Return of the Mack

Return of the Mack
******Author’s note, this chapter contains strong language.





Jaylen invited me to go to New York with him. While I was interested in seeing where he grew up, I had reservations because I have not had the best experiences in that city. When we arrived, the streets were white with fresh powder and it was freezing outside. I was glad Jay had his own apartment in Brooklyn since he shared a house with his brother for the meantime on IP.

“I love your apartment, baby. I thought it was getting repainted a few months ago, this is brick” I observed. “The bedrooms and the bath needed to be repainted, but thank you, I’m glad you like it Ma,” replied Jaylen. “Do you like having your own place since you share the other house?” I asked him. “Yeah, you know. I mean, it’s cool. I’ve lived on my own for quite a few years now. Amarre got his own crib and so do I,” he answered. “Isn’t Amarre renting his apartment to one of your aunties?” I asked. It surprised me that Amarre would rent out his place. He seemed so private, he was laidback for the most part, but he could be uptight about certain things if you asked me. 

“Yeah, just temporarily. Our auntie was in a fix when she moved back to the States and needed a spot. He doesn’t charge her full rent. She’ll be leaving the country again soon, so he’ll move back in once she’s gone,” said Jaylen. Jaylen told me that Amarre usually stayed with him when they came back to the city or their mom and dad. Honestly, I was relieved when Jay mentioned his parents were both in Japan, working on a project. I wasn’t quite ready to meet his parents on account of I haven’t had the best experiences with my boyfriends mothers and fathers.

“So what made you wanna go blonde, blondie?” Jaylen teased. I shrugged. “I don’t know, just wanted to change. I’m liking it, but I probably won’t keep it like this for long,” I answered. “Yeah, well, you sexy either way,” he said. I laughed to myself, yes I liked the change, but I knew my father wouldn’t be too fond of my hair. At least Jay liked it.



We drove into Manhattan the next day. After a few hours of shopping on Fifth Avenue and grabbing lunch, we headed to Central Park. I hadn’t played in the snow since last winter. Like I’ve said before, one of the things about Jaylen I loved most was his ability to not take himself too seriously. He really knew how to cut loose and enjoy himself.

When Jaylen wasn’t looking, I aimed and pelted him with a snowball. “Bull’s eye!” I cried out. Jaylen turned around laughing. “Oh, so you wanna battle me? I don’t think you can hang, Miami girl. This is BK right here!” he said. Jaylen and I tossed snowballs at each other for the next twenty minutes before I called mercy complaining my hair was getting messed up.

“I haven’t built a snowman in forever. That was one of the first things we used to do when we were little and it snowed. My dad would take Amarre and me to the backyard and we would spend hours making snowmen all around the yard. My mother hated the cold and once we were ready to come in, she always had hot chocolate waiting for us,” Jaylen recalled. I smiled as Jaylen talked, it reminded me of my own father making hot chocolate for me and Kennedey when we were small even though it didn’t snow in Miami.


Jaylen and I continued to work on our snowman and I was quite happy how he turned out. “He’s cute, he kinda looks like you,” I said. “How does he look like me? He cool and all, but he ain’t as fresh as me,” Jaylen said, laughing. I was admiring our handiwork when I shuddered suddenly. I had the strangest feeling come over me as a chill went up my spine despite the cold weather. Jaylen must have sensed something was wrong.


“Reagan? Did you hear me? What’s the matter?” he asked with a concerned look on his face. I shook my head slowly. “I don’t know. I just got a chill all of a sudden. It’s weird, like I felt a sense of deja vu,” I replied. “Deja vu? From what?” asked Jaylen, a puzzled look on his face. “I don’t know. Baby, I’m getting cold, why don’t we head back home? I’m dying to take a hot shower,” I said. “Alright,” said Jaylen. We left the park and headed back to Jaylen’s. I felt an uneasiness, but I couldn’t figure out why. With this feeling coming over me, I was glad we were heading back home pretty soon.


(Radio playing)

DJ Manny Sousa: Welcome back y’all, we got Ra live in the studio. Ra, before we cut to the break you were about to tell us why you decided to do a third show this year on IP.

Ra$hin: Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, I got a lot of fans out here and I have always liked IP. I wanted to do a few more shows on the American leg of my tour before I started on the European leg.

DJ Manny Sousa: What do you have to say about the rumors that you only added another show because your former girlfriend, Reagan Leeds lives here and that you were mad about the interview she gave?

