The After Party



***Author’s note, some of the songs quoted at Jaylen’s bachelor party may be offensive to some people.

***Contains strong language and adult situations

*** I wanted the bachelor party to be realistic and the songs are reflective of what’s played in some strip clubs. I attempted to remove some of the most offensive lyrics in my opinion. Of course nudity is also apart of the strip club, but since I choose not to include full on nudity in my story, I was able to get around this by having Reagan oppose Jaylen for having it at his party.



Jaylen’s POV


In just a week, Reagan and I will be married. I never knew so many details go into planning a wedding. Thankfully, this will be my one and only wedding. We came up to New York from Miami where we’ve been staying. Since Ma chose the wedding location, I chose where we would have our bachelor and bachelorette parties. Reagan needed last minute alterations to her dress, which I was paying for. I couldn’t understand how a dress could cost over thirty thousand dollars. It was like whatever, I wanted my baby to have whatever she wanted and she refused to tell me anything about the dress.

I didn’t know what  my brother and cousins had in store for my party, but I was pumped for it. Kennedey was staying with us, so we decided to order in. Reagan and I each had limo service, we felt that was the most responsible way of getting around tonight. We would be picked up separately by some of our family and taken to our separate parties.



I got out the shower and came into the bedroom. I looked Reagan up and down, surprised by what she was wearing. “You wearing that?” I asked. Her outfit looked like it belonged it the bedroom, it was sexy, but still. “Yes, what’s wrong with it?” asked Reagan. “I mean nothing, if you were wearing it only for me, Ma,” I replied. Reagan rolled her eyes. “I guess you forgot what I was wearing the night I met you, huh? You didn’t seem to have a problem with that outfit,” she said. I thought back to the grand opening of Tomo. Reagan was looking sexy as hell, her fit was provocative, but that was before she was about to become my wife.

“I remember what you had on. I remember everything about that ass and them legs, trust. I ain’t trying to tell you what to wear, I’m just giving you my opinion,” I said. Reagan sucked her teeth. “Whatever, Jay. This is what I’m wearing. I’ll have on way more clothes than those little booty clappers at your party, trust,” she said. Fine, it wasn’t worth fighting her on it. Reagan’s stubborn and when she had her mind set on something, it was very hard to change it.

“Be home by four, I’ll be back before then. None of them heffas better be naked,” Reagan ordered before kissing me goodbye, and headed out with Kennedey once Briah and the limo arrived. I thought it was funny, Ma was already giving me orders and we weren’t even married yet. It wasn’t long until Amarre and Apollo swung by to scoop me up. I was excited to get the party started.


Screenshot-29 (3)-vert

Amarre and our cousins rented out The Candy Bar, one of the most popular strip clubs in New York. It was cool seeing my cousins Marlon and Jih come through. Jayson and his brother Marcus were also there as well as some of my boys from high school and a couple others who now lived out of state. I’ve been here a few times in the past, but not recently. I was glad to see the dancers were fully dressed, well if you can call what they had on “fully” dressed. The last thing I needed was Reagan getting on my case.

“Jaylen, congratulations. Thanks for having your party here. If there’s anything you need, please let me know. We got you set up in the main VIP and bottle service all night,” Big Tommy, the owner said coming out to greet me. I knew Tommy from around the club circuit, although his establishment was very different from ours. He had a reason to be extra happy, I didn’t know how much, but I know Amarre ‘nem gave up some serious paper to rent the club exclusively for us.

Screenshot-81 (3)

“Yo, what’s up Jay,?” Jih greeted me. Jih was my mother’s cousin’s son. His parents moved back to Japan but he was born and raised on the Upper East side of Manhattan. “Eh, son, chillin, chillin,” I said, giving him dap.”I can’t believe Jay bout to get the old ball and chain, yo!” shouted Marlon, my father’s nephew. “Yeah, but I couldn’t be happier,” I said. “Well, I see why you happy, son. Shit, you’re marrying Reagan muthafuckin‘ Leeds!” yelled Marlon. I laughed thinking Apollo wasn’t my only loud cousin. I said what’s up to the rest of fellas, happy each one of them came out tonight.


Screenshot-95 (3)

Everyone was staring at all the ass walking around. The main dancer, Candy came up to me. “So, I hear you’re the groom to be?” she asked. I nodded my head. “Yep, that’s me,” I replied. “Oh, that makes my night even better. I’m Candy, and don’t worry baby, we’re going to show you the time of your life,” Candy practically purred. I was glad Reagan was okay with this and trusted me. Thankfully all my wild party boy days were behind me.

