin is in New York collaborating with Lil Rob another rapper that grew up in the same Queens projects they lived in as kids . I expected him to be gone at least two weeks.
I wasn’t really all that upset. I was used to his busy schedule by now. I too was busy with my own job. I recently returned from New York myself. I walked in a couple of runway shows for fashion week.

Once I got home I was able to unwind a bit, but no sooner than my last Louis was
unpacked when I got the urge to hit the streets. Taina must’ve been reading my mind because she called me asking if I wanted to go to Sphere. Since I couldn’t think of any better place to go on a Wednesday I decided to make a cameo. We all decide to meet up at my house to so we could all take one car to the club.

Screenshot-296 (2)

We had only been in the club less than thirty minutes when Aoki attaches herself to some random dude. She practically spent the entire night dancing with him. Taina and I didn’t know what she saw in him, he wasn’t even cute.


“Who is that guy Aoki has thrown herself all over?” I asked Taina. She laughed “Oh that’s David Bimble, he’s in PR,” she replied. “PR? So basically a nobody then,” I said. “Yeah, and he is not even an executive. I just know of him because his firm did the PR for our agency’s “Nu Look” model search last year and he was trying to holla at me,” Taina said. “For real? I guess he shoots for the stars then. Lucky for him Aoki has low standards,” I replied.


I leave it alone and head to the dance floor with Ari Azi.
Ari is a cutie originally from Egypt but has been living in this country for ten years. Ari and Ra run in the same circles since he is an A&R executive at Ra’s
label. I didn’t think Ari had a girlfriend, but if Ra and I ever broke up, shit… 


After I was done dancing I head over to the bar with Taina. I didn’t care for the drink I ordered, I could hardly taste the alcohol and it wasn’t mixed very well. This bartender didn’t know what he was doing. He wasn’t that good which is probably why he was working on a Wednesday and not the weekend.


We didn’t know where Aoki had snuck off to. “Have you seen Aoki?” I asked Fallion. I figured she would know since they were close. “Yeah, she just texted me. She left with ol‘ boy,” Fallion replied “Wow that was quick. She didn’t even tell you she was leaving? That was foul of her,” I said. “Oh well, she’s grown. I don’t know why she chose him out of all the guys here she could’ve talked to, but if she likes it, I love it,” Fallion replied dismissively.

It wasn’t the first time Aoki had just met some man at the club and either went out to the parking lot for a while or left altogether with him. That girl needs to get
 better standards. I had my own “fast” days, but that was mainly in college. Now when I get with someone it takes more than a couple drinks at the club for me to give it up. I finished killing my drink and walked back to the bar.

“Hey, baby girl,” my friend Marcus Treijo says to me as he walks up to the bar. I’ve known Marcus pretty much since I moved to Starlight Shores. Marcus is a tight end in the NFL. He was fine, had a lot of women chasing after him. No, it was never like that between him and me. He’s just the homeboy. I was wondering if he was in the club tonight since I saw Fallion dancing with his brother Travis and those two are always together.


“Hey boo, how are you?” I answer him. “I’m good. Damn, you‘re looking kind of thick Reagan, I like that girl,” he teased me. I laughed. “You need to quit. Where’s
Shalissa?”, I asked him referring to his latest girlfriend. “At home I guess. We’re not together 24/7. She does her thing, I do mine,” he replied. That was interesting to know I thought to myself. It was my way to check if he was still messing with that girl. I heard through the streets he was seeing a lot of other girls, so I guess it wasn’t that serious.


“Can I buy you and your friends a drink?” he asked. “You didn’t even need to ask. Most definitely,” I told him.


“Why the hell does it take so long just to get a fucking drink, shit?” Fallion complained. “Dang, Fallion you curse worse than a sailor, chill,” I told her. Sometimes she could be so extra and hood for no good reason. Like I said before, if I am going to trip about something it’s not going to be a  damn drink.


“Bartender, let me get a vodka martini, and none of that cheap shit you‘ve been serving all night,” I ordered.

After a couple of more drinks I say bye to Marcus. Fallion, Taina, and I head back to my house so they could get their car. I was dead tired and I was glad Kennedey was asleep because I didn’t want to hear her mouth about me coming in at three in the morning.


The following afternoon Aoki stopped by to give me back the money I had lent her a couple weeks ago when she left her credit cards at home and couldn’t pay for her dinner. I normally wouldn’t mind shelling out a few dollars for someone to eat but one, Richie’s was very expensive and two, Aoki is always doing some airhead crap like that, so I made her give me my money back.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to tell her about herself.
“That was foul of you to just up and leave and not tell anyone last night,” I said.