Ra$hin: (Laughing) Yo, there ain’t no truth to that. And that interviewwell that was just laughable at best. I’m just giving my fans what they want. I’m not concerned about my ex, I got plenty of other

I couldn’t take anymore and switched it off. I regretted even turning on my radio. News about Ra$hin coming to IP was everywhere. While, initially I ignored it and didn’t find myself angry about that, I was irritated that everyone kept inserting my name into every conversation about Ra$hin.


“How was New York, Rea Rea?” asked Briah. Jaylen and I returned home yesterday and I wanted to catch up with Briah and see if Malika was driving her crazy yet. “It was cool. Jay has a really nice apartment. We didn’t do too much. He took me by Avenue one night. We did some shopping, ate at a few restaurants. Typical New York stuff,” I replied. Malika walked into the living room, turning the radio on. “Why you turn that on Malika? You see we talking,” complained Briah. “It’s DJ Spin’s show. I wanted to listen,” said Malika.

DJ Spin: Everyone is talking about Ra$hin’s upcoming show out here. When it was announced the internet practically blew up. The concert sold out within minutes just like I said.

Miss Tea: There is no reason under the sun Ra is coming except for his ex, Reagan. The streets been saying he was mad about that interview and soon after it aired he started making plans on coming back to IP.

Snappy: Why everybody assuming it’s about her anyways? Ra got a lot of fans everywhere, maybe he just wanted to put on another show. Ain’t he still with home girl?

Miss Tea: No, he broke up with Cocoa. He is free and clear. I highly doubt Reagan is thinking about him. She got a fine ass man now…

“Turn that mess off, Malika and go listen to it in your room,” Briah demanded. Malika rolled her eyes, checking her phone, but barely budged. Briah looked at me. “You know that’s all they been talking about on the radio and all over black Twitter. Ra’s ass damn for sure only coming here for you. That fool performed on IP twice this year, before you moved from Starlight. The market on IP  ain’t as big as New York or L.A., there ain’t no reason for him to have three shows on the same tour here,” said Briah.

“Girl, I ain’t got time for that. It seems everyone else is more concerned about it than I am. I really don’t care. I mean, I doubt I’ll run into him. I got my own thing going on,” I said. “Rea Rea, you crazy to think that he is gonna come out here and not try to see you or run into you some place. Shit, he probably got people stalking and watching where you be at now,” Briah speculated. I shook my head. I refused to waste anymore energy on that nut.

I was over it, but everywhere I turned, someone was bringing it up. On gossip blogs they kept saying there was going to be some confrontation. Folks said he was mad about my interview. There were even sickos who said he wanted to finish what he started and I deserved what I got because I was a bitch. People were really twisted. Mostly I’ve been turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to social media, but I could not completely avoid it because so much of my work and promotion depended on it. I really considered this to be a part of my past now, but so many people out there didn’t want to let it die.


I headed to Tomo with Bri to meet up with everyone. I was annoyed at seeing Martina there. I have not spoken to her since that day I blasted her. We have seen each other in passing at Jay’s house,  she kept her big eyes rolling while I kept it moving. I was still irritated that I had to share the same air with Martina. She and her friends were at the club and they had been giving me dirty looks all night.

“Ugh, why is she even up in here? Acting like she really doin‘ it or something. Raggedy ass females,” Briah lowered her voice, but loud enough that Martina could hear what she said. “Ain’t nobody worried about her. This is probably the only VIP she’ll ever be in in her life,” I said. “Alright, now, y’all behave,” Jay teased Briah and me. I rolled my eyes. “Are you going to spank me?” I asked innocently, batting my eyelashes. A grin spread across Jaylen’s face as he rubbed at his beard and licked his lips. “I might just have to, keep it up, Ma,” he said, crinkling his eyes.

“I love the VIP here, but it’s extra crowded tonight. I didn’t know so many hangers on were going to be out,” Martina mused out loud to Amarre and her home girl, Honey. I sucked my teeth. It was more of a shot at Briah and my friends Taylor and Jasmine, because she damn sure knew I was no hanger on. Shoot, I had VIP before I even started dating Jaylen, while she on the other hand wasn’t VIP until she started messing with Amarre.


“I must applaud the working girls of today. Starting on your knees and working your way up to the top. That’s something to be commended,” Briah observed sarcastically. We all burst out laughing. I saw Martina scrunch her face and roll her eyes. Amarre shot Briah a look. “Yeah, and some people up in here should realize they are guest of family and not necessarily invited,” said Amarre, directed at Briah. She was obviously the “guest of family” meaning Apollo.

