The Honeymooners


***contains adult situations

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Our first night in the honeymoon suite at White Sand Diamonds was phenomenal. It was something different about making love to your new husband and not just your boyfriend or fiancé. Jaylen and I headed to The Bahamas early the next day after the wedding. We were going to stay at Crystal Waters, which was a very exclusive resort for a few days then move to a private beach house for the rest of the trip. I didn’t want to spend the entire honeymoon at a resort, but I had to check out this place because it came highly recommended. Jay and I rented out the entire top floor villa to ourselves. It was very nice but the rooms were a bit on the small side. Since we would be spending a good amount of time in the bedroom, I wanted a bit more space.


“Baby, what are you doing? You already carried me over the threshold last night,” I said, laughing. “I know, but now, we’re in a new country and at a different resort. When we get back to IP, I’m going to carry you over the threshold again,” said Jaylen. Besides enjoying the bedroom activities, Jay and I were planning a relaxing vacation full of lounging around, massages, swimming, boating, and a whole other list of fun activities while we were here.


“You hungry, baby?” asked Jaylen, his voice low. I got the impression he wasn’t talking about food. “Yeah, but not for anything room service can provide,” I answered, seductively. Jaylen wrapped his arms around me, kissing me hard. First things first. The next thing I knew we were ripping each others clothes off. I squealed with delight when Jay bounced me on the bed and jumped on after me.


We’ve done the whole seduction foreplay thing many times before, including our wedding night (which incidentally we had about eight sessions and only an hour of sleep). There was no reason we had to wait to get right down to business. Jaylen was a real love maker. Sometimes the only thing we both wanted was a mind blowing, head banging quickie. Those times were usually reserved when we weren’t in the privacy of our own home. Jaylen was such a giver, he always made sure I was more than satisfied before he was finished. The reason we worked so well together was because I was a giver too.

It turned me on knowing I was giving Jay the ultimate pleasure and making his body feel good. It’s not like I had to try hard, Jaylen’s body was perfect. It was a playground, no, an amusement park. I loved to explore every aspect, attraction, exhibition, and most importantly, I loved to ride. That ride seemed to go on forever without let up. Up and down it would take me. Twisting and turning my body until I thought I couldn’t take anymore. Just when I thought I knew what to expect, it switched up and did an unexpected move and the feeling was more thrilling than the one before.


The ride never took the same course twice, sometimes I got on backwards, forward, upside down, suspended in mid air. Most importantly, after the ride was over and I was worn out, I craved getting on again and again, and again. Jaylen eventually found out what “Wonderland” was. As you may have guessed, Wonderland was my, well… Wonderland. Jaylen hardly could contain himself when he went exploring there. As much as he liked exploring it (with every tool he had) Wonderland more than welcomed him with open arms, as he was the best visitor she ever had.


“Woo! Dang, Ma. That was, that was crazy,” said Jaylen, trying to catch his breath. I gave him a seductive smile. “Did I ware you out?” I teased him. Jaylen looked both happy and serene. “Yeah, but in a good way. Since we got married, you’re like Reagan to the tenth power max or something,” said Jaylen, licking his lips.


After spending a few hours in our suite, Jay and I decided to get up and check out the resort. “What do you think, Baby? Does this ring bring out my eyes?” I giggled, admiring my ring for about the millionth time. “Yes, baby. Your eyes and that diamond are the perfect combination,” answered Jaylen, laughing.



We grabbed a couple of drinks from the bar and headed outside. The resort was beyond nice. It was high end with a tropical twist and feel. At the same time, you can relax here and no one would bother you which I loved. I took a sip of my lemon drop and stood there for a moment, taking in my surroundings. “These islands are beautiful, baby. I’m happy we chose to come here,” I remarked. Jaylen nodded his head. “I am too, Ma. I know the next ten days are going to go by too quick though,” he said. “Ugh, don’t even say that. Let’s just enjoy each other,” I said with a seductive giggle.

