Chapter 2 Sex, Guns & Cigarettes

Chap 3 is live on my blog. I will post on FB soon, but I have a lot of editing to do for future chapters. After chap 3 I think we’ll start to see Rico’s ruthless pragmatic methods he employs for his clients.

Reign: A Game of Power

(Sexual situations and nudity)

Detective Bella Vega POV:

The San Myshuno Drug Enforcement Task Force arrived early morning at the upscale Midtown Pointe Towers. It wasn’t your typical scene for a morning search; ten thousand dollar mortgage, a doorman, complimentary housekeeping, and all the fixings of high society life. The warrant was signed less than 24 hours ago. This wasn’t a Hollywood element of surprise raid.

I stood there, breathing through my nose, silently waiting. My hands were wrapped around my Glock, in the defensive position, as were the other officers on my team. Lt Lawrence Loomis, who headed the task force knocked loudly out the door. “This is the San Myshuno Police Department. We have a warrant to search the premises.”

I stood in silence with the other officers anticipating the next moment. The target isn’t some low-level dope boy on the corner with his pants hanging halfway down…

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Chapter 3 Greed is Good

Chap 3 is live on my blog. I will post on FB soon, but I have a lot of editing to do for future chapters. After chap 3 I think we’ll start to see Rico’s ruthless pragmatic methods he employs for his clients.

Reign: A Game of Power

Rico’s POV

Grazier Technology retained Thomas Global Strategies for our mergers & acquisitions services. I don’t directly acquire companies through acquisition. Depending on the logistics of a corporate takeover, I may use several different strategies on the target to gain control of the company for my client. For Grazier, I’d consulted with my mentor and activist investor, Harrison Edward. Another term you could use that was more popular in the eighties, is a corporate raider. Harrison makes all the raiding Carl Ichan did in the eighties seem like child’s play.

Now, Grazier is preparing itself to be the center of news yet again after their sexual harassment scandal. They were looking to expand their core business and wanted to acquire a smaller firm that had developed new and innovative crypto technology and financial data security applications. Grazier was one of the largest software companies concentrated in data technology. As more…

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Introducing Sebastian “Bash” Banks, One of the Main Characters in Reign: A Game of Power

Bash’s traits are: Materialistic, Snob, and Ambitious

Sebastian “Bash” Banks.

Catch Bash and all the other Players of A Game of Power on my main blog

Reign: A Game of Power

Bash is an ambitious young software developer for an up and coming firm, Jupiter Works. He graduated from Wharton at the University of Penn and went on to receive his Master of Science Program in Computation for Design and Optimization from MIT.

Bash has always thrived for greatness, as he didn’t want to live the life of his working-class upbringing. He has never held his father, Orvel in good regard. He sees him as an unambitious man who has kept a job in construction for over thirty years; nothing Bash wanted to ever aspire to. He doesn’t just disregard his father, but most in his family who have never strived for the same success as he.

Higher education, multiple degrees, and a large salary equal success and happiness. While the world may look at Bash’s achievements in admiration, the people he most desires acceptance from has never given it to him. Bash is kind of a paradox, in his mind because of their low birth, Bash wants his family to fall at his feet and revere him for all his achievements. At the same time, he has much disdain for them because they always seemed to be forever content with life in a lower working class neighborhood and working low paying blue collar jobs.

The Banks aren’t the only ones that Bash ferociously seeks approval from. All his life, through images in the media and real life encounters, he’s been told as a black man, he was doomed to fail; that his only chance for greatness was to be an athlete or rapper. If he didn’t achieve status through entertainment, he would either face jail through chasing money in a life of crime or end up just like his father, a man who only works six to eight months out of the year in a thankless construction job. Bash wants to be accepted into “The Great Society”. He wants to be on the same level as the controlling elite. To be welcomed into their country clubs, to marry their women, and to command and receive the same respect as the forefathers.

As one of the most talented software developers in his company, Bash has both the education and skills to become a software architect. But after years of being an employee of Jupiter Works, putting in his time and proving his capabilities, Bash has become bitter and resentful as he watched co-worker after co-worker get promoted over him. They didn’t have the education he had and in some cases hadn’t been with the firm as long as he has. The setbacks won’t stop him. He needs to be great, and he needs to be accepted. Whenever one door closes, Bash finds a window. He doesn’t even care how many he has to break, but no one will stop him in his pursuits while he is playing the game of power.