Amarre could be so extra at times, especially when it came to Martina. He tried to act like he was so above it all, but he could talk shit just like the rest of us. Briah was my cousin and I knew she wasn’t about to let that slide. “Go on Amarre, throw your little shade. It ain’t even all that serious boo boo,” said Briah, rolling her neck. Amarre scoffed and shook his head.


I leaned over to Briah. “Girl, just let it go. I’m not trippin‘ about her. I’m having too much fun and wrapped up in my own life. Don’t let her bring you down to her level,” I whispered. Briah nodded her head. Briah was a very friendly and a happy person, but if she perceived anyone as a threat or enemy against her family, all she saw was red. Briah always had my back, with the exception of my mother, I could say at least say some of us De-Sais’ stick together.



My girls and I headed to the dance floor to turn out the club. There was really nobody out here that could get down like girls from the MIA. They tried, but few succeed. Jaylen and Amarre were running around most of the night pertaining to club business. I even saw Amarre and Apollo in what seemed like a heated discussion. Amarre was probably whining that Briah was “picking” on his girl, the same way he whined to Jaylen about me. Amarre and I had squashed our beef but he knew I still didn’t like his girl and she felt the same way about me, oh well.

The club was really cracking tonight, so many people were out. Tomo wasn’t the only big club out here, but it was certainly the best. Every celebrity who lived on IP came to the club on a regular basis and many others flew in just to be at Tomo. I think Jaylen was itching to open or buy out a club in Miami, but they needed to take their time and not rush.


We made our way back to the second VIP area when I heard a big commotion coming from the front door. As we got closer I could hear shouting and I made out Jaylen’s voice and one I have not heard in person in quite a long time, Ra$hin’s.


“Take you and yo muthafuckin hoods out of my club! You woman beating mark ass bitch!” Jaylen yelled. I came up behind Jaylen. “I go anywhere I damn well please. Ain’t no little punk ass foo like you gonna tell me nothin!” Ra$hin said. “You got the game twisted, homeboy. You gonna get the fuck out my club, or take the fade!” Jaylen said inching his way closer to Ra$hin and his group. He was there with rappers JRok, Tigga and random other people.

“You and what army? These little bitches with you?” Ra$hin said, waving his hand towards Jaylen’s crew. “This is Chi-Town bitch, you’ll get fucked up,” Apollo quickly spoke up. “We ain’t gonna tell you again, get the hell off our property. No hoods at our club,” Amarre said. A familiar look came across Ra’s face, one that I recognized as a mixture of evil and ego with the same cold dead expression in his eyes that used to scare me so much but no longer did. I quickly glanced around, it was as if the entire club surrounded us to witness what they hoped would be the fight of the century.

Some people even had they phones and cameras out recording all this mess. Ridiculous. Out the corner of my eye I could see Martina scowling, she couldn’t stand Ra$hin either, we that in common at least. I still didn’t like her.


Ra$hin started to laugh. “Chi-town really? You bitches just as weak as you BK boys. Eat my dust, you wish you was on my level. Can you believe this?” he asked his crew. “These dudes is corny as hell,” Tigga said. “We corny, but you up in my club? I’ll really show you Brooklyn, playa. You lucky this ain’t the BK, cause I would drag your bitch ass up and down Flatbush Avenue, son. You will get bodied,” said Jaylen getting into Ra$hin’s face. Amarre and Apollo pulled him back “Not here, Jay,” said Amarre. “Who in the fuck at the door let these bitches get up in here?” Jaylen yelled. I could see Jay was running at 150 MPH, I have never seen him so angry before.


After Amarre and Apollo pulled Jaylen back, I guess that was the first time Ra$hin noticed me standing in the background. He all of a sudden looked up and our eyes locked. I couldn’t fully express how I felt in that moment. There were so many emotions ranging from dislike, indifference, anger, disgust, and pity all in one. Looking at his eyes reminded me of the cold lifeless expression in them that fateful night. Everything came rushing back to me throughout our whole relationship. All I could think was, what the hell was I ever doing with him? Do you ever have one of those moments of reflection asking yourself, what the hell was I thinking? This was one of those aha moments for me. No matter the fame, money, or cars, it was so not worth it. To think I even let that foo‘  crawl up in me, I was disgusted.