“Damn, Ma. I didn’t think it was possible for you to become more beautiful everyday,” said Jaylen, looking into my eyes. He held my hand close to his lips. Yum, those lips, big, soft and kissable. Jay certainly knew how to work magic with them over my body. “Awwwhh, stop. You’ve told me I’m beautiful hundreds of times. Don’t worry, you’re going to get some more, boo,” I laughed. “That’s not why I call you beautiful, crazy girl. Although, that’s good to know,” laughed Jaylen.



“Jay, did you ever think that night at Tomo, months later we would be on our honeymoon, baby?” I asked. “Not in the least,” said Jaylen. “Yeah, you were probably just thinking about what I looked liked underneath the rest of my clothes, sucka,” I said, giggling. “Whatever, Ma. I ain’t gonna lie, I was definitely admiring your body. You looked so good. For real, you were the most beautiful I had ever seen, Reagan. You left a man speechless,” said Jaylen. I blushed. Jaylen made me feel a special way that night. He was all I could think about for the rest of the night and for days after.

“Baby, I don’t think I told you, how much I loved your vows. You did such a beautiful job on them,” I said quietly. Jay’s words meant so much to me, I would never forget what he said. I knew he wrote them from his heart and he meant every word. Jaylen’s wedding present to me was a beautiful glass plaque with his vows etched in. He told me his mother helped him with the idea, which I thought was very sweet. Jaylen has given me so much since we’ve been together. It wasn’t about the amount of money he spent on me, but he put a lot of thought into the gifts he gave me. It wasn’t necessary for him to think outside the box all the time. I was still a girl, and diamonds were my “best friend”. When Jay bought me jewelry, I was perfectly happy to it accept it.

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I didn’t want to get him something typical like a watch or cufflinks with his initials engraved in them. My baby was a lot like my father in many ways. Jaylen was a guy’s guy. He loved sports, electronic gadgets, and cars. I decided not to give him just any one thing. Since Jay was moving into my house and nearly every room suited my taste, I decided to get one of the rooms made over into his man cave. I first approached the subject with Yuri a couple of days before the wedding. I’ve seen her portfolio and Yuri could design anything for anyone. I really wanted to do the room up. A theater sized wall TV, surround sound, a customized bar, and Italian leather loungers. I also got satellite service so Jay could watch just about any sport in the world as well as any NFL, NBA, or MLB game.


Being from Brooklyn, Jay was a huge Nets fan. I booked a luxury box for one of the games next season and made arrangements for Jaylen to attend one of the Nets training camps. Jay was very manly, but he still liked looking “fresh to death” as he puts it. I ordered a customized Nets jersey with his last name on the back and a second jersey with signatures from all the Nets players. Jay had to travel to New York from time to time for Avenue. Occasionally if he had time, he tried to catch a game, so I bought him Nets seasons tickets. Jay wouldn’t be able to see every game, but at least he could every now and then. But wait, there’s more. Jaylen loves his kicks. Because of my connections in the fashion industry, I was able to secure a pair of the new XX9 J’s for him months before they were released to the public. I also got rare pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Japanese exclusive, and customized 3’s. Don’t ask me what all this stuff means, I had to consult with Apollo on these purchases. Taylor was holding some of the goodies for me until we got home, but I did give him the J’s before we left for our honeymoon. Needless to say, Jay went bananas. If he was happy about that, I knew he would be ecstatic about man cave.

“Truthfully, boo, I didn’t know what to say at first. You hear all this fancy stuff people say in movies and stuff like that. Women seem to go crazy over and it and I didn’t think what I had was impressive enough. My parents told me to not worry about that and just keep it real. I felt like if I said what I really felt, you would like it,” said Jaylen, shrugging. “Well, I more than I liked it, I loved it. It’s my favorite part of the wedding video to watch. I loved the whole ceremony. Everyone looked so good, especially you,” I said, letting out a flirtatious giggle.



Jaylen and I got up late morning the next day. There wasn’t a whole lot we felt like doing just yet, so we camped out on the loungers on the deck. The sun wrapped my body with it’s warmth. It was so quiet out here. After a very few stressful months and wedding, I was tired. I was just about ready to fall asleep.