Rico Thomas, The Ruthless Pragmatic Player of the Game of Power


Rico’s traits are: Ambitious, Self-Assured, and Insider

Catch Rico and all the other Players of A Game of Power on my main blog

Reign: A Game of Power

“I do understand power, whatever else may be said about me. I know where to look for it, and how to use it.”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson.

LBJ’s words here are true for Rico Thomas. He adheres to that truth each day. Like LBJ, Rico doesn’t gain his power through ideal tactics and what is considered morally right in the eyes of many (depending on who’s the observer). For someone who knows very few things in life are black and white, the ends will justify the means. It’s essential to Rico to set goals and achieve them by the best means possible, not by “any means necessary,” because not all means are the smartest and “any” leaves one open to considering some less than smart options.

Rico is the CEO of Thomas Global Strategies, a consulting firm that offers expertise and services for finance, legal, public relations, crisis, management, political strategy, and in several other fields. Rico founded his company and ran it on a much smaller scale when he was in prep school. He has a business degree from Wharton, one of the country’s premier business schools and an MBA from Harvard.

As a pragmatist, Rico often employs ruthless methods to get what he needs and serve his clients. He has little use for emotions when making decisions in his everyday life and business. Rico is highly intelligent, but he’s smart enough to know that he can’t assume to be the smartest person in the room. Keeping both friends and enemies alike in his fold, helps keeps his ear to the ground. It gives his associates a false feeling of security and makes them vulnerable to lower their guard, all to his advantage.

Rico’s motivation for his business is to serve his clients faithfully and efficiently. TGS may be a small firm, but its highly efficient and is gaining a reputation for its expertise. A significant portion of the firm’s clients is connected to the elite Blue Bloods in American and European society. However, Rico himself is not a classist and he believes even empowering someone born into a lower social class than he could be beneficial for his goals. For everyone Rico helps, that person is indebted to him. You may not know when he is coming to call in a favor, but once he shows up at your door, you know why he’s there.

As an apolitical consultant and operative, Rico services both Democrats and Republicans alike. Through crisis and management as well as public relations, Rico’s firm has provided consultation services to police organizations accused of brutality to black socialist groups who have nationally opposed the practice of excessive force and racial profiling. TGS counts The Congressional Black Caucus, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and members of the GOP as its clients. Through complete non-biased services to his clients, Rico has at times come to aide those that some see as fighting against “his own people.” However, Rico has no shame and no use for it. He doesn’t allow his ethnicity and background to control his decisions. He sees the world as it is, and deals with it accordingly.

Rico is a student of the 48 Laws of Power and makes many of his life decisions based on the fundamental truths of those laws. For if he allowed relationships and feelings to cloud his judgment, anyone would pounce on the opportunity to destroy him and take away what he has spent years building.

Knowing and spotting advantages for power is essential to survival, and Rico will take any opportunity to gain an advantage. He was born into wealth, but his family went through troubling financial hardships and lost most of their fortune before rebounding, albeit not at the same level. Rico witnessed how in an instant money didn’t secure his family. It can be taken from you in the blink of an eye. He has made it a goal to gain power and an edge for he doesn’t want to experience the feelings of helplessness and depending on someone else as his family did years ago. Power itself can be fleeting. You can’t put complete trust and faith into one person or entity. Loyalty only goes so far before it hands you your ass and you’ve been stripped of all power because you bet on the wrong horse.

The stakes are inevitably high and of vital importance. As a seasoned and skilled player of the game of power, Rico is good at winning, but it’s not always so easy, and when you’re on top, a fall to the floor is all that much harder. No one is immune, and anyone can win or lose at the game, for the power players are forever changing. Rico needs to make sure he can stay in the match in the growing face of adversity if he wants to win the game of power.

Rico Thomas, The Ruthless Pragmatic Player of the Game of Power

Reign: A Game of Power

Rico has the Knowledge Aspiration

Rico’s traits are: Ambitious, Self-Assured, and Insider

I do understand power, whatever else may be said about me. I know where to look for it, and how to use it.”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson.

LBJ’s words here are true for Rico Thomas. He adheres to that truth each day. Like LBJ, Rico doesn’t gain his power through ideal tactics and what is considered morally right in the eyes of many (depending on who’s the observer). For someone who knows very few things in life are black and white, the ends will justify the means. It’s essential to Rico to set goals and achieve them by the best means possible, not by “any means necessary,” because not all means are the smartest and “any” leaves one open to considering some less than smart options.