Ra$hin smacked his lips, looking me up and down. I knew how his dirty mind worked and I knew he was undressing me with his eyes. “Reagan, girl, long time no see. You looking good as hell, I see you. You been keeping the kitty tight for Daddy? You know you can always come back home” he said with an arrogant smirk on his face. A few snickers rippled through the crowd. Such a dirty ass dog. “Muthafucka, you wish. No, I keep it tight for my man, a real man; who puts it down each and every time, like you never could. Bigger is so much better,” I said, empathizing my last five words. Ra$hin tried to play it off like he didn’t care what I said, but I saw a flash of insane anger and jealously cross his face, his fist clenched and I knew I had gotten under his skin. “Well it don’t really matter. Once I made you, bitch, your time was almost up anyway,” he said coldly.



“Don’t call my girl out her name, partna‘. I will knock you straight the fuck out. You don’t even need to address her. She’s my woman!” Jaylen yelled. Ra$hin was arrogant as ever. Being the narcissist he was, he probably did believe he made me. “You didn’t make shit! I got on by myself. Biggest mistake of my life was getting with you. You a punk, putting your hands on me. But at the same time, I wanna thank you, not for that, but showing me what a real man ain’t and leading me to the man I got!” I shouted.

Ra$hin let out a menacing laugh. “Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart, but we both know the truth. It just occurred to me, I done had both y’all bitches. I hit it first on both your chicks. I can give you some pointers on what your girls like. I just hope you enjoying my sloppy seconds,” he said, looking at both Martina and I and back to Amarre and Jaylen. “Please, it wasn’t that good. Certainly nothing to write back to my family in Puerto Rico about,” said Martina. I admit, I was shocked she spoke up. “Yeah, both you hoes liked riding the Ra$hin express back then,” Ra$hin said, smirking. “Hit it first? That don’t even matter, son, cause I hit and don’t miss. Now you mad because you can never have it again, fuck yo feelings” said Jaylen.


“Why are you still here? I know you lucky our family was all in Miami when your bitch ass put your hands on my cousin, cause you sho‘ would have gotten your ass beat by every last De-Sai in Dade County! What kind of man ever hits a woman? My man and his cousins are gonna have to wait their turn, cause I’m about to beat the mess out of you myself!” Briah screeched at the top of her lungs. This was probably the angriest I’ve ever seen Briah as well. I knew she hated Ra$hin, but I didn’t expect that from her. “Don’t Bri, his ass ain’t worth it,” I said.

This was total chaos, the last thing I expected was for Ra$hin to have the balls to try to come up in Jaylen’s club. He was so pompous, he most definitely knew Jay was my man and he definitely wanted to start something tonight. All of a sudden I could hear police sirens coming from outside. Someone must have called them, expecting a big club brawl.

“C’mon, Ra, let’s get out of here, we got more important things to do. You don’t need this kind of attention,” Ra$hin’s new manager, TJ said, looking over at me. Jaylen and his crew said a few more choice words to Ra and his entourage before they left the club.

I shook my head. The situation was very surreal. Jay told me to wait for him over by the bar. Amarre started telling everyone to break it up and directed Jayson to have the DJ start the music again. I didn’t even realize it had stopped. I glanced at Jaylen’s face again, and I knew it wasn’t near over for him.


“I can’t believe Ra$hin would just show up like that. He is clearly insane,” said Taylor. “Something I found out a long time ago. I can’t say this totally surprised me though. Ra$hin is selfish and evil, he doesn’t want to see me or anyone else happy,” I said. “I wanted to knock him out so bad. I just wish he would come to the hood in Miami, just once,” Briah. It was a crazy night. I could see that Jay wasn’t going to be getting out of here anytime soon and I wasn’t much in the mood for being at the club anymore.



Kennedey went out of town this morning to an art expo. I could not get my adrenaline down to even go to sleep. It was already very late. I checked my phone, my Twitter alerts were going off like crazy about the confrontation. I didn’t even bother reading them. I shook my head it was almost like deja vu, Ra$hin and Kiyan again. My cell phone started to chirp. Briah texted me, wanting to know if Jaylen was over here with me. I texted her back, saying he wasn’t yet and I would call her later today. I stood there for a moment. The last thing I needed was for me to be in the middle of some more bull like this. Whether or not some people thought Ra$hin should get his ass beat for what he did, I didn’t want to be caught up in it.