We got a couple of more drinks and walked around for a little bit. “I like that bikini you rockin’, Ma. Did you get just for me?” Jaylen flirted. “Maybe,” I coyly replied. I took an ice cube and let it dance on tongue for a moment, letting it melt. “I’m going to take that as a yes. Daddy like it, though,” said Jaylen

“Was that Briah who text you last night?” asked Jaylen. “Yeah, she wanted to see if we got in okay. She knew I wouldn’t be up for talking too much. Kennedey texted me too,” I replied. “Oh, for real? Did she get moved into her new place?” asked Jaylen. “Just about. Micah and a couple of his band mates are helping her move. She doesn’t have a lot of stuff. The biggest things are her work bench, sculptures and bedroom,” I answered. I still couldn’t believe Kennedey wouldn’t be there when we got back. I told her if she needed any money for furniture to let me know, but she declined. I suggested she take some of the money from the house. Kennedey told me she’s rather use it and the extra money I gave her to invest solely into the gallery and her work. She also said she had loans she had to pay off that she took out for her master’s.

“You look worried, boo. Relax, Kennedey will be fine. She’s a smart girl. Kennedey didn’t think I wanted her to move out did she?” asked Jaylen. I shook my head. “No, she just wanted to give us space. I mean, it’s a good thing. We’re both embarking on the next chapters of our lives, so we’re starting fresh. At least she’s only a few miles away,” I mused.



We stayed out until it too hot and jumped into the water. The water immediately cooled my nearly overheated body. I felt relaxed and light as a feather. I absolutely loved being in the water, I always have since I was a baby. No matter where I live, there must be water near by.


“Fish really have it made, boo,” I mused. Jaylen laughed. “Huh? What do you mean?” “Just that, all they have to do is chill all day in the water. No one bothers them, they just swim around and kick it,” I replied, giggling. “Yeah, except for the times they end up on someone’s plate,” said Jaylen, laughing loudly. “Ha ha, funny man,” I said and splashed him in the face.



Jay surprised me when he told me he knew how to operate a sailboat. “What? You didn’t think this Brooklyn boy knew some thangs ’bout boats?” asked Jaylen. “Calm down, Captain, this is a rather small little boat,” I teased. Jaylen sucked his teeth. “Whatever.  On the real though, we would sometimes go sailing with my grandparents on our family vacations when I was younger. Just sit back and relax, I got this,” said Jaylen, smirking. I smiled, Jaylen kept me guessing. Like when he busted out with French when we were in Paris. “Just think, if took a fishing class or waited for Nana to teach you how, you could bring us home dinner from time to time,” I said.

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Home, thinking about the fact that Jaylen and I would be going to our home as husband and wife was exciting. I was very much looking forward to taking on the role of a wife, never thought I’d think that before. Don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t about to become some little submissive June Cleaver. I loved doing things for my man and now my husband. I liked cooking for Jaylen and doing other little things for him around the house. Jay treated me the same way. We both had our specialties. Jay often made us breakfast or grilled when it was nice outside. He ran my bath water and lit the candles how I like and even brought me a glass of wine to drink. Jaylen didn’t do it because he thought I was going to invite him to get it, it was just his way of making me feel special. It’s not necessary for a man to do all these elaborate things to make me feel loved or wanted. I think it was the little things in life that mattered most sometimes. That was one of the things I have learned over the last several months.

Jaylen and I always had a good time when we went out, but we could have just as good a time staying in and cuddling on the sofa. My father tried teaching me about simplicity and I had no clue what he was talking about. Sure, I’m finicky about a lot of things and I may even be high maintenance in some areas, I want what I want. Either way, my relationship doesn’t need any theatrics to feel exciting. Look at me, here I was on a little sailboat enjoying the soft sounds of the waves lapping with the man I loved and nothing could be better than that.