“What? I told Fallion I had left, she told me she told you guys,” she replied. 

“Yeah, she said you sent her a text after you already left. How are you just going to leave the club and not tell the people you came with?” I asked getting upset.

“Damn, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Are you my mother now Reagan?” she asked. Smart ass mouth heffa‘ I thought. “Look I could care less who you choose to hook up with. But at least when you’re in my presence, at least pick a dude that’s cute and doesn’t look like he came from the ‘Mission’,” I shouted. 

“Whatever. Don’t get mad at me because it’s been a while for you with Ra$hin being gone all the time,” Aoki said. No, this girl didn’t just say that to me.

” Look, hef‘ I gets mine on the regular, alright? At least I’m not thirsty enough to throw it at some low level PR assistant. Bitch, get yourself some standards. My man’s pockets run deep , he could buy that cockroach’s and your lives’ fifty times over!” I yelled. I could tell Aoki’s feelings were starting to get hurt with her pathetic looking face. 

“There is no need for you to call me out of my name. Here is your money. Bye!” she said and stormed out.

I wasn’t sorry for what I said, someone needed to tell her about her shady actions. Fallion is her home girl and therefore wouldn’t say anything and Taina tried to avoid drama like the plague. Thus, that only left me, maybe she’ll think about who she chooses to hook up with when she is around me next time. I have a reputation to protect and it can’t get out that the girls I kick it with will hook up with some broke ass dudes.

**** Ra$hin’s Point of View Sub-Chapter****


I was in New York for the last week or so working on my album . I typically don’t like to record a whole album on the west coast since I’m from back east, I just don’t feel inspired or authentic if I don’t record at least half of the tracks back home. I had been collaborating with another rapper and producer from Queens
Lil‘ Rob for some of my material for the new album. I had about fifty tracks already done, I just didn’t know which ones were going to make the cut yet.

I was under a lot of pressure. The label had my album slated for release coming up pretty soon and I was only about seventy percent done with it. Barrington and Bryce must have noticed I was stressed because they suggested we all go to Mr.Goodbar


 We meet up with some of my friends who work at the label f and a couple of my homeboys I went to school with. Shit, it was exactly what I needed!

Barrington arranged one of the private lounges for all of us where the best dancer in the club performs all night for you. Normally it would cost about 50 G’s, but since the club knew I was coming they waived the fee. Even though 50 G’s is like a drop in the bucket for me.




Damn the girl who was dancing for us was fine as hell! I found out from the club manager her name was Simone Sway.
That bitch had skills. We spent most of the night poppin‘ bottles and throwing bands.
“Shake it girl!” I yelled. Everyone was acting like they had never seen any ass before.


Her dancing was on point and I was having a good time, but it wasn’t enough I needed a private dance. So I dropped the two G’s for the private dance but ended up tipping her over five.


“Do you like that, Daddy?” Simone asked me while hanging on the pole.


“Hell yeah ma,” I told her. My Dominican blood was heating up as my mouth started salivating.



She started popping her booty and doing backbends and shit, she was definitely
earning her money. She was bad.
After she was done I asked her if she wanted to go back to my hotel with me. “I’m not a hoe,” she said. “I wasn’t going to pay,” I told her.


I gave her the name and room number of my hotel, an hour later she shows up.
She had skills both on and off the pole.

Usually I don’t bother keeping in contact with groupies or hook-ups but I would have to make an exception in her case.

We exchanged numbers and I told her I would try to call her the next time I was in New York, which might be hard since I was planning on bringing my girlfriend Reagan out here with me for my album release party the label was throwing
me .

If you’re wondering if I felt guilty about cheating on Reagan then the answer is no. She knows what’s up. It’s all part of the game. She doesn’t ask and I don’t tell her.

***** Reagan’s Point of View*****


I saw on my Twitter feed that Ra$hin had gone to the strip club while he was in New York supposedly working on his album. I hated having to hear about it on Twitter and seeing pictures from inside the club. He wasted all that money on that stripper when he could have been giving it to me.

To be perfectly honest I don’t see the need men have for going to strip clubs especially when they have a woman at home, and that goes double for men who have a dime piece like me. Of course his excuse was that he wasn’t at home at
the time. I was still pissed though. I didn’t like the idea of some nasty stripper popping her booty in my man’s face.

“Why are you tripping about me going to the club? Dang, we only went because we needed to unwind after being in the studio for a week straight. It was nothing, just a little entertainment,” Ra$hin said.
“Whatever, I don’t see how you can call that entertainment. I saw the girl, she wasn’t anything to look at. You should of told me instead of trying to be sneaky about it and letting me find out on Twitter,” I said to him. I was seriously mad.