Jaylen was perfectly within his right to want to defend me and I understood he wanted to knock Ra$hin out. I really didn’t want him going there with him, stooping to his level. But, there was a certain code among men like Jaylen who dealt with men who beat on women. Just as I thought this foo was behind me and I was moving on from all the abuse I endured from him, here he goes, trying to start shit in my life again. I didn’t really know what I thought about him coming out here to IP. Briah and everyone else said he was trying to do it out of spite. Even Kennedey thought so and she usually doesn’t get involved with this sort of thing, but she is my sister and she hates Ra$hin as well.


As I was thinking what my next move should be, I heard the front door opening. “Reagan, you upstairs?” Jaylen called out. “Yeah, baby, I’m up here,” I answered. Jaylen made his way up the stairs and into my bedroom. “You alright? Is everything okay at the club?” I asked him. Jaylen nodded, a look of irritation on his face. His whole mood had went from one of elation and ease to anger and resentment.


“Yeah, I’m good, things are fine at the club,” his tone was flat. “What did the cops say?” I asked. He shrugged.”What could they say? They just wanted to know if there was some altercation, they received a complaint apparently within the club. I don’t even know how they got in the club. The door was trippin’ letting them in. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that,” said Jaylen. I remained quiet, not sure of what to say. 

“Baby, look, I appreciate you defending me. I know how you feel about my ex, but boo, I don’t want him bringing you down. He looks stupid, everyone knows he is feeling salty. Why else would he knowingly come to my man’s club? He was only trying to start something. Ra$hin is an evil ass narcissist. He is only happy if he is hurting other people,” I said. “I wanted to knock his teeth in. The only reason I didn’t was because my boys held me back, you were there, and it was my place of business. I can’t guarantee what I will do to him if he crosses my path again. I don’t care, I will beat the dog shit out of him. He and everybody gonna know that’s how suckas who hit women get dealt with,” said Jaylen, his tone steely.



There wasn’t much I could do to stop him. My father used to say there were things that men just needed to handle and take care of and unless I was a man, I would not truly understand. Maybe it was the same for Jaylen. I really hoped they didn’t see each other again, but when Jay’s mind was made up about something there wasn’t a lot I could do to change it.

Jaylen was certainly a man in every way possible. He was probably the only boyfriend, I could not outright punk either. It was different in the way he handled me. Usually if I was whining and complaining about something, Jaylen was patient with me and he would let me know if I was in the wrong and I would let him know as well if he was. He often would let things slide if it wasn’t too major and he didn’t feed into some of my ridiculousness. I had respect for him. That was a lot for me to say because the only man I have ever truly respected was my father.


“Look, I’m going to get in the shower, baby,” he said. I could have went off on him more than I did, but I didn’t want him to pull me back to the old me that I was when we were together. I wasn’t going to let him win again. I guess I better out of these clothes. I placed my dress in my dry cleaning bag and went to get in the shower with Jaylen.


Jaylen’s POV



Amarre and I had a talk about the breach at the door the other night. I was pissed that our employees, even allowed Ra$hin and his entourage to get past and into the club. There is no way that anyone who works for us would think that it would be okay for those punks to come to any establishment of ours. We weren’t too hard on our security, these dudes were new to working with us. Nobody was about to lose their jobs, but they damn sure knew not to let it happen again.

That fool was crazy thinking he was gonna be able to come up in my spot. I knew Ra$hin had no interest in having a good time the other night, he was only trying to start shit with Reagan and I. Amarre even wanted to get in that ass for what Ra$hin said about Martina. I admit, he got to me being there. But, I’ve known for months that if I ever saw him face to face, we was going to be throwing blows.

I’ve seen that foo in the clubs prior to meeting Reagan, but I ain’t never had any interaction with him and damn sure never liked any of his music. I didn’t care if I didn’t know Reagan at the time he hit her, cause she was my woman now. Ra$hin never truly paid the price for what he did. He may have lost some fans and endorsements, but he was still cakin‘ and touring. He was never arrested because Reagan never filed charges, not that the justice system would have done jack to him. He needed an old fashioned ass beating. I’m not usually one for fighting, but what he did to Reagan, all of that was out the window.