We wanted to explore some of the smaller private beaches and headed to one not far from the resort. “This beach is practically deserted. We have all to ourselves,” I observed. Jaylen looked around. “Yeah, I don’t see anyone else around,” he said. Jaylen and I looked at each other with the same familiar look in our eyes. I started to tickle Jaylen making the Pillsbury dough boy sound. “Uh-huh, trying to pretend you aren’t ticklish. You ain’t hard!” I laughed. “Hey, I ain’t that little fat dough boy. This is all hard rock abs. You know that better than anyone,” said Jaylen. Our sex drive was officially in overdrive. Maybe being newly married makes you a lot hornier.


Jay and I quickly removed our clothes and semi hid ourselves behind the brush. I jumped on Jay like a wild animal, determined for more. As we got more into it, we forgot we were still outside. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve done it in a public place. Call me crazy, but the thought of getting caught gave me a rush. No, I didn’t want to give anyone a peep show. I only wanted an adrenaline rush from time to time. Making love in unconventional places keeps you young, it keeps you fresh and it certainly keeps things in your relationship exciting.

“Damn girl. Damn, Reagan, you feel so good,” said Jaylen, letting out a low groan. I ran my hands up and down his chest as my hips wildly rocked. I didn’t know how much time passed, but I was moving as fast as a rabbit. Finally, my body shuddered hard as multiple fireworks went off. “Was it good?” I asked seductively, looking down at Jaylen. “Ma, it was more than good. What are you doing to me?” he said, breathing hard. We laid together for a while, neither one of us anxious to move from this one spot.



Jaylen spotted a soccer ball in the sand. “You wanna play?” he asked. Honestly, I had no energy left from the workout we already had. Jaylen on the other hand had loads of stamina, which made me a very happy woman where it counted. “Nah, baby, I’ll just watch you,” I replied. Jaylen looked at me with a gleam in his eye. He loved sports and I knew he wanted to show off some of his moves to me.

Jaylen was very talented. I think he was good at just about everything. He could have been anything he wanted. Jaylen was content with where his life was now. He, like myself didn’t want to be stuck in the same place forever, however. I used to  always be on a rush to get to the next level or where I thought I should be in the past. I allowed other people to pressure me to do things perhaps when I wasn’t ready. On my quest to be the biggest and greatest supermodel, wearing only high end designer clothing, or driving an expensive car, I lost myself along the way. I became someone I didn’t recognize after a while.


I had to go through a lot and nearly have my life ripped apart in order for me to gain it back. I lost control of myself. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late for me and I got my life together. When Yuri told me to give myself a break, I really took that to heart. To me that meant to stop beating myself up so much. Now instead of trying to piece everything together all at once, I was taking things day by day.

“Oh, look at you! My baby got skills!” I shouted. Jaylen was very athletic and in shape, it gave me great pleasure watching him play sports or work out. Now that was something I could watch all day, everyday.



Each day Jay and I set out to explore the islands, I was more an awe of the beauty around us. Isla Paradiso was very beautiful to me, but it was quite different from here. Once again, we didn’t leave the resort until late in the day. Jaylen and I were very much enjoying in acting out the physical elements of love and marriage. I knew it wouldn’t be like this everyday for the rest of our lives, so why not get the most out of it while we still can?


Another thing I really liked about the part of the islands we were staying on, was that it wasn’t overly commercialized. That’s a lot coming from a Miami girl. Everything was peaceful and serene. Even IP was livelier. It was nice to get away from the norm ever so often. Jaylen and I stopped by a little local eatery near the water. Neither one of us ate anything today and I was starving.

“You know what I was just thinking, babe?” I asked. “What’s that?” asked Jaylen through a mouthful of food. “Just that my best vacations have been with you. First the Oahu trip, then Paris, now The Bahamas. I don’t even think we’ve done a lot of stuff when we went on vacations,” I said, thoughtfully. “What do you mean? We’ve done stuff,” said Jaylen. “I mean like, there wasn’t some big club or party or event we were going to. I mean we went out in LA, but that wasn’t really a vacation. Our trips have really been about us, chillin’,” I replied. Jaylen nodded his head. “Yeah, I feel you. True. That’s a good thing though. We don’t need all that extra stuff to have a good time. When we rock together, we just..rock,” said Jaylen.


