Movin’ On Up

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After college Kennedey,  and I packed up and left Appaloosa. It was a nice town, but not the place for me, especially since we are from a big city originally. We came to Starlight Shores to explore better opportunities. Our dad stayed behind in Appaloosa.


Kennedey, an avid artist liked the idea of living near the water, I liked the idea of being in celebrity central.


Hey, I admit I love a good party and love having fun, what’s wrong with that? I’m a young woman, no kids, no real responsibilities.


Starlight Shores was a lot of fun at first, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting though. Yes, I looked and dated around found a boyfriend or two, but I guess, maybe I was looking for something, I don’t know what that something  is, but whatever it was I didn’t find it there.

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My degree was in communications, what a boring field. I just sort of picked that because I couldn’t think of anything else to study. I even started my own blog in college “You Wish You Were Me”. It got a sizable following and I still maintain it to this very day, all be it not as much or wholeheartedly as I once did.

In any case, when I came to the ‘Shore, blogging seemed so mundane and everyone else was doing it there and so it didn’t make a big difference like it did on a college campus.


Kennedey and I only  had a small inheritance from our grandfather. It was enough to get us the things we needed and wanted for the most part, but I as always, I wanted more.

What can I say? I have a taste for nice things and designer labels  filled my closet. This is one of the things Kennedey and I argue about the most, my spending and taste in fashion.


Arrgh, that’s one of the things that gets on my nerves about that girl. She thinks she is so smart and more sophisticated than everyone else just because she graduated with honors and she’s some sort of avant garde and that the only thing that matters in life is art and not selling out to the man.

“Is that outfit new? You spend way too much money on worthless crap. You know when you buy those designer labels you’re only paying for the name, right?” Kennedey asked me.

“Why are you always worried about that I’m doing and how I spend my money? Do I tell you what to do?” I answered back.  “You’re super-fake, you think you gotta have Gucci this, Chanel that, those people don’t care about you, they only want your money,” Kennedey argued. 

“Well we all don’t want to shop at thrift and consignment stores like you,” I retorted. “Those aren’t the only places I shop, thank you. Besides, since I‘m not a sell-out like you, I couldn’t care less what labels I wear,” Kennedey yelled back.

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Whatever, she is always on my case about something. She of course drives a Prius, recycles, only eats organic foods and constantly telling everyone how great of an artist she is. She is one of those, you know the kind, do-gooder types, protests rallies, eco-friendly pushers. Gets on my last nerve.

16 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. Hah! Kennedy would drive me totally insane and if I had a body like Reagan I’d totally spend my money on wrapping it in the finest things!
    Her blog sound great too!


    • Yes, Kennedey can be a bit annoying at times, their priorities are definitely different. I really liked updating Reagan’s blog when I played with them while they were in college. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


  2. Hah! Kennedy would drive me totally insane and if I had a body like Reagan I’d totally spend my money on wrapping it in the finest things!

    Her blog sound great too!


  3. Nice chapter, although I would be with Kennedy on the clothes issue as I’m more of classic kind of gal, wearing things that will always be in style and am not trendy at. As they say, though, each to his/her own and if trendy clothes are Reagan’s thing then she should go for it but don’t count the thrift stores out as you can find designer stuff with the tags still on them if you go at the right time.


    • I definitely agree with Kennedey too. I tend to buy classic pieces that stay in my closet forever. During this time in her life, Reagan was really into labels and designer names. I love thrift stores and I found vintage Fendi and ysl BAGS.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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