The internet pretty much blew up once word got around that Ra$hin tried to come to Tomo and the argument that ensued. When I first heard he was coming out to IP, I didn’t give a shit. He has been here before since I’ve lived here. Of course he only added another performance after Reagan moved here and after her interview. One thing I thought was unfair was after Ra$hin got into it with Kiyan, Reagan received most of the backlash from that fight. I was determined to not let that happen again. There wasn’t as much Reagan bashing this time around. I still let people know on my Twitter that she wasn’t even involved. I stated that after repeated attempts to get them to leave the property, that’s when things escalated. Reagan told me later she preferred if I didn’t say anything on the matter and to delete my tweets, which I did.



Reagan and I have been flying high the last few weeks. Our relationship was better than ever. I was happy she decided to go to New York with me and see where I grew up. Ma didn’t say, but I think she was relieved that my parents were out of town. In the past, Reagan wasn’t too crazy about New York based on her previous experiences there, but she told me she had a lot of fun with me. We had a good time and this trip was about pleasure not business as usual.

Amarre and I made our way up to Winners to shoot a little pool with the boys and get a couple of drinks. “It don’t even surprise he tried to come through, dog. Ra$hin didn’t want it with us, Chi-Town and the BK would have been all over that ass,” said Apollo. “He knew what he was doing, trust. He got a 730 mentality, he’s cray. I’ve always known he was a bitch and he just proved it,” I said. “For real, dog. Shit even Bri wanted to get in that. I ain’t never seen my boo that pissed. She’s just hella protective of her family, she got Reagan’s back,” said Apollo. “You know what’s crazy? After all of that got out on social media, Jayson said he’s gotten dozens of calls from people wanting to reserve VIP and bottle service tables. We were booked up for the next three months, but now it’s six,” Amarre mused, as usual he always about business.

I wasn’t trippin‘ anymore about what happened but, I didn’t like things poppin off at my club. I just wanted to have my drank, post up with my boys and finish this pool game. Reagan was on a day trip in Starlight for work and she would be back soon. After I left from here, I was going to over to my baby’s and lay up with her for the night.



After I whooped everybody at pool, we went to the bar. I wound up in a whole conversation about the play offs. The way Apollo and I go at it, sometimes these conversations could go into the wee hours of the morning. We were throwing shots at each other about our favorite teams when I heard Amarre say “Awwwhh, hell no.” I looked to see what he was talking about, Ra$hin and the same bums he was with the other night was coming through the door. The bar got noticeable quiet as he made his way through giving dap to the people around. This wasn’t going to end up like the other night, I knew something was definitely going down. This wasn’t my place of business and my girl wasn’t around.



I set my drink down on the bar and looked dead at Ra$hin as he made his way over to us. “What’s up bitch? You ain’t got your club behind you or your bitch to pull you off me this time. So what’s up homie, I thought you was gonna beat my ass?” he challenged me. I let out a sarcastic laugh. “Yeah, and I thought you was gonna stand up, Queens,” I said getting in his face. Neither my brother or my cousins said jack, they knew to let me handle my business.

“You mad cause I ran them joints for a year and taught her everything she know. I don’t give a fuck, you can keep that trick. Just remember, I had it first, playa,” said Ra$hin. “That’s the last time you gonna call my lady out her name, B,” I glared.


“And you ain’t gonna do nothin to stop me, son,” said Ra$hin, all of a sudden pushing me. Almost simultaneously I gave him a one two combo to his jaw, knocking his head back. I didn’t notice all the yelling and chanting from everyone and Apollo and Aubrey shouting for me to whoop his ass. “C’mon Jay!” Apollo yelled out.


Me and Ra$hin went toe to toe, round and round, blow by blow for what seemed like only minutes. I fought from the streets and no one has ever whooped my ass. He wasn’t even getting in any good licks. He tried, but failed miserably. I laid his ass out, by the time it was over, Ra$hin’s ass was on the ground looking like the little bitch he was.



I didn’t care, what drove me was thinking about all the abuse he put Reagan through and hitting her. Intense rage came over me as I hit him, eventually my boys had to get me off him. Maybe fighting wasn’t the way to go in most cases, but in my opinion there was an exception to every rule. Men that hit women, deserved to get they ass beat. Point. Blank. Period.



The bar employees managed to intervene, but it was too late, the fight was over by then. I didn’t have a scratch on my face. I would have to text Reagan about what happened, because I didn’t want her to hear about it online first. “Damn, you whooped him, dog!” Apollo yelled as we were escorted outside. I laughed a little, my adrenaline was still high. “I got a picture of him on the floor. I’m posting this to Instagram,” said Aubrey. I shook my head. “Nah, don’t post nothing, yo. If them fools try and lie and say something then we got proof. Everybody up in there saw Ra$hin get his ass whooped. Not that I enjoy fighting, but I’m glad it happened here and not in front of for one, my lady or my place of business. I would not want Reagan seeing me like that. I bet you the next time, he wanna beat on a woman, he gonna think twice about it.”