How great is it to be in love with your best friend? Jaylen and I always had fun together no matter where we were. I watched Jaylen move his body to the music that was coming from the wall speakers. The man could dance, I could see that at Area Lounge. Jaylen had me so hot and bothered that night. They say you can tell how a man “moves” his body by the way he dances. While not true in all cases, it definitely was true in Jay’s case.




We found a little secluded park overlooking water. “We need to do more things like this,” I mused. “Like what?” asked Jaylen. “I don’t know, going off somewhere and enjoying nature,” I replied. Yep, marriage definitely had an effect on me. I’ve always enjoyed the water and being outside, but I’ve never been one to seek out and enjoy nature. Me, Reagan Leeds, who’d of guessed? But, maybe I was changing and appreciating these kind of things more now that I was Reagan Leeds-Powers. With love, the possibilities were endless, it could make you see things in a whole new way.


I knew Jaylen was introduced to my family that was at the wedding. He had a few family members I met for the first time too, but didn’t really have a chance to speak to. A few of them being his Auntie Kisha, Apollo and Aubrey’s mother who was seated with his cousin Marlon and childhood friend Antonio. I saw pictures of Marlon and Antonio from the bachelor party and I knew Jay and Amarre hung out with them growing up.

I knew of Kisha already on account of what Bri has told me about her. I’m not thinking of any drama right now and I would like to keep it out of my life for as long as possible. Bri has met Kisha on a couple of different occasions. The first time they met was last winter when Kisha came to IP to see her sons. Briah saw her again when we were in New York looking for dresses. Briah and Kisha didn’t exactly see eye to eye. I didn’t know all the details because I was too focused on my wedding. Kisha seemed nice enough when I met her and I knew Jay had respect for her as his father’s youngest sister.


“Hey, baby, I saw you talking to Uncle Anthony the other night. What were y’all talking about?” I asked Jaylen. Uncle Anthony was seated at the table with my Nani and Nana. He was always very nice to Kennedey and I. He was a very easy going and laid back man, like Nana. Jaylen shrugged. “We just talked about how you and I met. He also gave me a little insider scoop on you as a kid,” said Jaylen, laughing. “Like what?” I asked. “Nothing bad, just that you were the little head junior diva in the crew,” answered Jaylen. I giggled to myself, there was really no denying that.

“It surprised me that he is Jade and Shaina’s dad. They’re so different from him. Is their mom loud like them?” asked Jaylen. I shook my head. “No, Patrice is pretty low key like Uncle Anthony. I mean, they have two older brothers as well. Anthony, Jr is chill like his dad and Richie is just as loud and wild like most other De-Sai’s. I guess Jade and Shaina act like my mom’s younger sisters and their offspring, but I’m closer to them then some of the other cousins,” I replied.

Yeah, the De-Sais were pretty turnt up, at least the Miami De-Sais. There were a lot of us in South Florida. My Nana and some of his siblings also moved up from Trinidad and many of their offspring lived in Florida. The De-Sais were all over. The Leeds were a big family too, but they could mostly only claim Florida, while my mom’s people could claim Florida and various islands in the Caribbean.



Jaylen took a step closer to me. “You know, Ma, no one is around,” he said, his voice low. Wonderland began to percolate. “So, you’ve noticed that, huh?” I purred. “Why don’t we continue celebrating our marriage?” flirted Jaylen. “Do you think we’ll ever past this stage?” I asked. “What stage?” wondered Jaylen. “Humping like rabbits?” I replied. Jaylen laughed. “I hope not. I want to be ninety years old and still doing it like this. Why? Don’t you like it?” he asked. I giggled a little. “Of course I do, I love it! I just think it’s amazing how crazy we’ve been since the wedding night,” I answered. “Well, boo, I want to get all I can now. I know after you start poppin’ out our children, you ain’t going to want to be bothered with me as much,” said Jaylen, his eyes crinkling. “Oh stop. Of course we’ll still make love, just probably not seven or eight times a day,” I laughed.