The Candy Bar had kind of a dark and sexy vibe to it. Anyone could post up in here and not be noticed if they wanted to. Big Tommy made sure the club’s top bangers performed first for us. These were the chicks that made the most coins. I’ve seen what one or two of them could do in the past and they earned ever dolla that was rainin‘.


“We gon’ make it rain up in this bitch!” Apollo yelled out. I was ready to have a good time, but the fellas were way more pumped than me. Back in the day, I got buck ass wild in the strip club, poppin bandz and gettin‘ fucked up. We had racks and were ready to start tossing that shit. ‘Turn Down For What’ blasted out the speakers and the girls took the stage. Twerking, booties shaking and clapping, and, poppin, they were putting in work.


All I could hear around me was “Bounce that!” and “Make it clap!”. “Pop that shit! Damn they got fat asses!” Aubrey yelled, salivating at the mouth. Aubrey was hood to the core.  It was rainin‘ in the club, everybody was poppinbandz along with Juicy J. The more the girls bounced it to the song, the more bandz we popped. The energy up in here was crazy:

‘Bands a make her dance
Bands a make her dance
All these chicks popping
I’m just popping bands
Bands a make her dance
Bands a make her dance…

Racks everywhere, they’re showing racks
I’m throwing racks
Bands a make her dance
Bands a make her dance…”

Out the corner of my eye, I saw a throne being brought out. I was led onstage by some of the dancers. I was seated on the throne. The girls entertained for a little while, all treating me like I was the king. I was laughing the whole time, to say I wasn’t entertained would be a lie. It was all in good fun, I ain’t trippin‘. I knew Ma would see the pictures from the party, as long as I didn’t touch anyone and no one was naked, she was cool with that. I didn’t even have a desire to.




While we waited for my so called private dance, a few of the guys chopped it up with the girls. About twenty minutes later, the club announced Candy coming to the stage. I went up there and sat down. “Yeah Jay!” some of the fellas called out to me, watching from the floor. The DJ slowed it down a bit, playing ‘Pour It Up’ for Candy’s performance. 




 It was getting loud and crazy in the club.  I was enjoying myself and everyone else seemed to be doing the same.  Some of the strippers performed a few table dances. Before I went over to watch, I grabbed a drink from the bar. The girls were working hard and everyone tipped them well for it.


All  the girls had talent, that was for sure. I think Marcus and Aubrey were about to lose their minds.

(Music playing)

‘Money-money on the floor, lighters-lighters on the dresser
Drop-drop my top, no one can do it better

Look, she call me Big Baby, I got my Gucci’s on
Black on black, head to toe, smelling like Prada cologne
Feeling like big pimping, inhale, exhale

Now she’s dancing on the table, skirt done went up to her navel
Dudes throwing money at her, shit, I can’t be mad at her…’


Screenshot-152 (2)-vert

The crew headed over to VIP. The strippers stayed entertaining and dancing for us. Everyone was wylin‘ and drinking, nothing too crazy, although I did notice Aubrey and that dancer, Cinnamon disappeared for a while. I wasn’t surprised, they’ve been drinking like fish all night. Mainly Aubrey and Marcus were grinding on the girls and slappin‘ them on their booties. Typically, patrons weren’t allowed to touch the dancers, but Tommy nor the girls seemed to mind.

(Music Playing)

‘Let’s play big bank take little bank
You are looking at a shark in a fish tank
When I’m in the kitchen, I make plenty cash…

Yeah, I luv dem strippers

In my foreign car, got the trunk by the engine
So when I back back, I’m fronting on you…’


Candy, Delicious, and a few of the other dancers entered VIP. Since I was the one getting married, the dancers were giving me special attention. All the girls here were bangers, they earned their money, but Reagan was the only woman I wanted and needed. In private, Ma gave me lap dances from time to time. Since she was a Miami girl, she specialized in twerking. That wasn’t anything new, my Dad said girls were twerking over twenty years ago.

I need shit like this everyday!” Apollo yelled. Maybe in his fantasy land Apollo would like that, but I knew his ass wasn’t trying to crack at anyone else, Briah got him sprung off that good-good.  Apollo loved Briah’s dirty draws’. “Enjoy it, Jay, cause this the last time you gon‘ rock like this as a single man. Plus, it cost a lot of money to rent out this bitch,” said Amarre. “I’m having a good time, A. I appreciate y’all hookin‘ this up for me,” I said. Amarre and I were good and I knew we would be. We’ve both chosen to stay off the topics of our women.


