Steelo Part 1

Steelo Part 1 Screenshot-155 I was really enjoying it here on Isla Paradiso, thankfully Briah and Kennedey were also here. I needed my family with me and it was nice that they were around. I needed to get my hair washed and ends trimmed. Briah could do some hair so I had no issue going to her. I suggested Kennedey also come along. Maybe I could convince her to get rid of that tired style she has been sporting since graduation.

Screenshot-165 When we got to Briah’s salon, Le Nubian I told her to work on Kennedey first before she chickened out and left. Thankfully Kennedey didn’t fight us on it and Briah hooked her up with a bangin‘ hairstyle. It wasn’t my type, but it looked good on Kennedey. It was right up her alley, she seemed to really like it as well. Kennedey said she was going to meet up at the coffee shop with Micah and she would see me at home later.

Screenshot-170 I looked around at some of the other women in the salon eyeballing me. “Isn’t there a private booth you can put me in?” I asked Briah. “Nah hef‘, this is it. This ain’t one of them high end places you be going,” she replied, laughing. “Girl, please. Anyway, I just want a wash and style.”

Screenshot-176 It was cool having Briah do my hair again. She always would experiment with it when we were younger and that girl could really do some hair. If she just put in more effort she could open her own salon and make some good money. Briah claimed she wasn’t trying to make a career of this. Her problem was that when she was with G, she got used to him buying and doing everything for her. So now that she was supporting herself she was sort of half assed at it.

I didn’t want to talk too much shop with Briah on account of the ear hustling that was going in here. I kept our conversation pretty generic and only discussed clothes and shoes.

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Screenshot-189 Charlie came out to visit me shortly after I got home from the salon, he told me that French and Italian Vogue wanted me for their covers soon not to mention Essence and Ebony, which was such an honor. Cover Girl wanted to endorse me and hire me as a spokes model. MAC wanted me in a national campaign and Charlie had been hinting that Versace wanted me as the face for their brand next year. I was mulling over many offers right now.

These were major clients talking about some serious contracts and serious dollars. Even still, I could not get away from the haters on social media saying things like my star power has boomed because of what happened with Ra$hin and that is why so many companies were breaking down my agency’s door to get to me. Either they were saying that or people were saying I was irrelevant because I was no longer with Ra$hin. I can’t win for losing. Either I am a big star or nothing. I tried to not let it phase me, but it did sometimes.

My PR firm got several emails and calls everyday wanting interviews or statements from me. I still had yet to talk. I really had no desire to. Some people who were opposed to violence against women even went so far as to publicly shame me in the press for refusing to speak out about my ordeal. They were actually making me out to be the bad guy because I did not want to discuss a private and horrific thing that had happened to me. I owed no one anything. If and when I ever decided to speak on it, it would be by own accord and not because anyone bullied me into it.

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Screenshot-180 Charlie didn’t stay too long and once Briah got off work she stopped by the house. Things were going better for me, although my personal life was a bit boring. I had not officially given Lake the boot. We weren’t even in a relationship. Over the last couple of weeks I did manage to avoid him. Every time he called and wanted to hang out I made up some excuse as to why I could not go out with him. At least things were going well with Kennedey and Micah. They haven’t been seeing each other long, but when I made the mistake of calling Micah her boyfriend, Kennedey just about blew a fuse. It was like she felt so uncomfortable with that title or something. Oh well, I could not figure out what her issue was.

There were definite perks of being a supermodel, I had received a formal invitation through my publicist from a new club that was having it’s grand opening here on Isla Paradiso. The name of the club was Tomo. I didn’t know too much about the owners except that they were two brothers who also owned another club in New York and they were pretty well known on the celebrity club scene, even though I had never heard of them.

Screenshot-182 I decided it was time for me to get back in the swing of things. What better way than the most anticipated grand opening of any club in the islands? Once I told Briah about my VIP invitation she got a little too excited. Briah lived for things like this. She managed to sometimes get VIP, but never to a major club like this. She wanted to bring a couple of her friends whom I was not too fond of. I told her they could come, but she needed to get them in check, because I wasn’t going to tolerate no loud mouth girls embarrassing me. I had largely stayed out of the public eye the last few months and everyone would be watching.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Screenshot-441 A few days later I was in the food court at the mall when Taina called me, she said she, Fallion and Aoki were going to be working on a new swimsuit ad for Sand Diamonds and they wanted to kick it. I could wait to see Aoki and Fallion but I was looking forward to seeing Tai. Thankfully, Briah has been here and truthfully, even though we have not seen each other in years, it was as if nothing had changed in our relationship. I really did miss her and I was glad we were growing close again. We were having a lot of fun with each other just like when we were growing up in Miami.

I wondered how my cousin and her friends would mesh with my model friends. Fallion was a bit ghetto and a lot like Briah’s home girls she had out here, which wasn’t a necessarily good thing. I also knew because she was a model, Fallion thought that made her better than the other rats she came across even though she herself was one.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Screenshot-455 The night of the club opening arrived and the car service arrived and took my friends and I to Tomo. I decided to be fashionably late, even still, there was a huge line of people circulating around the block waiting to get it. Thank goodness I was a VIP. Although I told Briah it was cool if she invited her friends Daisha and Yandy, I would not allow them to ride in the limo with us. They would have to get there on their own. “Hello Miss Leeds, I’m Jayson Tuoua, I spoke with your publicist on the phone, I handle communications and marketing for Tomo. Please, right this way,” Jayson Tuoua greeted us at the entrance.