Jaylen spread out the beach towel we brought along. In the mood or not, I wasn’t about to have my head on the dirty ground, please. There we were, at it again, and again, and again.



One of the places I looked forward to visiting the most was High Mountain. The pictures online looked so beautiful. There was also a luxury spa and retreat I wanted to go to.If I thought the view from the park was beautiful, I was blown away once we reached the top of the mountain. “Wow, baby. This would be like the perfect picture to have in our house,” I said, looking down at the islands below. “Yeah, it’s dope up here,” said Jaylen. “I know Kenney could make a beautiful painting of this. She probably wouldn’t want to come up here, though,” I told Jaylen. “Why wouldn’t she want to come up here?” asked Jaylen. “Ken’s not a big fan of heights. I mean, she’ll go to some place that is high up if she has to, but she gets nervous when it’s like this,” I replied. I smiled to myself, thinking about my sister.


 There were mostly palm trees around us as kids living in Miami. When I saw a tree that was capable of climbing, Ken was always a bit apprehensive. She would eventually climb up anyways once she saw I did it. One time Kennedey fell a few feet down and that was the last tree she ever climbed. She wasn’t seriously hurt, but she couldn’t be bothered with climbing trees after that.

Jaylen and I made plans to come back up here and check out the spa. “Everything’s so big! No wonder Kennedey loved having that telescope,” I exclaimed. Too bad she took it with her. I would have to buy one of my own when we got back home. We stayed on the mountain just over an hour taking pictures and watching the sunset. I would never forget this place or how I felt when we made it to the top. The view was magnificent, I had never seen such a breathtaking sight in my lifetime.



It was nearly dark when Jaylen and I made it back to the resort. We ordered room service and took a short walk. It was pretty late, but neither one of us was very tired. Jaylen suggested we rent a couple of bike and go for a late night ride. Why not? I thought. We were on an adventure and throwing caution to the wind.


The night air was warm and the sky was full of stars. I felt light and airy feeling the breeze graze through my hair. The vibrating sensation from the motorcycle made me feel like I was riding a rocket. I couldn’t believe how fast I was going. Jay, of course was going much faster than, hey I was no fool, I knew my limitations. This was too much fun. I laughed out loud and squealed with excitement as I zoomed through the streets. Jaylen woke up the fun loving kid in me that was dormant for years before we met. She was in there, Jay just reintroduced her to the world. Now that fun loving Reagan was back, I wouldn’t be so quick to let her fallback again.



“Why don’t we have a little picnic, Ma?” suggested Jaylen, the next day. “Really? Oh, that’s so sweet, baby. It’ll be just like Paris all over again,” I gushed. Jaylen and I packed a picnic basket and headed out. I definitely felt like we were in France again, only this time it wasn’t chilly outside and now I was a missus. Sure, nothing could really beat eating under the Eiffel Tower, but this was pretty darn close.



There was a festival in town we wanted to check out. You know how happy I was when I saw the cotton candy maker. Jaylen bought me a big bag of it and it took me no time to eat it. I laughed a little. “What’s so funny?” asked Jaylen. “I was thinking about when I was little how Daddy always got us cotton candy whenever we went to the carnival. It’s funny, Daddy didn’t have much of a sweet tooth and he would usually get popcorn instead, like you are now,” I replied. “My dad took us to Coney Island sometimes. We usually went out of town to the major amusement parks. Amarre and I spent hours on the rides. When we got older, my mom and dad would just start dropping us off and going out on their own for the day. We liked it better like that,” recalled Jaylen, chuckling.



After we left the festival, Jaylen and I took a short drive to  the island’s only volcano. Thankfully it was dormant, like the one on Oahu. The more I saw, the more I fell in love. The islands were absolutely gorgeous. “You know what, Baby?” I asked. “What’s that, Ma?” asked Jaylen. “I think from here on out, we should go take an annual trip on our anniversary. Maybe we can come back here once a year,” I replied. Jaylen looked thoughtful, licking his lips. “Yeah, I can rock with that. That’s a good idea,” he said.