As the night wore on, more bottles were popped, Ciroc and Patron shots were shot, and just about any liquor you could think of. I had a nice little buzz going on, but I wasn’t drunk. I paced myself throughout the night, some of my boys were fucked up though. Bottle service was coming damn near every twenty minutes, food was being sent over. The club was doing a good job making sure we had a good time. Anywhere I go, I always leave a big tip, especially if the service was good. The service here was beyond good. When I tip out the staff, I would make sure I leave a phat ass amount. I knew how hard my employees at both my clubs worked and sometimes people wanted to act like cheap ass punks and not tip.


Sure, there was a lot of ass shaking going around, but truthfully, Reagan’s ass was the only one I needed to see for the rest of my life. I may only have eyes for my beautiful fiance, but shit, I’m not blind. Reagan was probably enjoying those male dancers at her party too, just as long as she wasn’t enjoying them too much. If I was back in my party boy days, I ‘d most definitely be turnt up.. The girls looked good and this was a cool as way for me to rock my last major party as a single man.


Screenshot-253 (3)-vert

“Shit, Jay, Reagan the last piece of ass, you’ll ever get, G,” said Aubrey taking a break from his grabbing activities. “She’s the one,” I said, after reading Reagan’s text message. “Shit, for Reagan to get you settled down, her shit must be encrusted with diamonds, dog,” Aubrey mused. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, I’ve had my lion’s share of women, none of them got anything on Ma,” I told him. “I’ll be a player til I die. You go have fun with that Ward and June Cleaver shit,” said Aubrey. “You never know, if you met a woman who’s half as good as Reagan, you’ll want to turn in your player card, trust,” I said. Aubrey looked skeptical and I knew he thought what I said was bull.

“Damn, that girl, Candy is fine as hell. She the main reason muthafuckas come up in here,” Aubrey mused. I shook my head, I know he got it crackin’ with one of the other dancers and he wasn’t wasting anytime on his next conquest. “But you know who I really want to get at though, Jay she bout to become your family,” said Aubrey. I knew he was referring to Jade, because I saw his eyes glued to her ass that night at Tomo. “I know it’s hard for you to keep it in your pants, A, but leave that girl alone. I really don’t want any bullshit poppin off with you and my soon to be in laws, yo,” I said. “Man, whatever,” was all he said. I couldn’t worry about Aubrey though, there were more important matters I needed to handle.



I knew Reagan would be up waiting for me and I was glad I made it home before four. I didn’t want her whining. I had a good time tonight, but I was happy being with my baby again.”Hey baby, did you have a good time?” I asked, as I walked into the living room. I sat behind Reagan on couch, putting my arms around her. She smelled so good. “Yeah, it was cool. Everyone had fun,” replied Reagan. “How much fun?” I asked. I wanted her to have a good time, but not that good. “Enough fun,” she replied, giggling. “Oh okay, did them dudes look like apple fritters?” I asked her. Reagan started to laugh.”Well, a couple of them did, but they were cool, very polite,” she replied.

“What about you? I know y’all liked them clappers. What were their names? I know they had typical black stripper names,” said Reagan. “Black stripper names?” I repeated, laughing. “Yeah, like Delicious and Diamond or Chyna. You know they always got those names,” she said. “Yeah, those were some of their names,” I said. “I knew it. Who was the main one? You might as well give up the deets, your bonehead cousins are going to post pics on Instagram,” said Reagan. “Candy was the main dancer,” I told her. “Typical. Did she give you a little private dance? She better have not been touching you nor you doing the same,” said Reagan, rolling her neck.

“I mean, it wasn’t totally private. I was brought up to the stage a couple of times, but my boys and everyone else were watching, and no there wasn’t any touching, at least not from me,” I assured her. “What do you mean?” she asked. I began to tell her how some of the fellas were acting. Not everything, cause I didn’t want her to be totally disgusted. I did mention what I suspected about Aubrey’s activities. I knew I was on my best behavior all night. Like I said before, I had no desire for any other woman.  It was starting to get light outside. Reagan and I headed back to the bedroom to get a little bit of sleep, we were due back in Miami this evening. I had fun tonight, but being with my boo, was better than anything else.