I went home after I left Winners to take a shower and calm down before I headed over to Reagan’s house. Reagan did receive my text and she said she would talk to me when I came over. I wasn’t sure if she was mad or not. “How was your trip, baby?” I asked her as I came inside the door. “Uneventful,” she said looking at my face. “What?” I asked. “I was checking for a black eye, a scratch or something. Your face looks fine,” replied Reagan. “That’s cause he didn’t get any good licks in. Apparently he can fight females, but not grown men,” I said. Reagan sighed. “Well, I’ve managed to stay offline. I didn’t want to read about that mess. I mean I did get some texts from people saying they heard you whooped him. Boo, I’m not mad at you. I just wished you would have listened to me when I said I didn’t want you going there with him,” said Reagan.

I lowered my head. “Look, I know. But you can’t begin to know how that made me feel. It’s nothing compared to what you went through, but just as a man who respects all womenand the mess he was saying about you. That don’t fly with me, ain’t nobody gonna call you out our name like that,” I said looking back up. “I do appreciate you defending my honor. Honestly, I feel indifferent toward him. He’s disgusting, but as much as I hated him back then, I don’t even waste that kind of energy on him, he ain’t worth it,” she said. I nodded in agreement, but I did what I had to do. “Look, why don’t you come upstairs so we can take a bath? So I can wash you up,” she purred like a kitten, her eyes glittered. I loved her ability to change the subject so quickly.

I licked my lips. “Well, I already took a shower, but I don’t mind taking a bath too,” I said, smiling down at her. Reagan pulled my hand and took me upstairs. “I know you don’t have any physical bruises, but I have been in fights before, something usually always aches by the next day. Not that anyone has ever gotten with me in a fight. Ask you brother’s girlfriend,” Reagan chuckled. “Awwwhh, see you being messy, now Ma,” I teased her.



Reagan took the washcloth and soap and gently rubbed it over my back in a slow circular motion. She pushed her knees up higher and wrapped her legs around me. I began rubbing her thighs as I leaned against her chest. “I love you, baby,”  she whispered. “I love you, too,” I said.


The hot water felt so good, Reagan’s skin was so soft, she smelled so good. I let out a deep breath as she started kissing me on the back of my neck. It didn’t take that long for me to start getting excited. I don’t know how much washing we got done in the tub, but we continued our foreplay in her bedroom.




At the end of the day, I was glad Reagan wasn’t mad at me for fighting Ra$hin. I didn’t go looking for it even though I knew it was a possibility it would happen if I ran into him. He wanted to get buck, disrespecting a woman he abused and he thought he was going to get away scott free. We don’t rock like that in the BK. Ra$hin was a buster and I made no apologies for setting him straight.


Reagan’s POV



A week had passed since the fiasco that was my ex. Everyone knew Ra$hin got his ass handed to him by Jaylen. Although Ra’s people tried to downplay it, lied and said Jay’s crew jumped in and had weapons, Ra was drunk, just any old excuse so he could save face. There were so many people who posted pics online from the fight clearly showing Ra getting whooped. No, I didn’t want Jay to go there with him, but, I wasn’t mad at him at all. A part of me was probably even glad Ra$hin got dealt with. I knew he had to be embarrassed, good he needed to be. Let him experience all the humiliation he made me feel for several months. It was over, it was behind us now for good. I was the victor, I came out on top. No one would ever exercise that kind of power over me again. The future looked bright and I was looking forward to better days ahead.

Kennedey was surprised to say the least after I told her exactly what happened in the club and Jay’s confrontation with Ra$hin. “That’s crazy. When I heard about it online, I couldn’t believe it. Needless to day, I am glad Jay dealt with that punk,” she said. I nodded my head. “I feel as if it’s finally over. I am rid of him. I’m only looking ahead now. Next, we gotta contend with Daddy coming out here,” I said. “Are you ready for him to meet our boyfriends?” asked Kennedey. I looked at her and responded, “Are you?”                       

****Extras 1  Extras 2    Extras 3    Extras    Extras 4    Extras 5







16 thoughts on “Return of the Mack

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  2. Whoa, that was an exciting chapter. First off, I love Reagan as a blonde. When I first saw the promo pics, I thought Jaylen was cheating with another woman, and then I looked closer and saw it was Reagan. lol.