Screenshot-590 The club was really nice, it was ultra decked and pretty swanky, I was impressed. I had not expected to see a club like this on IP. I glanced around a little bit. I felt like Tupac, all eyes on me. Yes, drink it in haters, it’s me again and I’m back.

Screenshot-611 I glanced over and saw a few guys coming in our direction. I almost stopped dead in my tracks when I saw one of them. He was so damn fine. Ohmygoodness. I could immediately feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He had the sexiest walk I had ever seen in my life and swagger for days. “Hi Reagan, I’m Amarre Powers and this is my brother, Jaylen. Welcome to Tomo, thanks for coming,” Amarre Powers greeted me. As the trio approached us I could see Amarre and Jaylen were more than brothers, but twins. Double Trouble. I quickly averted my eyes from Jaylen and back to Amarre.

Screenshot-616 “Hi, how you doin‘? Welcome to Tomo,” said Jaylen. He had a Brooklyn accent. The way he spoke was ultra sexy. My stomach fluttered a bit. I didn’t want him to catch me staring at him. I could tell he wore Zenga, it smelled really good on him. Everything about his face was perfect, his skin a pretty smooth caramel complexion.  I could not find one flaw. Jaylen had sexy close shaven perfectly trimmed beard. Not one of those mountain men beards that covered the face. DamnI snapped myself out of it. I was tongue tied.

“We’ll need bottle service, Dom,” I said to Amarre. Dang, that sounded so snooty, but in that moment I could not think of anything else to say. “Of course,” replied Amarre and instructed Jayson to get everything set up for us. Jayson quickly told one of the servers to make sure our area was ready.


I whipped my head around and turned on my five inch stiletto heels and headed toward the VIP section, escorted by Jayson.


I was hoping like crazy I would not fall over because my knees all of sudden felt so weak, instead I did one of my most fierce runway walks, at least that way I could feel a little confidant. I knew he was watching me. Of all nights, why did I choose to wear these shorts with my booty hanging out? I knew my ass was shaking. All eyes were on us as we made our way through the club. It was good to be back in the game.

Screenshot-461 We all settled into VIP, with a nice spread of champagne and treats before us. I quickly grabbed a glass and started to drink the Dom. The bubbles tickled my nose a little bit, I couldn’t seem to relax fast enough. Part of it was because this was the first time I was in this type of environment since before everything went down with Ra$hin, I typically had stayed out of the limelight these last few months. I just hoped no one else could tell I was a little nervous, excited but still nervous.

Screenshot-464 “It is crackin‘ up in here!” yelled Briah, snapping her fingers. I wasn’t quite for sure, but I thought I saw Taina roll her eyes. “Damn, they got some fine ass freaks up in here!” said Daisha, looking around. “Girl, yes, especially those twins that own the club. Did you see them? Shit, that second one, he could get it,” yelled Yandy, now I rolled my eyes.

Screenshot-468 Screenshot-475 “Well, you’ll have to get in line sweetheart, Jaylen has women all over this country. He is used to females chasing after him, trust,” spoke up Fallion. “Is he spoken for? You know him?” asked Yandy, with an attitude. “We know them from Brooklyn. Taina and I used to go to their club out there. Everyone in the BK knows the Powers. I don’t know if he has a woman right now, but I can tell you he got bitches,” replied Fallion. Yandy sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes.

Screenshot-479 I took another sip of my champagne. “What was the name of their club in New York, Tai?” I asked. “Avenue. It’s a really nice club. A lot of people and celebrities go there, but I haven’t been there in the longest,” she replied. I nodded my head, I was trying to get around to finding the information I really wanted, which was intel on Jaylen Powers. I didn’t want everyone to know I was digging him though. That would give girls ammo to try to make a power play just to get at me, not that they would have a decent chance of out-gaming me.

“Yeah, we used to be up in VIP all the time. I was actually there not too long ago and I saw both Jaylen and Amarre,” added Fallion, giving me a sidelong glance. Always wanting to put her stank two cents in. She was trying to brag now. So what you’ve been to their club before, and?

Screenshot-489You ever hear of that model Yuri Yamaguchi? Well, she is that black and Japanese model from back in the day who did a lot of Calvin Klein commercials. That’s their mother,  she got out the game a long time ago, though,” Taina informed us.

So, their mom used to be a model, interesting. Fallion started going on about how many clubs and parties she would see the Powers at. She was acting like she was staking her claim or something. Please, for as much as she claimed she knew Jaylen, if either Powers brother remembered her, they would’ve said something to her when we first came in; corny.

Screenshot-495 “I think that tall dark chocolate one is cute!” said Aoki, giggling. “Bump that, I want to know who their fine ass friend is, shit!” shouted Briah, referring to the one whose hair was braided. “His name is Apollo. That’s actually their cousin. I remember him from a couple of years ago at Avenue,” answered Fallion. She was acting like she just knew everybody.

Screenshot-678 I raised my head a little and glanced over in the direction of the club I had seen Jaylen sitting in. It looked like another VIP section. He was looking over in my direction; not much of a surprise. We locked eyes again briefly before I quickly turned away.

Screenshot-540 Most of the club was checking my group out, wanting to see what we were up to. I just hoped I did not make a mistake by allowing Briah to bring these ghetto birds with her. They better act right. The men in the club were staring, the females hating which was nothing new.

***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Screenshot-575 After a couple of glasses of champagne I started to relax a bit more. I even danced with Briah when the latest bass pumping twerk song came on. I knew Briah loved to dance to this kind of music because it gave her the right kind of exposure to shake her ass to.