Reagan’s POV



The night of my bachelorette party had arrived. I was trying to help Kennedey get dressed and she was giving me hell about the clothes I picked out for her. “These clothes are nice and all,  Reagan, but you know how I feel about wearing expensive designer crap. I’m not a sell out,” she complained. I rolled my eyes. “Kennedey, you are not selling out, dang. You didn’t buy the clothes,  I  did. Also, just because someone makes a high end designer purchase, does not mean they’re a sellout. Quit trippin,” I said, frustrated. “Still, you know this isn’t really my style,” said Kennedey. She was right, these clothes weren’t her typical style, but Kennedey barely had anything dressy. I let her borrow some of my clothes for the engagement party as well. I must say, she has been dressing up more and wearing more “girly” stuff, but not like me. I think she’s mostly dressed up for all the events I’ve dragged her to over the last few months.

“Ken, you know you don’t have any club clothes in your closet. Aside from you booty being bigger than mine and her legs thicker, we’re the same size. You can fit this, and you look good in it. As the sister of the bride, you gotta represent. You look good , stop trippin‘. Now quit your complaining so I can finish getting ready myself,” I said and walked out the room.


I only decided yesterday what I wanted to wear. It was a one legged outfit I recently bought down in Miami. Jaylen got out the shower and looked me up and down. “You wearing that?” he asked. Ugh, he’s trippin. “Yes, what’s wrong with it?” I asked, maybe the fact that one of my booty cheeks was hanging out. “I mean nothing, if you were wearing it only for me, Ma,” replied Jaylen. I rolled my eyes. “I guess you forgot what I was wearing the night I met you, huh? You didn’t seem to have a problem with that outfit,” I shot back at him. I was showing just about the same amount of booty that night and my outfit was more provocative than this one. Jaylen licked his lips. “I remember what you had on. I remember everything about that ass and them legs, trust. I ain’t trying to tell you what to wear, I’m just giving you my opinion,” he said. I sucked my teeth. “Whatever, Jay. This is what I’m wearing. I’ll have on way more clothes than those little booty clappers at your party, trust,” I said, rolling my neck.


Briah and the girls arrived with the limo to pick us up. “Be home by four, I’ll be back before then. None of them heffas better be naked,” I told him. Jay kinda shook his head in amusement. I kissed him goodbye and Kennedey and I made our way downstairs.



Over the last few weeks, Jay, Bailey and I have been back and forth to Miami working on preparations so it was nice to have a night to relax and enjoy myself. Our group met up at Big Shots in Uptown. The rest of the party, Cassie, Jasmine, Taylor, and Aoki were already there. We rented the entire VIP section for ourselves. The manager, Dave Charles greeted our party at the VIP entrance.
“Miss. Leeds, we’re so please you chose to have your bachelorette party at Big Shots. We’ve arranged everything in the VIP room for you and your guests, please let me know if there is anything you need and I will handle it personally,” said Dave. “The beautiful Reagan Leeds, bride to be. I’m Officer Goodbody, this is Mr. Big, and Dr. Chocolate. We hope you and the rest of the ladies are up for a night of fun. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you a good time,” said Officer Goodbody. I laughed to myself as I saw Briah and the girls getting pumped.

Dave escorted us to the top floor where there was an array of food and drinks laid out for us. The room also had a view of the East River and Brooklyn. Briah was very excited about the party, mainly because she put it together along with Jade and Shaina’s help, as much as they could from Miami. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about male strippers. I did like that Channing Tatum movie, however. To me, a fun night would be going out to dinner, hitting the club, having a few drinks, and just partying with my girls. I knew this was expected of a bachelorette party.


“Hey! We’s bout to  trill in this bitch!” yelled Briah. She and Tai only spoke to each other when necessary since that night at Tomo. They squashed their beef for now, cause those heffas knew I was serious about dropping both of them if they didn’t get it together. “Damn, this shit is nice up in here!” yelled Jade. I knew some of my friends thought my cousins were loud and ghetto and my cousins thought some of my friends were bougie and phony. Nonetheless, everyone was going to have to get along.