    It’s just like Ra$hin to extend his tour in IP just to spite Reagan. He has a crazy ego. I was really anticipating this chapter, because I knew that justice would be served, and I was right. I’m glad that Jay stood up for his gf, he wasn’t going to let anybody call out her name like that. The fight that happened at Winners was even more intense. Ra$hin shouldn’t have pushed his luck, now he went and made a fool out of himself.

    Reagan can now move forward with her life. Her life has improved so much over the course of this story. I’m sure that her father is going to grow to love Jay, once he sees how good he treats her.

    The last thing I want to mention, is I love the the interior of Reagan and Jay’s houses. My fave is the bathroom at the end of the chapter. I know I do this a lot, but where did you get those mirrors and the bathtub from?

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, yes, Reagan did look a bit different, her style and look as somewhat evolved since the beginning of the story. She will be back to a redhead by the next chapter (maybe, LOL)
      Yes, Ra only wanted to get at Reagan and Jay. Obviously he wasn’t truly sorry for what he did, like he said in interviews. He was very jealous Reagan moved on and was over him. Jay will always stand up for Reagan and for women in general. Ra did end up looking stupid at the end of the day, now he is humiliated, the same as Reagan was. This is behind her now, Reagan feels free. I think Ray will be skeptical of both guys who are in love with his daughters because he wants to protect them. However, he does get along with them in my current game.

      Thanks, I am glad you liked the interiors. I will email you. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


    • Oh yes, I am not sure if you got the see the Extras links I posted at the bottom of this chapter. One of the links to my Tumblr explains why Reagan had such a weird feeling come over her in the park with Jaylen.


  3. Reagan is blonde now, I gotta say I miss the red hair, but blonde looks nice too. Ra$hin is an even bigger punk than I thought, coming all the way to IP to mess with Reagan. He has NOTHING better to do? seriously..he needs to go in the studio or something or take care of his baby. Is it born yet? The whole thing with Martina, Reagan and Briah irked me. They were all being messy, Reagan and Briah started it. They all need to just be immature about the situation. They are more than likely going to be around each other so they just need to zip it and deal with it. Ugh Ra$hin! Petty, petty petty. He is just ugh..I don’t even have anymore words for him lol. I know it’s wrong of me, but I lol’d when he said he was with both their girls. I hate him but that was funny, forgive me lol. I’m glad Ra$hin got his in the end. All talk and no action, coward.. I really really REALLY hope he won’t pop up anymore 🙂 (Pleaseeee).


    • LOL, I’m cracking up at your comment. Don’t worry, Reagan will go back red soon. Yes, he has a son now. He doesn’t care, as long as he’s sending child support, that’s all he thinks he needs to do. Yes, Ra is an ass, coming all the way to cause havoc in Reagan’s life. Reagan, Briah, and Martina could throw shots all day if they had to. You’re right, they will be around each other considering who their men are.

      Don’t worry, I laughed when I wrote that too about both girls. Ra is an ass, and thats exactly what someone like him would say. Jaylen took care of him like he said he was going to. Don’t worry, Ra will not be back. The story is almost complete. From chapter 29 onward each chapter will be epic and vital for Reagan. Everything will come full circle. You can check out some of my Extras links at the bottom of the chapter to get a hint at some upcoming stuff. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


      • Almost complete? Noooo. Another one is in the works right? I don’t wanna say goodbye to them yet, except Ra$hin, he can go. And I’m glad to hear he won’t be back 😀


        • Yeah, Reagan’s story is coming to a close. I am still writing for Briah. Her story won’t be as big or involved though. I posted part 2 of Briah’s story on my secondary blog. So, you’ll see Reagan pop up from time to time in Bri’s story, but she won’t be the focus. Apollonia’s short story is coming up as well. 🙂


        • I must say, it will be hard for me when Reagan’s story is complete. I will post an occasional update on what’s going on in her life, but not as a continuation of her story.


          • Other than Apollonia’s and Briah’s I have no plans to at this time. I don’t plan on moving to TS4 right away because I only started playing TS3 again last year. I still love TS3 very much and my characters. If Reagan has another generation I may do a story with them. I don’t see myself making any other TS3 stories like this one that is not connected to my main Sims like Reagan, Jaylen, and Briah. 🙂


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