Screenshot-558 Briah was a good dancer like most of the women in my family. When Luda said to drop and split it, and get it get it, we did exactly like that. I was having too much fun with Briah again. I liked to drop it too, but Briah really liked to show out. I knew she was doing a whole lot extra for Jaylen’s cousin Apollo. I could see the way Briah was looking at him all night with determination in her eyes. She could be a little too flirty at times. She had assets and she knew how to use them, so I couldn’t be mad at her.

Screenshot-715 As more of my favorite songs started to play I made my mind forget about the drama that had overcome my life for over a year and I just let the beat carry my body until I was somewhere else. I was all of a sudden back in my bedroom in Miami with the house to myself blasting my music and practicing dancing in the mirror. I came down to reality for a bit, the entire club was watching us, taking pictures and video. I didn’t care though, I was having a good time. For about one hundredth time tonight I casually looked in Jaylen’s direction again. He was standing near the dance floor and looking right at me, this time he didn’t turn away and neither did I.


Jaylen’s POV: Screenshot-673

“Damn them freaks fine as hell!” shouted Apollo, as Reagan Leeds and her friends entered the club. I shook my head and shot him a look. “Dang, chill with that. You wylin’ right now,” I told him. My cousin was my son and all but he could be so hood. Besides, he knew Reagan Leeds was VIP, we didn’t need him to be showing out tonight. 

Apollo laughed. “Damn it ain’t that serious G, I was playin’. I ain’t never seen you go hard over a female, especially one you don’t know,”. I looked around, my boy Jax and other cousin Aubrey were also laughing. I kept it cool. If my friends even smelled blood they would commence to riding my ass. I had heard Reagan Leeds moved out here recently. I have never seen her in person. She was fine as hell. I had dated many females in my day, all across the country matter of fact, some real bangers. Reagan was by far the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. Damn, she was sexy, she knew she was fine too.

Screenshot-587 Amarre and I made our way over to greet her and her friends. We were grateful for all our guests, but we tried to make our VIPs feel extra special. Celebrities always came to our clubs, they were the reason so many other people came and our business was largely successful because of that. My brother Amarre and I were known in New York and on the club scene; we knew a lot of people, but I didn’t feel like a celebrity myself. I never tried to pursue that. It benefited us once we opened our first club back in New York a few years ago. Many people at the time said we would not be able to do it on account of our age, but boy did we prove them wrong.

Every man in the club had their eyes on Reagan and her clique, especially Reagan. I looked around and the men were practically salivating. Amarre and I approached their group. I let him speak first. “Hi Reagan, I’m Amarre Powers and this is my brother Jaylen. Welcome to Tomo. Thanks for coming.”

Reagan wasn’t really looking at me but kept her eyes fixed on Amarre. Those eyes, they could put you in a trance; green like emeralds. I looked at her face and cast my eyes from the top of her head to her feet, drinking it all in. I looked her up and down again. Pretty clear skin, straight white teeth, curves upon curves, nice little booty, shapely thighs, slim waist, pretty face. Ma’ was fine. That red hair was fire.

Screenshot-629 As I was still in a trance, I didn’t see Amarre looking at me. I snapped out of it, I hoped I wasn’t being too obvious. I looked at her in the face again. “Hi, how you doin‘, welcome to Tomo,” I said to Reagan. In that moment I couldn’t really think of anything else to say. I never had problems speaking to women before, but Reagan was no regular woman. I needed to relax, she already had every man in the club wanting to get at her. Reagan locked eyes with me, her face expressionless. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“Hello,” she simply replied and looked back at Amarre. “We’ll need bottle service, Dom,” she demanded. “Of course,” Amarre said and asked Jayson to make sure everything was set up.


Reagan flipped her hair, swung her hip out and walked off toward VIP being escorted by our promoter and public relations manager, Jayson. Damn, her walk was mean.


“Damn, she’s bitchy, but I like that shit,” said Apollo, laughing. I wasn’t expecting her to be super nice or anything. I rarely met a supermodel that I would consider extra friendly. Considering all eyes were on her she probably just wanted to chill out in VIP and not make a lot of small talk. I glanced over watching her walking away with Jayson, her hips swinging.

Screenshot-696 Screenshot-687 Me and my boys pretty much stayed posted up in the second VIP area for the rest of the night, other than attending to club business. My eyes kept drifting to the other side of the club at Reagan and her crew. She was sexy as hell, I wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation around me.


Jayson was trying to tell something about our marketing budget, but I didn’t hear a word he said.

Screenshot-730 Later on watched as Reagan and her friends put on a show for everybody on the dance floor. That’s how those Miami girls get down. She made eye contact with me and I kept my eyes locked on her and that booty, it sure was looking good.

Reagan had the whole club just shook. Ma came up in here and took over. I knew I was going to have a time trying to get this girl off my mind and get some sleep tonight. Yeah, she knew she was fine. But I was going to post up like a player do and play my position and observe from afar. I wasn’t trippin‘, I knew I would see her again.

***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Reagan’s POV Screenshot-405 The following afternoon I picked Briah up and we headed to  the mall. Taina and the girls were heading back to Starlight Shores shortly, so we had said our goodbyes at the club. I actually had a good time last night. There was no major drama, I didn’t have to slap anyone, so yeah that was good for me. I could not however get Jaylen Powers off my mind. I went to bed thinking about him, I dreamt about him, and I woke up thinking about him. I was tripping.