Rico is the CEO of Thomas Global Strategies, a consulting firm…

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A Game of Power: Power, Politics, and the Pursuit of Privilege

Reign: A Game of Power

I know it’s been months since I talked about my upcoming story for TS4, Reign: A Game of Power. I’ve suffered from an incredible case of writer’s block, although I already had a few chapters written. I think because I am such a perfectionist and I often fear that one small detail that may be incorrect, people will single it out, and that would be the one thing they would focus on. Maybe it’s because I see some small flaw either in my writing or pictures and I obsess over it until I can get it fixed, get it “right.” In truth, that one thing or maybe two or three aren’t such a big deal, and all the pressure and anxiety I have caused to myself has been self-inflicted.

I obsessed over my writing style, how I would explain things in a way that made sense to the readers, what would…

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I’m Happy to Announce All-New Story Reign: A Game of Power is Available!

S.H.E is Looking for Our Next CoverGirl! Submit Your Pictures Today!

Hello to all of our beautiful readers. We at S.H.E are so happy to announce our CoverGirl search for our next issue. S.H.E is now on a bi-monthly publishing schedule and the next issue will be released in March.


Submit to here, Facebook, or Tumblr

Some basic information:

You can submit as many pictures and models from now until the end of February. We are going to post within our Facebook Group.

The winner will be determined by a randomizer. I want everyone to have a fair shot at the cover and not based on popularity.

Please submit pictures on a plain background.

No religious jewelry or logos on clothing

Editing is not necessary as I edit all cover photos.

Submitters will receive full credit for their pictures.

Your model will get her own two-page featured layout and interview conducted by our Editor-In-Chief, Ayana Dinha.

Your model will also receive a special framed cover she can hang up in her home!

Two of the beautiful models used are Bell and Channaa by J.Dee and Tis Jus Teeya. Thank you!

Tutorial: Creating a simple recolor & adding a logo to a shirt

Hello everyone, this is a simple and very basic tutorial on how to make a simple recolor and add a logo to a base game t-shirt. I am not going to make tutorials on how I make some of my more advanced cc at this time, but I will later. This tut has a bit more steps than a basic recolor because I also show how to prepare 4 logos/color them and add them to your shirt. Try finding logos online that have a transparent background. If you can’t, you can cut out, but I will not be covering that in this tutorial. I am, however, including the logos I used and you can download. This is not a tutorial that goes over everything in GIMP.

Download the logos I used SFS

This tutorial is for GIMP. I will make one for Photoshop as well, but you can follow along as the tools are similar in both applications.

First, you will need GIMP, which is free. Also, Sims 4 Studio, which is free too. First, register before you can download S4S.  Download version 2.8.22 from the direct link   Scroll down and choose the Installer option


Open Sims 4 Studio. Go to CAS, Create CAS Standalone

At the top you can select what you want to recolor. We are using this t-shirt from the base game. If you were recoloring cc, you would choose Custom under the Content tab. But you would need to make sure the package you are recoloring is added to the Sims 4 Studio Mod folder in your Document.

Shift-click for all swatches, control-click to pick individual swatches. Hit next it will prompt you to save your package. I recommend saving to a folder on your desktop. Name it what you want.

Now we see our shirt. Select the swatch you want to recolor. Make sure you are on diffuse and export.

S4S accepts DDS and PNG. I make my cc using DDS plugins, but for this tutorial, we are saving as PNG. Using DDS would take more steps and we don’t need to. Your diffuse is your texture. Call it diffuse or texture, whatever you want.

Open up your texture in GIMP. Go to the windows tab at the top, dockable dialogue. You need Layers, toolbox, and tool options.

Now we want to change the color of the shirt.


Open your first logo. We will need to repeat these steps for the other ones later.

Once your paste your logo on your shirt, it will say Floating Layer on the layers panel. Right-click new layer to paste it.

You can either resize your logo before pasting or do it after you paste. In your toolbox, you need to select the scale tool. Make sure you are on the logo layer.

For the red/green part of the label, it was a bit dark. So, open it up in GIMP. Go to color-curves and move the point slightly upward to make it a little brighter. Copy and paste onto your shirt layer, but make sure it is under your logo layer. You can either add this one or the logo first.

Adjust your logos using the move tool in the toolbox to the center of your shirt.

We need a new layer for the color we want to add. Go to the Layers tab and select a new layer or add a new layer from the layers panel in the red box.

Let’s fix the color. We want it to be a brighter orange. Adjust the color levels in the foreground toolbox to get the color you want. Or you can add the HTML color code.

A few things. Make sure you are on the color layer. Use the rectangle/marquee tool to draw a rectangle over the shirt. Select your bucket tool. Then click inside the box. It will fill with your new orange color. Go to the layers panel go to mode (blend modes) there are several options, but I chose soft light and brought the opacity down to 80.