I was told the entertainment was soon start. I figured I’d better start drinking now to loosen up and amp my mood up. Not that I was having a bad time, I was happy to be with my girls. I just wanted to feel more excited for the dancers like my cousins and friends were. Kennedey, I knew couldn’t care less about all of this either. She was a good sport about it. I wondered what Jay was doing right now, I didn’t want to think about it too much. He probably just arrived at at The Candy Bar which was in the meatpacking district. Briah told me that the dudes were bringing racks and stacks, while I totally expected that, I didn’t want Jay wasting a lot of money. I trusted him and I knew he would act right and wouldn’t lay a hand on any of those strippers. I couldn’t say the same for some of the other guys at his party, especially Aubrey’s hoe ass. Either way, I wanted Jay to enjoy himself, but not have too much of a good time, if you know what I’m saying.



A short while later, in walked the three studly horses we met downstairs,  dressed as a firefighter, police officer, and doctor. While all of them were cute, Mr. Big and Officer Goodbody both were too damn big and muscular. I didn’t like a man walking around looking like an apple fritter. Bulges and bulges of muscles, wasn’t my thing. Jaylen had the perfect body type for me. Not too buff,  just big enough. His cuts and six pack were well defined. I loved Jay’s Ken doll cuts, next to his face and neck, they were my favorite part on his body.


‘Pony’ by Ginuwine pumped through the sound system. I wasn’t surprised, being that it seemed like the anthem for male strippers. Female strippers had much better songs to dance to in my opinion and more variety. Officer Goodbody, Mr. Big, and Dr. Chocolate gave us a little show in their uniforms before making their way up to the stage, making a dramatic showing of ripping off their costumes, revealing well oiled body parts. They danced around, grinding, and flexing their muscles, so we could see what limber acrobats they were.

“Yeah boy, shake it all!” Jade and Shaina screamed. All the girls were hoopin and hollering and once the alcohol hit my bloodstream, I was in party mode. I wasn’t as extreme as my cousins. Kennedey looked like she was having a nice time, just chilling, at least she didn’t look straight up bored. The alcohol and stacks continued to flow as the music changed. Thank goodness they weren’t playing ‘It’s Raining Men’.


Officer Goodbody took me by the hand and sat me in the middle of the floor, I guess it was time for me to get my strip tease. The music slowed down as ‘Motivation’ started to play.



Officer Goodbody and the other dancers did their best to freak me, slowing down their moves. Gyrating and freaking the floor, they were entertaining to watch. I’m glad none of them tried to wave their junk in my face, I didn’t go for that kind of shit. It took a lot for me to feel shy or blush. The last I felt like that was the night at Area when Jay approached me at the bar, spittin‘ game. The dancers were very good and did their best to show me a good time. This wasn’t my first striptease, it was fun, I just didn’t go crazy over strippers.


It was a good feeling the De-Sai women together, as a collective, we were pretty much unstoppable. Even Kennedey was having a good time. “Shoot, when I get married, I need to have my party here!” shouted Briah, over the music. “Girl, you already know, these dudes is fine as hell. Shit, I need to pack the doctor in my suitcase and take his ass back to Miami with me,” said Jade. I laughed shaking my head.



The night wore on and Mr. Big, Officer Goodbody, and Dr. Chocolate performed everything from Toss It Up to Freek’n You. Everyone started dancing to Hot Boyz, the guys were cool because they seemed pretty laid back and they just wanted to have fun. At least they weren’t those slime ball kind of strippers.


The time on my phone said it was about a quarter after three. I was tired and ready to go home. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time and it was cool hanging out with my girls, but now I was ready to get in the bed and go to sleep. I sent Jay a text letting him know Kennedey and I were headed back home. He must be having a good time because he didn’t respond until twenty minutes later. Just as long as he made it in by four, I was cool.




Once Kennedey and I made it back, she went straight to bed. I relaxed on the couch for a moment, the next thing I knew, Jay walked through the door. Good, it was only five til four. “Hey baby, did you have a good time?” he asked, sitting behind me as he wrapped his arms around me. “Yeah, it was cool. Everyone had fun,” I replied. “How much fun?” asked Jaylen. “Enough fun,” I giggled. “Oh, okay, did them dudes look like apple fritters?” asked Jaylen. I laughed out loud. “Well, a couple of them did, but they were cool, very polite,” I replied.

“What about you? I know y’all liked them clappers. What were their names? I know I had typical black stripper names,” I said. “Black stripper names?” said Jaylen, laughing. “Yeah, like Delicious and Diamond or Chyna. You know they always got those names,” I said. “Yeah, those were some of their names,” said Jaylen. “I knew it. Who was the main one? You might as well give up the deets, your bonehead cousins are going to post pics on Instagram,” I said. “Candy was the main dancer,” replied Jaylen. I rolled my eyes.