Screenshot-410 Both Briah and I were in need of retail therapy. She kept going on last night about how fine, she thought Jaylen’s cousin was. Maybe she was calling herself giving everyone else notice to step off. I on the other hand didn’t say jack about Jaylen to anyone. Matter of fact, I was quite the whole night about him. If I didn’t know myself better, I would say I even felt a little shy. Briah, however knew me a little too well.

“Bitch, you was super quiet last night! I saw you looking at Jaylen girl, don’t front!” said Briah,  laughing. I could feel my face getting hot, but I couldn’t hide my smile. “What? I wasn’t checking him out all like that, I just thought he was cute, that’s all,” I replied. “Whatever hef. He was fine though. Good genes in they family. I just know his cousin better crack at me the next time I see him. I saw him liking the show. He was just trying to act cool and shit. He had some sexy ass lips, just wanna lick him,” she giggled. “Down girl! You crazy Bri Bri. I’m pretty sure you’ll see him again,” I assured her.

Screenshot-415 “Didn’t you think Apollo was cute?” asked Briah. “Yeah he’s cute, just too thugged out for me,” I replied. I didn’t like a man with hair almost as long as mine or wore a grill. That was not cute. “Girl, I loves me a thug, a ruff neck. They know how to put it down in the bedroom,” said Briah snapping her fingers and moving her hips from side to side. “I guess,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

I didn’t do too much damage to my credit card, but Briah complained how everything was so expensive, which didn’t stop her from buying up the store practically. While I was looking at clothes and make up I was already putting together in my head what outfit I would wear the next time I ran into Jaylen, you’re tripping Reagan. He’s just a man after all.


Jaylen’s POV Screenshot-421 I had such a long night and the last thing I felt like doing was going to work out, but I knew I needed to. Amarre and I headed to the gym to meet up with Apollo, Aubrey, and Jax. Screenshot-422

“What’s good?” I greeted everyone, taking my place at the weights. Aubrey looked over at me.”What up ‘Jay. I should be asking what’s up with you? You managed to crawl out of bed and show your face?” he said laughing. “What are you talking about, I work out more than you son,” I said to him.

“I think he means because you crashed and burned last night,” Apollo answered for him. I shook my head.”How the hell did I crash and burn? Please tell me,” I asked. “Dog, yo’ eyes couldn’t stay off that model chick at all last night. Them eyes was glued to that ass!” Aubrey said. They were both getting on my nerves.

“Yo, kill that noise. I don’t see how that is crashin‘ and burnin‘. Obviously I wasn’t trying to scream at ma‘ because if I was, I would’ve got that jersey, you already know. Don’t even play,” I said. I made a conscious choice to not try to holla at Reagan last night, I was choosing to let it marinate. But since Apollo had been talking out the side of his neck since last night I decided to let him have it too.


“And what about you Apollo? Her cousin was droppin‘ it, shaking it, and bouncin‘ it for the whole club. I could see your tongue waggin‘ yo, and you know you’s a dog and couldn’t get at that!” I said laughing. Apollo rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I was merely enjoying the show. I was getting around to it. Shit, that ass was talking to me, it looked delicious. I just wanted to bury my face in it!” said Apollo making a gesture like he was blowing into an ass. What an image, that booty was looking good though.


“Man, as much as y’all be talking about ass, I am even more convinced now, none of you get as much as you say you do,” Jax piped up. “Oh be quiet, Yale,” Apollo said to Jax referring to him as his Alma Mater. Jax laughed. “Don’t put me in that group Jax. I ain’t no hound dog like them two. I know what I get and I ain’t got to brag about it,” I said. Amarre gave me a sidelong glance.

“What?” I asked even though I knew what that look meant. “I didn’t say anything,” He said. Amarre got on my nerves sometimes with that holier than thou mess, using our “twin sense” on me. I hated when he got in my head and tried to use it against me. He acted like because he was four minutes older that meant four years. Outta here with that.

Screenshot-432 “You already know what I would say Jay, so why you asking?” he said. “No, why not enlighten all of us with your words of wisdom, Sensei?” I sarcastically replied. Amarre looked at me ready for the challenge. “Alright, I don’t know why you try to act all big and bad Jay. You was so stuck on stupid last night, you were pretty useless when it came to club business. That girl got you trippin‘ and you ain’t used to that. Why don’t you quit playin‘ and the next time you see her, just get at her? Why you acting all cool and shit?” Amarre said.

I hated when he was right, he sounded like our mom. I wouldn’t give him the pleasure however. “I ain’t acting like nothing ‘A. I’m just being me, and I am not desperate over no girl, never have been, never will be. No matter who she is,” I replied trying to save face. Amarre smirked and went back to his workout. I admit, Reagan did trip me up, rarely did any woman make me stop in my tracks like her. I didn’t know what I was feeling, I just knew I could not get her out of my head.

***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Reagan’s POV Screenshot-298

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Jaylen Powers and his friends at Area Lounge. I took a deep breath. Dang, he was fine and don’t think he didn’t know it. He had so much swag and sex appeal. I could eat him all up. That’s why I played it cool the first time I had seen him. Every girl in his club had eyes on him and wanted to throw their panties at him, but I have never been that desperate to catch a man before, shoot I didn’t have to. Fallion of course was throwing much shade the other night. Just because they were all from Brooklyn and she had been to his club back in New York, she thought she had one up on me.