The following evening, we headed back up to High Mountain to check out the spa. I put on one of my new bathing suits and got into the hydrotherapy tub. “Oh my goodness, this water feels so good,” I moaned as I leaned back. We sat in silence for a while. It was quiet up here. I opened my eyes, glancing out the window at the million dollar view below. Mental note, need to have a sauna put in the house.

“You’re going to get all pruny in there, baby,” teased Jaylen. “Hmm, I don’t mind shriveling up like a California Raisin. The bubbles feel amazing. We need to get one of these tubs for the house,” I said. Jaylen nodded his head in agreement.


I reached for the rubber duckie Jaylen bought for me at the gift shop. I told him months ago I loved taking a bath with my rubber duck when I was a little girl. I loved watching Sesame Street when Ernie came on singing to his duckie in the tub. I started to sing it every time I took a bath as a kid. It was one of those funny little memories I never shared with anyone outside my own home. When Jay got this duck for me, I thought it was so sweet because he remembered that story.



We didn’t stay at the resort much longer. We moved into one of the private houses owned my Crystal Waters. The house was huge and came with a pool not to mention a private beach. Jay and I still had access to all the amenities at the resort. It was nice to have a little more privacy here.

“You’re so soft,” Jaylen murmured, looking down at me with his sexy bedroom eyes. I rubbed my hand up and down his back. I gently caressed every muscle. I’ve mentioned before, Jay had the perfect body. Making love to him was the ultimate treat.



We didn’t do much our first full day at the beach house. After breakfast, we tossed around a football. I could tell Jaylen was impressed with my skills. “You throw really well, baby. Where did you learn that at?” asked Jaylen. “You forget, my father was a college football star. Since he didn’t have boys, he taught my sister and I how to throw. Neither Kenney or I paid too much attention to sports, we just liked playing with Daddy,” I replied.



It was a perfect day for windsurfing, the wind was strong and I was picking up a lot of speed. I haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy any water activities back home, but now that the weather was nice, I would make sure I did.


Once we were back on land Jaylen wanted to battle me in a water balloon fight. The last time I was in one was probably high school, he didn’t know that though. “Please, you are talking to a Miami girl. I’m the master,” I said answering his challenge. “Okay, well let’s see what you got,” said Jaylen and pelted me right in the face.


“Oh, this means war!” I yelled and chased after him. Jaylen and I were both competitive people, I could only imagine what our children will be like. “I thought you had skills girl!” teased Jaylen. “You’re going down, Brooklyn boy!” I yelled out, laughing. By the end of the battle it was a draw. All this meant was that there would be a rematch when we returned to IP.



Jay and I headed over the resort to chill for the rest of the day. I wanted to soak in a mud bath and detoxify. “Baby, I don’t see how you can relax in mud. Since when is mud okay to wallow around in?” asked Jaylen. “Its very relaxing and it’s good for the skin, among other things, I replied. “My mom spends an obscene amount of money to soak around in mud at some spa in Manhattan every month. I never understood that,” said Jaylen. “And Yuri will continue to have beautiful smooth skin until she’s a hundred,” I mused.


Later that evening, we ate dinner at the resort and headed upstairs to one of the private suites. “You want to get in the hot tub for a little bit?” asked Jaylen. “Sure,” I replied. We watched the sun set over the horizon.  I wanted to capture this moment in my head, because this was something I never wanted to forget.



Our trip was nearly over, which made me sad. There was still a lot we wanted to do, so we decided to pack in a lot of activities today. We sailed out to Far West beach where we planned to spend most of the day.


I could easily lay out here for the next few days. “What are you thinking about?” I asked Jay. “Nothing too much. This is really nice,” he answered. When Jaylen and I were figuring out where to go on our honeymoon we wanted to go somewhere that didn’t get overly crowded. Privacy was very important especially for me. I knew we wanted to spend a lot of time in the bedroom, which we have, not to mention several other places. Jay also wanted to go somewhere with good amenities and activities. Jaylen was capable of sitting still for long time, but he got restless after awhile.