Whenever you want to get out of your “current”  selection, go to Select at the top and click “None”



Copy and paste this logo onto your shirt.

Hide the first logo we added by clicking the little eye on the layers panel.

Another thing I forgot to mention. You need to flip the red/green label so that it is horizontal. You can use the rotate tool in the toolbox.

Once we add our other logos for another swatch, you want to rotate them using the rotate and flip tools in the toolbox.

You can duplicate the layer and flip it so it is upside down using the rotate tool and flip tools. You may need to mess around with getting it aligned with the first layer.

Scale your logos, make sure they are smaller than the red/green label.

After you are done adding your logos, export as a new png with a new name and import it.

I don’t like the size and placement of the logos. No big deal, we will just resize them.

Now it is resized using the scale tool on each one.

Export again. Looks better.

I forgot to add the larger GG one, but no biggie, we can copy and paste as a new layer just like before. Also, try sharpening your labels to make them crisper. Not always necessary.

Import under a different swatch and change the colors in the thumbnail. Save your package. Copy and paste your package into your Mods folder.

Kane models our new shirt in game. Unedited picture.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.

I am always here to help my fellow Simmers. Happy Simming.

The Year: 1983. Where Were You? Our 80’s Diva Style Look

80’s Style Diva Queen

The year: 1983. Where were you? Well, I’ll tell you where I was. I was a tiny little munchkin admiring the way my mother dressed in her quintessential 80s diva queen attire. Sapphire’s look is inspired by my mom, who to this day still has impeccable style. When I took these pics, they screamed 1983! LOL. The knee-high socks, the headband, the retro shorts, all pieces I loved about my favorite decade! Sometimes I wish I were my mom’s age back then. The decade rocked and I would have loved to club in the early to mid-80s.

Check out the January Cover of S.H.E!

We love the January issue. Ekko Takashi-Wright, our music editor, and fashion model graces the cover! We’re so excited for everyone to see the incredible layouts we’ve been shooting with Ekko over the last several weeks! We’ll also get to see Dynasty De-Sai’s  latest collection Larceny & Lace. Ekko is modeling one of the many styles on the cover this month.


Check Out The Sims Stories Facebook Group. Open to All

Check out the January Cover of S.H.E!

The Art of Seduction: Like A Virgin

The Art of Seduction: Like A Virgin

Like A Virgin

By Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief

The latest The Art of Seduction featured was inspired by the iconic song “Like a Virgin”  by Madonna. From Marseille’s costume to the tease to the art of the dance as she seduces her lover. Not many men can make you feel brand-new like a virgin touched for the very first time. The trick is to make him feel as if it is his first time and make it the most sensual experience of his life.



I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn’t know how lost I was
Until I found you

I was beat incomplete
I’d been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new

Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine

Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
‘Cause only love can last

You’re so fine and you’re mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out
Yeah, your love thawed out
What was scared and cold

You’re so fine and you’re mine
I’ll be yours ’till the end of time
‘Cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
I’ve nothing to hide

Like a virgin, ooh, ooh
Like a virgin
Feels so good inside
When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me

Can’t you hear my heart beat
For the very first time?

S.H.E Fit

S.H.E magazine At Home Style


By Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief


S.H.E would like to introduce our readers to our all-new feature: At Home Style. These ladies are all about style at home while looking both fashionable and comfortable at the same time! I’d like to give special recognition to Parminder Patel, our Editor-At-Large, who graciously lent her photos for this feature. Thanks, Parminder!

Special thanks to all who participated by sending pictures of their models!


Parminder is stuntin’ in the living room we share as besties!

Giavanna is posing in her boyfriend’s high-end apartment.

Sade looks lovely in her living room.

CeCe is our neighbor and looks stylish posing in her eclectic and fun apartment.

Camilla, a natural beauty looks stunning in her bathroom.

Fallon looks regal and poetic while rocking a stylish hat.

Taelor, which such a sweet face and killer outfit, brightens up any living space.

Channaa, we think you are too adorable. She is serving face in her bedroom!



Parminder, Giavanna, and CeCe by me.

Sade & Fallon by B. Siobhan Gonzalez

Camilla by Desire Sims

Taelor by S.Reynolds

Channaa by Tis Jus Teeya

Thank you, ladies!


Going on indefinite hiatus. Depression is kicking my a**

Hello all, just wanted to let you know, I will be MIA for the time being. I am not sure for how long this time around. I have to deal with some things in my personal life. I have horrible depression and anxiety, and I haven’t been doing well at all. So, keeping up with this mag, which I design all on my own and trying to write a story has taken a toll on my mental health. I also feel that as much work and effort I put forth for my mag, groups, blogs to invite others and provide content for ppl to get involved in the community is all for naught.