Yeah, for Fallion to “know” Jaylen, he certainly didn’t remember her and that tired blonde weave she got on her head. She was corny though. Really, the main reason I dealt with her was because she was Tai’s sister. Fallion was a hater. We could get along sometimes, but for the most part she was always on some hatin‘ shit. I knew before long, I was going to have to roll her up. Such a cock blocker. She was mad because she saw how Jaylen was checking my stee the other night and I was definitely checking his. Screenshot-259

The boy could not take his eyes off of me! He was trying to act cool, but every time I looked over at him (which was a lot) he was looking at me. I laughed in my mind thinking about that. I stood there pretending to answer some text messages when I could sense him making his way over to me. I knew he would eventually, he was the man, therefore he needed to make the first move, according to my father.

Screenshot-217 Screenshot-231

“Hello, Ma’ Do you remember me?” asked Jaylen, as he approached me in his Brooklyn accent. Hell yeah, I remember you, I remember how good that Zenga smelled on you, I remember those big ass sexy lips and how I wished I were them so you could be licking on me.

Screenshot-225 I remember those pretty sexy Asian eyes, those big pretty straight white teeth, the way your body was cut, I remember all that swag you had and I most definitely remember the dreams I have had the last few nights and waking up hot and needing a cold shower. I wasn’t going to tell him that though.

Screenshot-249 I nodded casually. “Yes, is it Amarre or Jaylen?” I asked. He laughed, his pretty eyes doing a little dance. “Awwwhh, you got jokes Ma. Jaylen is a name you’ll never forget, I’ll make sure of that,” he answered me.  “Oh, my bad. I apologize,” I said, with sexy giggle. Jaylen smiled at me. Damn, he smelled good! That was almost enough to make me want to give up the drawsl’. “So, what’s good Ma? It’s nice seeing you again. You’re looking really good. I like that outfit you rockin‘, that’s wavy”, flirted Jaylen.

Screenshot-257 Maybe Jaylen felt the need to act cool upon our first meeting, but he sure was going for the gold now! He looked at me the same way he did that first night we met sending a chill up my back. I had to tell myself to calm down because my stomach was doing flip flops. How could I be tripping this hard over a dude I barely met? “I’m doing well,” I replied, choosing to ignore his compliment.

After doing my research on him, not based on the slanted information I heard from Fallion, I knew Jaylen had broads chasing him all over the country. I wasn’t sure how much or if he was a player, but I knew he wasn’t about to get me so easily. I’m not one of these regular chicks, your everyday basement bargain girls. I’m Reagan Leeds, he was going to have to work for it.


“Cool, cool. Can I buy you a drink?” asked Jaylen, taking a step closer. I looked over his shoulder at his entourage. His brother and the rest of his friends were all looking at us with smirks on their faces. I saw his cousin Apollo, Briah was showing her ass for the other night. He was cute, but too thugged out, but that’s what Briah likes. I found it kind of odd Jaylen and his brother who seemed a lot more clean cut than their cousins would be rolling them. 

“I’m meeting my cousin up here, but yes I could have a quick drink with you,” I replied. This time I really did send a text and told Briah her man was here. I told Jaylen what I wanted. He pulled out his money clip, his Rolex flashing. I wasn’t sure if he was purposely trying to show me he was flossin‘ or what. I mean, I am glad to know he and his brother were successful, but baby I have my own stuff. I did like a man to have his own too, and bring something more to the table than just his appetite. I didn’t want to date a broke dude with nothing, like Lake.

Screenshot-280 I took a sip of my drink, not even remembering what I had ordered. I was still feeling a little nervous with Jaylen standing so close to me. I still couldn’t believe how attracted I was to this man. He definitely owned the room with his commanding presence. I could easily tell that he was the more fun loving one and his brother was a bit more on the laid back side. Jaylen wasn’t the type to take any bullshit from people at least that is what Taina had said. I loved that confidence about him. I really would like to get to know him better. I wished he would just ask me for my phone number already.

Screenshot-245 Jaylen’s phone began to ring but instead of answering it he just silenced it. He smiled at me showing me his perfect teeth again. He then licked his lips. “Is your drink okay?” he asked. Damn, those lips. I was completely mesmerized by them, I wonder what they would feel like on my…I all of a sudden snapped out of my near rated R fantasy to answer him. “Oh, it’s really good, thank you,” I replied. Jaylen finished the last of his drink.

Screenshot-285 I was starting to feel a bit more at ease once the alcohol reached my bloodstream. I took the cherry out the drink and let it dance on the tip of my tongue for a moment. I lowered my face slightly and looked at Jaylen under my eyelashes. “Was your drink sweet enough?” I asked, in a seductive tone.

Screenshot-292Jaylen held my gaze and without blinking, he said, “It’s not usually my drinks I want sweet, but something else I’m accustomed to liking.” His voice was lowered and confident, smooth as melted butter. That was it, shit, just take the panties now, dammit I thought. Check yourself girl. Where the hell was Briah at? It was about one hundred degrees in there all of a sudden. Jaylen just smiled at me as I blushed, I knew my face was about as red as my hair. I cleared my throat, not really sure what to say to that when I heard Briah come up to us.

Screenshot-262 “Hey Rea Rea, what’s up girl,” Briah asked cheesin‘ and looking at both Jaylen and me. “Hey Bri. Not sure if you guys met, but Jaylen this is my cousin Briah, Briah, this is Jaylen,” I said. Jaylen and Briah greeted each other. Briah turned around. I knew she was looking for Jaylen’s cousin Apollo, when she finally spotted him, she tossed her hair back and stuck out her booty a little. Briah turned back around. “So what’s good? I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?” Briah said trying to hide a little giggle. “Nah, of course not Ma. Can I get you something to drink?” Jaylen asked.

Screenshot-270 Briah gave the bartender her order just as Jaylen’s crew came approached us. “Hey what’s goodie?” Apollo asked appearing to ask us both, but clearly focusing on Briah, well her booty at least.