“Typical. Did she give you a little private dance? She better have not been touching you nor you doing the same,” I said. “I mean, it wasn’t totally private. I was brought up to the stage a couple of times, but my boys and everyone else were watching, and no there wasn’t any touching, at least not from me,” said Jaylen. “What do you mean?” I asked. Jaylen began to tell me how some of his friends were acting wild and getting frisky with some of the girls.  It did not surprise me when he said Aubrey disappeared with one of the strippers for a good while.   He was so trifling. I saw his ass checking out Jade when we were at Tomo. Aubrey’s nasty behind better stay away from my family.

All and all both Jay and I had a good time at our parties, and we both were happy to be at home together. We could have danced for each other tonight and I would have been perfectly happy with that.

19 thoughts on “The After Party

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  2. I liked the part when Jaylen and Reagan compared those guys to apple fritters, lol! Jaylen had a little jealousy moment in the beginning there. I thought it was cute though, at least he didnt try to make her wear something else. Then there definetly would have been an argument if he tried that, lol.

    When Aubrey said he was liking one of Reagan’s family members, I thought for sure it was Briah. I thought maybe he was still thinking about the time she came onto him. If him and Jade get together, it will be interesting when the rest of the Desai women find out.

    The screenshots came out great. In the scene where Jay is sitting in a red chair, what are those sparkles around him?Is that from the game, or custom content?


    • Forgot, LOL the Apple fritter thing was funny. That’s what my cousin and I think of when we see that. Yes Jay knew he couldn’t win that battle. The fit was sexy and he’d rather she wear only for him.

      Those are lights that came with the club. I edited the club to be s strip club I cleared some things out. Added the poles, changed some things for the tables because I knew the girls were going to do table dances. I expanded the VIP significantly, which ppl didn’t get to see because I cut out a lot of pics. I’ll post more outtakes on my secondary blog. I can look and see the name of those lights when I go back in game. Thanks for commenting.


    • Another thing, Bri wouldn’t like Aubrey messing with Jade, but Malika isn’t a De-Sai. Apollo would oppose his brother hooking up with her as well because he knows his brother is a dog and Malika is too young.


  3. Call me a bit immature, but those stripper names were just funny to me, especially the dudes. I’m glad they both had a good time, but it was sweet that they only wanted to get home to each other. Kennedy cracks me up lol, thinking she’s a sell out because she was wearing nice clothes. They looked cute on her. Oh and uh is it me or did one of those guys at Jaylen’s party look like Micah? Might just be me lol.


    • LOL. Thanks, yes I wanted to be a little playful. My sister came up with Officer Goodbody. ReaNJay had a good time, but only have eyes for each other. 🙂

      Kennedey is pretty funny, she’s so anti establishment. I don’t consider wearing designer clothes makes one a sell out, but much of Kennedey’s social concious persona comes from some of my ideals. Kennedey really is freeing herself. You’ll see more of that and more in her relationship in the next chapter. I’m.still.working on it. Haven’t been able to do as much, so I’m behind. It’s a big chapter plus I’m adding a few things to enhance it. I had to make several builds/edits.

      LOL, no Micah wasn’t there, not anyone related to him either LOL. Which one? Was it Marcus with the champagne bottle or Marlon with the tiger shirt? Thanks for reading 🙂


          • Oh okay. Yes, thats Marlon Powers, Jays cousin. I like leaving an element of surprise for some of my chapters. I may post some stuff, but many times not the most important things. Diamonds part one I posted several engagement pics, just because most of my readers suspected a proposal and I loved how the pics turned out. I’m not.posting any pics of Reagan in her dresses right away, or too much from the ceremony or reception immediately. Thanks again for your comments.


  4. Your story is truly awesome. It took me two days to read every chapter. As a black simmer myself, it is great to see your story. Most importantly it is good to see that Jay stepped up where Ra failed to. As much as I couldn’t stand her at times in the story, I do truly see her maturing. Can’t wait for the next update.


    • Thank you so much, I appreciate that. Yes, Reagan is definitely growing. Some of her choices I haven’t agreed with in the past. It’s nice to see her opening up. Shell progress more as the story goes on. Jay definitely is the man Ra never was. The next chapter should be posted this week. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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