The truth is, I don’t make content that appeals to the majority of ppl in this community, mostly because I am older and not very well known even though ppl knew me in the TS3 days and Reagan’s story had and still does have a lot of readers. I still love Sims, but I need a break from all of this. Another thing, I have helped different people while most are kind and gracious, plenty has taken advantage of my kindness. I work hard on layouts and interviews, and I did one recently, and this person couldn’t bother with a thank you. I’m not extending myself to people who aren’t appreciative any longer. I’m done with it. There are a lot of thirsty people in this community who only take without giving.

Sometimes (most times) I wish I was still in my TS2 days when I didn’t even know a community existed.

I’ll always be here for my fellow Simmers, and I will try to help however I can. But for now, I am taking a break; going to try to clear my head and get some things in order. This is a game, and it should be fun.




Check Out The All-New December Issue of S.H.E Celebrating Women Empowerment!

We’re so pleased to have Marseille Powers grace the cover of S.H.E for the first time. She gives  Editor-At-Large Parminder Patel the scoop on the grand opening of ultra swanky nightclub Tomo, what it’s like to be the daughter of legendary supermodel and designer, Reagan Leeds-Powers, and how she’s adjusting to life in San Myshuno!

  • The special issue is all about celebrating women. More than ever women are in positions of leadership and power, and we are calling the shots. Make sure to read the inspiring featured article, Women In Power by yours truly.
  • Ekko Takashi-Wright Talks to Rnb superstar Gemini on her upcoming album, heartache, and finding love.
  • Q&A with recording artist, Neesi.
  • We also talk to designer New Lux Sims. We have the details inside
  • Selfie Queens
  • At Home Style
  • The Art of Seduction
  • Live To Tell: My Story of Domestic Violence, by Reagan Leeds-Powers

-Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief





Women Are The Leaders of Tomorrow #ShePower


S.H.E believes in women and the power of their voice. There is an active female empowerment movement; one that is undeniable and one that will not be silenced. Women more than ever are leaders in the fields of medicine, law enforcement, science, and business. I wouldn’t have been able to start S.H.E if I didn’t believe in my capabilities as a woman. I want to thank every one of you who participated in the #ShePower movement.
By Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief

Giavanna Gavino is a financial analyst at Ross & Charles, one of the top investment firms in the country. She graduated from Columbia with an MBA in Economics and one of the youngest analysts in her department. Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Giavanna moved to the US when she was ten years old. Giavanna says it’s her dream to invest in real estate and development in Brazil within five years.

Arianne Hamilton is a full-time mother and co-owner of Arianne’s Sweets Bakery with her friend and business partner, Slay Townsend. Arianne is a leader in her community and loves to give back. She hopes to have more children and expand her business shortly.

Kalani Rose is a successful doctor. One of her dreams has been to become a successful model. S.H.E believes in you Kalani!

Tyra Mab, Attorney at law.
She is the daughter of prominent couple James and Rita Mab of Willow Creek. Tyra is a family, immigration, and corporate attorney.
Mrs. Mab is state representative, and Mr. Mab manages a successful hedge fund. Tyra enjoys time at her beachfront home and taking her opponents to task in court.

Valentina Jackson is a recent graduate of Jefferson State University, one of the oldest and most prestigious HBCUs. She is a womanist, equal rights community activist and blogger. Her large social media following has set her on the national stage for civil rights.

Det. Bella Vega is the first black latina head detective in the San Myshuno Narcotics Unit. She is highly decorated and has been with the department for eleven years. Bella comes from a long family line of cops. Of being a police officer, she says she is most proud when she can get criminals off the streets.

Mia Moss is the owner of a successful boutique in Magnolia Promenade. Her beautiful daughter, Natalie loves to accompany mommy to work!

Thank you to the following people who participated in the S.H.E Power feature:

Arianne Hamilton – Desi Knight

Kalani Rose – S.Maxwell

Tyra Mab – J.Escriva

Mia Moss – K.Sims

Giavanna Gavino, Valentina Jackson, and Bella Vega are all Sims by me and new characters in my upcoming story, Reign: A Game of Power.
















Introducing The S.H.E Selfie Queens!

We at S.H.E would like to thank everyone that sent in their beautiful selfies this week! You all look amazing and are true queens in every sense of the word!

Long Live The Selfie Queens!


J. A. Allen

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