Screenshot-274 Briah spun around, her freshly done Brazilian hair breezing through the air. She pursed her lips. “What’s good with you,” she asked empathizing the word “you”. Apollo’s eyes crinkled a bit and licked his lips, smiling at her. What was it with all the lip licking in their family? “I’m really good, now that I see you here, shorty,” he said. Briah giggled a little, she loved to flirt. “Oh, I see you already got a drink. Why don’t y’all come and chill with us?” He asked.

Screenshot-301 We agreed and went over to where they had been sitting. I sat on the couch next to Jaylen, while Briah set next to Apollo. The VIP section here wasn’t as lavish as Jaylen’s club, but I wasn’t expecting it to. A server came over and Jaylen ordered a round of drinks for the group.

Screenshot-307 I looked over at Briah who seemed to be very wrapped up in Apollo. I knew she was digging him ever since we went to Tomo the other night. “I hope you and all your friends had a good time at the club the other night. Y’all really blew up the spot when you came through,” said Jaylen. “It was our pleasure, we had a good time. The club is beautiful. The design and layout was very nice,” I said. I was feeling a bit giddy and couldn’t think of anything else to say, especially in front of his friends.

Screenshot-311 “Well, you can thank that man over there. He’s the one who designed the club,” Jaylen said pointing toward his friend Jax, the one I noticed Aoki giving the eye to. “Oh, you’re an architect?” I asked him.

Screenshot-319Yes ma’am. Mostly commercial spaces. I’m glad you like the design,” replied Jax. I gulped down the rest of my drink before I took a glass of champagne. I needed to pace myself, I didn’t want to be out here making a fool of myself.

Apollo was whispering something in Briah’s ear that was making her giggle like a schoolgirl. “So what’s up boo? Can I get your jersey?” he asked her. Briah proceeded to tell Apollo her number and told him to call her anytime. Wow, she needed to slow down. I know I was going fast in my head pertaining to Jaylen, but Bri needed to pump her brakes.


“How you liking it out here so far, Reagan?” Amarre asked me. “It’s cool. I really like it. Don’t know where I’m going to permanently settle in just yet, I’m still getting a feel for the island,” I told him. I was feeling a bit more loose and relaxed, slightly intoxicated, but not by the alcohol, but by Jaylen’s cologne. He smelled so good. It was really getting hot in here.


Briah all of a sudden jumped up. “Ohhhh, this is my song! C’mon Rea!” Briah said excitedly as Steelo by 702 started to pump through the speakers. Someone from the club moved the table as Briah pulled me up and we started dancing together, just like the old days. I put a little extra swing in my hips. I knew how to pop it, lock it, and drop it, shoot I’m from Miami, but Briah could do things with her booty and her body like no one else.


She was a bit more tame than she was the other night, but seeing her dance was still like watching sex on the dance floor. Briah and I sang along to the music, just clowning like we have always done:


I’m gonna keep it real, How you make me feel, Boy you give me chills, baby.

I‘m gonna break it down, You just drive me wild, Whenever you’re around.

You know how I do, And you know how I flow, Can I get your name and number, Cuz I like your steelo.

And I dig the way you move, And the way you do your thing,

Baby you can bring it on, You can swing it this way.

Boy it’s something about you, That make me tell my friends,

But they don’t understand, no, no. They don’t know your style,

With your high profile, The flyest thing in town.

You stay on my mind Think about you all the time

Got to get to know you well If you kiss then I won’t tell *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


By the time the song had ended, I was really feeling myself. I liked the feeling like I was putting on a little show, even more so than at Tomo’s, because now it was up, close and personal. Briah and are were laughing so hard by the end of song, I wasn’t quite prepared when Jaylen came up behind me and started dancing with me.

He was a really good dancer. But did he have to pick Watch N’ Learn by Rihanna to start dancing with me? That song always got me thinking about some thangs. The place was starting to get crowded, but as much as Tomo, but people were filing in. I didn’t notice it as I danced with Jaylen. I could only think about the way his body moved, how close he was to me and how much I wanted to feel his rock hard body pressed up against mine. I felt a tingling sensation going through my body. He wasn’t even grinding on me, which is a good thing under normal circumstances when I barely knew a man. If he did start to, I wouldn’t be mad at him at all.


I then turned my back to him because looking into his eyes was getting too intense for me. I noticed that Apollo had started dancing with Briah, if you could call what they were doing dancing, more like simulated sex. Briah bent over, sticking her booty right into Apollo’s crotch area. Too hot to handle for me. I couldn’t do it, because I knew if I did, then it would be a wrap. We danced for a couple of more songs. I couldn’t do too much more, I felt like I was on cloud nine and needed to plant my feet back on the ground.


Jaylen smiled at me. “You’re a good dancer Ma. I already knew from watching you at Tomo, though,” he said. I giggled a little. “Thank you, I appreciate that. You’re not so bad yourself,” I told him. There he goes, licking those lips again. I knew I would seem like a lame because I was ready to leave. Not that I wasn’t having a good time. I was having a great time, especially with Jaylen. Too good of a time matter of fact which is why I knew I needed to get my ass home and readjust. I wasn’t used to feeling this way. I felt like I was going 150 MPH and I could not stop, Briah on the other hand was going about 300 and only wanted to go faster.