I was tired and didn’t feel like having this fight with him right now so I get ready to go to sleep when he tries messing with me.
“Ugh! Don’t touch me fool, I don’t know where your hands have been!” I yelled at him. There was something about him watching another girl shake her ass and then trying to get with me when he got home that I didn’t like.

“Oh wow, the only place my hands have been are on you!” he said. “Please, I don’t know what you were up to in New York. Leave me alone I’m going to sleep,” I told him. I was right to have my suspicions anyway. Later on after we had broken up I found out he had cheated on me with  her. She was up on Hot 93 giving interviews about how she was pregnant by him, turns out it wasn’t even his, but some other dude’s baby. Dumb bird.


Things were better between Ra$hin and me now after the whole stripper-gate thing. I decided to forgive him, it also didn’t hurt that he bought me a Tiffany diamond necklace.
Ra$hin’s manager Bryce is throwing a party at the Spin Club to celebrate his production label’s tenth anniversary. Truth be told I was bit tired and didn’t really want to go, but I was trying to be supportive of Ra$hin since Bryce was his manager.
“Why did Bryce choose this place for his party? It doesn’t even have VIP just some lame lounge and bottle service,” I complained. He laughed.

“It’s a cool little spot. It doesn’t have VIP because the whole club is private baby, dang you and VIP,” said Ra$hin. “Well shoot if I’m going to be wearing a three thousand dollar Gucci
dress, I at least need to be some place more upscale than this,” I said.

“It’s not like it’s a hole in the wall dive baby, chill. It’s not where I normally take you, but Bryce chose it, not me,” he said.


I normally didn’t like places where people would dance right in my face where I was sitting down. An hour tops, then I’ll tell Ra I have cramps and want to go home. The music they were playing wasn’t even all that good. I need to tell Bryce he should hire a party planner next time he throwing a party.



Another thing I didn’t like about this place was the random girls mean muggin‘ Ra$hin and I while we were just trying to chill. I was used to females hating on me by now. These girls were your typical groupie video chicks looking to see which baller they could catch. I found it funny how video girls called themselves “models”. When you’re walking the runway at New York fashion week and modeling for top designers then you can call yourself a “model”.


I head over to the bar to ask for some salt and Perrier because I spilled champagne on my new dress. Minka Diaz one of the girls who was staring me down earlier comes over and starts talking shit out of the blue. She reeked
of alcohol.

“I read what you said on Twitter about video hoes thinking they’re models. First of all I ain’t no hoe. Second, who the hell are to go calling anyone a hoe when you’re Ra$hin’s personal mattress?” she slurred.


“You need to get out of my face wench. A hit dog will holler, obviously you took that Tweet as directed towards you,” I told her.
“Whatever Reagan. Watch, you’ll go back to being vapor once Ra uses you all up and tosses you to the side like he does every other girl,” she said.


You see, this is the type of stuff that gets people pimp-slapped. I knew she was salty towards me because one of her friends used to mess with Ra and he never claimed her, they just hooked up. She was also jealous because I heard she tried to get with Ra while her friend was dating him.
Since we were making a scene Ra decided it was time to leave. Good, I had served my purpose, this party was whack anyway. I was tired of these kind of parties with the random vultures and groupies after my man and starting stuff with me.

Little had I known it was only going to get worse over time.

***Author’s note, I have added a video slide show on You Tube, a compilation of Simone’s pictures working at Mr. Goodbar from this chapter and Chapter 9. You can see the slideshow Here

12 thoughts on “Love In The Club

  1. I knew Ra$hin would be up to no good. I hope Reagan knows she doesn’t have to take all of that because he has money. Lol it’s funny how that girl said she wasn’t a hoe and didn’t take money for sex, if she was going to give it up anyways she might has well have taken the $.


  2. LOL Simone was funny when she told RaShin she wasn’t a hoe. 😀
    Aww, finding stuff out on Twitter? It makes me crazy when I find stuff out on someone’s Facebook, like they didn’t even care to call me and tell me, LOL.
    Man, that Diaz girl in the club, she was crazy hahaha. I’m happy Reagan slapped her. XD


    • LOL. Yes social media seems to be the place where many ppl get important news these days. Reagan is a diva, so her natural instinct is to.slap someone that insults her! LOL. Thanks for reading!


  3. That’s why I HATE social media. Now, I use FB, but I don’t care about Twitter or whatever else there is. Great story! Reagan is quite the diva, isn’t she? 🙂 I also laughed about the “I’m not a hoe” part. 🙂 I agree, she should have taken the money anyway. LOL!


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