I went to check my phone. “I should probably get out of here. I have a million things I need to do tomorrow,” I said. “Awwwhh, for real? You sure you gotta leave baby girl?” Jaylen asked me. I nodded my head. “Yes, I have an early conference call in the morning,” I told him. We both looked over at Briah and Apollo. Briah and Apollo were standing very close to one another talking, Briah sure in his face skinnin‘ and grinnin‘ I didn’t know where the rest of the guys went to. I didn’t even know they had left our area.

“I need to get my cousin. Since we, you know met up here together, we should probably both leave together,” I said to Jaylen. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to pull Briah away from Apollo. She also didn’t look like she was up to the task of driving, I would have to drive her home or have her stay at my house.


“Well before you leave Ma, would it be okay if I called you sometime?” Jaylen asked me. It was about time, I thought to myself. I looked up at him and ran my fingers through my hair. He pulled out his phone. “Are you ready?” I asked.

22 thoughts on “Steelo Part 1

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  2. I love this chapter! The chemistry between Reagan and Jaylen is on fire. Can’t wait for the next update! You’re a great writer and I hope you continue. =)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay now this is my favorite chapter so far. Lol, I know I keep saying that. You already know how excited I was about this chapter. I’m so glad that Jaylen finally made his debut. I love everything about him, his look, his dialogue, even his confidence. There’s no wonder that Reagan is crushing on him.

    But before I get into that, let me start at the beginning. I love how you decorated the salon. It’s nice that Reagan wants to help her sister out. I like the way they’re getting along now. That hairdresser in the third picture was looking like a serious hater. It’s sad that Reagan has to put up with that, but at least she’s proving them all wrong. Everybody thought her career was over, but it seems like it’s taking off.

    I know Reagan doesn’t want to do any interviews about what happened with Ra$hin, but I think it would be cathartic for her. Yes, maybe people are just being nosy. But I think it could also help people who’ve been in situations like her.

    When Reagan invited Taina and the girls to club Tomo, I honestly wasn’t sure how the night would turn out. But only because of Fallion, she doesn’t seem to like Reagan all that much. Reagan and Briah do have different social circles. I hadn’t realize that until you brought them all together. Briah was hilarious! She’s such a fun character. The club pictures turned out amazing, I love the outfits you chose. The girls looked so fierce.

    I’m so glad that Jaylen and Reagan finally met. Her dialogue was so fun to read. I love how she was trying so hard to hide her emotions. Her first meeting with Ra$hin, and then with Jaylen was so different. I think with Ra$hin, she had more control over her emotions. She was more sure of herself, and wasn’t crushing on him like she was with Jaylen.

    I loved reading Jaylen’s POV. What kind of accent does he have? For some reason I was thinking of a more southern accent, or did you just mean the accent people have in the fictional town of Isla Paradiso? He has such a smooth dialogue. He’s very sure of himself, but at the same time he’s not egotistical. I love how he held back and let his twin talk first. I see a lot of good things in Jaylen. It’s obvious that he respects women. He doesn’t see Reagan as some kind of object or celebrity. He’s my favorite male character at this point, but that’s probably because of all the preview pics I’ve seen on tumblr, and what you already told me about him. It’s great seeing him come alive in the story. That scene where he was watching Reagan from the V.I.P lounge was so intense. He’s trying to hide his emotions like Reagan. It’s good that he took his time and didn’t rush right to her. I think Reagan needs a guy that’s different from all the others.

    I also love Apollo’s introduction. Those braids look great on him. He’s kind of thugged out, but I’m hoping he’ll be a good guy for Briah. Jaylen seems like a good influence on him. Apollo reminds me of Briah in some ways, they both are funny and loveable. Him and Briah seem like they would be a good match, but they were moving so fast. If they do end up, I wonder if that would be an issue in the relationship. But I have high hopes for them.

    The second meeting between Reagan and Jaylen went so well. Reagan’s dad was right, the man should make the first move. Reagan was smart to do that. If Jaylen had a lot of women in the past, then she needs to show that she’s not going to chase him like all the others. It was cute seeing them flirt. They look so great together.

    I had a great time reading this chapter, and I can’t wait for part 2! : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I didn’t decorate that salon too much other than putting up the natural hair pictures and adding a few other items (it was designed by simsxolove). I will probably redecorate it a bit more later. 🙂

      I like that Reagan and Kennedey are getting along better too. They still butt heads, which are common among sisters. Reagan had success before being in commercials and on US Vogue and other covers, now she will see more of that. You will see her getting back to work eventually. I have also planned for her to do an interview with a major network in the future, right now she is not so comfortable with talking about the whole ordeal.

      I didn’t know how the night at Tomo would end either, I just didn’t want it to be any ghetto hood mess during her first encounter with Jaylen. Reagan is very concerned about her image and she was taking a chance by allowing Briah’s somewhat loud and rowdy friends to come along. Yes, their circles are very different. Briah and Reagan have ways alike, but Briah is much louder than Reagan, she is a fun character, I like to play with her and write for her. Glad you liked the club pictures, it took forever to do! LOL. From redecorating the club a bit, adding the second VIP where Jaylen was, to dressing each and every Sim there, this was my longest chapter to take pictures of. I wanted everyone, especially Reagan to look fierce. Reagan of course needed to stand out. This was the first time she was back in the limelight on a stage like this. I wanted Jaylen to look handsome, somewhat dressy but still cool and urban.

      I liked writing her inner dialogue about her observations on Jaylen. Jay and his brother Amarre’s looks are based on a couple of real guys I knew so I definitely know how she felt upon seeing him for the first time and loving the way he looked. Reagan is in a different place than when she first met Ra$hin. She may be a big star now, but her confidence and self esteem has taken some hits over the past year. She also has never had this kind of reaction before to any man. It hit her like a thunderbolt, Reagan could not believe how turned on she was with Jaylen and him as well.

      Jaylen and his brother are from Brooklyn, so they have a Brooklyn or New Yorker accent. I really loved doing his POV. Some of his thoughts and dialogue was so funny, I head to brush up on my NYC slang to write for him. His lip licking I thought was hilarious too and that is inspired by LL Cool J, if you ever have seen him lick his lips when he talks (which is a lot) it is quite sexy! Jay is very confident. I had to find that right balance between confidence and not being egotistical, there is a fine line. Yes, he knows that he wants and he is used to girls chasing him, but Reagan tripped him up and had him feeling outside of himself as well. Jaylen does respect women, much of which comes from his respect of his mother Yuri, whom you will see in the future. I kinda envision Yuri as sort of a younger Claire Huxtable, so classy and can read you!

      Jaylen is most definitely my favorite and main male Sim. I have repped him for months on Tumblr and other forums so it was nice to finally introduce him to the world with his own voice. I liked that scene when he was watching Reagan as well, it was intense I wanted it to be, I wanted to convey how he was feeling and thinking about her, not paying much attention to anything else while she was also watching him. I know the feeling of watching and being watched by someone from across the room, it’s as if you are the only two people there and it can be very intense.

      Apollo has some flaws, but I think overall he is a good dude deep down. Jay of course was there to check him when he was talking about Reagan. I love Apollo and Briah together as a couple, who knows what will happen in their future.

      Jaylen really got his mack on the second time he saw Reagan, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity twice. The flirting between them and their chemistry was so good, I could feel it as I wrote probably because they have so much chemistry and get along together in my game. They love being together, flirting and kissing so it was natural. I don’t even have to make them do it, they will do it on their own. Ray is a bit old fashioned, but I think he is right in this instance. Maybe there are ways you can let a man know you are interested, but Reagan will not chase any man.

      Glad you liked this chapter. I really wanted it to be great since it was Jaylen’s intro into the story and it took me forever to do, but it was all worth it in the end. I’m a bit burnt out because of this chapter plus I have been updating like crazy. I hope to get part 2 posted ASAP. Thanks again for your comments! 🙂


  4. Sorry, I just have one more wcif. Where did you get those transparent curtains in Jaylen’s V.I.P lounge? I was reading this chapter a second time, and I noticed how nice they looked.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m kinda mad at Reagan for doing Lake like that. He is a sweet guy, so what if he’s not rich? Smh. She’ll learn it’s not all about money one day. Actually, she should have learned with Ra$hin. But maybe the chemistry wasn’t there, or she cared too much about what people were saying. I go back and forth with Reagan. I like her, I don’t lol. Kennedy’s hair is different, did she go along with it for Micah? I really hope she lets go of her issues with men. She needs to let herself be happy. They were really getting down at the club. Who was the blonde girl, she was doing headstands and everything lol! I’m glad Reagan and Jaylen put their ego’s aside though. If they like each other they shouldn’t be acting like school kids trying to hide it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Reagan is still Reagan, despite what she has gone through. Very few times in life do a single major life event totally change who we are, or what we believe. Reagan has grown a lot from her experiences, but her quest to have someone to “match” her has always been partly her wanting to run away from her past, growing up with nothing and the damage a neglectful mother had on her. Lake is okay, but he is not all peaches and cream and there were things about him Reagan did not like, such as wanting his wife to be at home with the children, you will see him again in a future chapter. If she was bored, she was just bored, that was how they were when they dated briefly in my game months ago, I thought he was a bit boring for Reagan myself, 🙂 She also did care what people were saying, she is still very much wrapped up in her image. Reagan will learn in time what really is important, she got a taste of that when that happened with Ra$hin and most importantly, when her father had a heart attack.

      Reagan encouraged Kennedey to get a new hairdo, she would never change her hair strictly for a man. Kennedey’s issues, like she stated in Chapter 17, is that she is afraid of love, Kennedey fears being hurt and sort of losing herself if she were to get into a relationship. The blonde girl was Daisha, she is Briah’s friend, and she was sitting in VIP with them.

      Reagan is such a big star, part of the reason she hid her initial attraction for Jaylen, is that she knew all eyes were on her, plus he really tripped her up when she first saw him, Reagan wasn’t used to having an attraction so strong like that before. I don’t think it’s necessarily their egos that were in the way, I personally find it more appealing when a man can hold back from jumping on me like other men, especially if I know there is a good chance I will see that guy again, if he can wait, so can I. Reagan also would not make the first move, based off of what her father has always told her. Jaylen was shocked at how attracted to Reagan, he was at first too. I think he knew most of the men in the club were already hounding her and as a club owner, he needed to show a level of professionalism and not make a play for her so soon. He did get his mack on the very next time he saw her though, and there was no denying their attraction for one another.


  6. Aww Reagan seems to be experiencing the love at first sight phenomenon, LOL. I’m glad she’s going out with her friends again and pulling herself back together. Her self esteem might have taken a blow, but she is doing very well despite that. Kennedey’s hair looks good, :D. It fits her really well, and is way more stylish than what she had before. Hmm… I wouldn’t listen to Fallion either about Jaylen. Hopefully he’s a nice guy, it looks like Reagan is getting ready to find out more about him. 🙂


    • Yes, Reagan was definitely hit by the thunderbolt. LOL. Reagan is finding herself again, this so far has been my favorite chapter. You’ll see a lot more of Jay from now until the end of the story, he is my.main male Sim. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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