I knew I would eventually have to get back to work which is something I didn’t want to think about it. I loved what I did, but I was enjoying myself too much right now. We rubbed sun block on each other and laid out on the beach. I started to drift off when Jay got up saying he wanted to surf.


This boy and his toys. I’ve seen the garage in the house he used to share with Amarre. Jaylen had all kind of sports equipment for every season. Surfboards, jet skis, snowboards, you name it, Jaylen had it. I watched Jaylen walk down the beach, it was like he was a kid in a candy store.


“Check out my moves, Baby! This is how it’s done!” yelled Jaylen. I looked back up and giggled to myself. There was something very alluring about someone who got so much fun out of life. There was a period in my life where I couldn’t see beyond the gray clouds. Jay and Yuri were the kind of people who could always find a silver lining. That attitude was one of many reasons I was so attracted to him.


Jaylen came back over and dried off. I felt refreshed after my little power nap. Jaylen put his arm around me. “Did I tell you how sexy you looked today?” he asked. “Not yet, but I’ll give you a pass,” I said. Jaylen put his lips on mine. I parted my lips and his tongue lingered in my mouth for several minutes. He gently pulled his mouth away. I licked my lips, oh wow, I was starting to pick up his habit.


We got up and took a short walk along the beach. I whispered in Jaylen’s ear all the things I wanted to do to him when we got back to the house. “I love you so much, girl,” said Jaylen, pulling me close. “I love you too, boo,” I replied.




One of the things I loved to do was water and jet ski when I was growing up in Miami. My father, being the athlete he is was a very physical man and he loved all kinds of sports. Daddy didn’t discriminate because he had girls. Any kind of sport he would have taught to any sons he have had, he taught to daughters, like I told Jay the other day.


Daddy got Kennedey and out on the water at an early age. Of course he had to accompany us for things like jet skiing until we got old enough. I missed being able to do things like this when we moved to Appaloosa. I think those were the most boring years I had in my life.


There was no reason to complain anymore because now I lived on a beautiful island and I could get out on the water as much as I wanted. After we finished water skiing, Jay and I boated around the islands, exploring. There so much we didn’t get to see and do while we were here. Maybe we would have to make another trip out here before our anniversary.



Okay, one thing you’ll rarely see, is Reagan Leeds bicycling. It just doesn’t happen. When Jay and I decided to take the bikes out that were in the beach house, we both admitted the last time we rode a bike was in elementary school. Jay said he didn’t have much of a reason to in Brooklyn, because he either walked or rode the subway until he got a car. My thing was,  as I got older, bike riding seemed like kid stuff. Kennedey often rides her bike as a way to consume less gas and put less pollution into the environment. I was on my honeymoon now and thought taking a bike ride would be fun.


Once I got on, I felt just like a kid again. I forgot how much fun I used to have riding. I laughed out loud as Jay and I raced through the neighborhoods. I just hoped I didn’t fall off.


On our way back to the house, we saw a place that offered horseback rides. One thing Appaloosa did have, was a lot of horses and I rode my first one in high school there. They’re beautiful animals, but I could never have one of my own, way too much upkeep. Having two cats is enough. I kind of felt sad, it just occurred to me that Sammy and Tinky were going with Kenney. They wouldn’t be with me anymore. I knew Ken would bring them over to visit, they were like family. Both cats have been with us since we were teens.


Riding a horse was certainly out of my comfort zone. Being with Jay has taught me to be more adventurous and try new things. Neither one of us rode horses in our everyday life, but doing so now turned out to be very fun not to mention relaxing.



On our last night on the islands, we kept it low key and Jaylen grilled steak for us. “The food is so good, baby. Are you going to cook like this when we get home?” I asked. Jaylen looked up from his plate and smiled. “Yeah, if you keep doing that one thing you know I like,” he said with a sexy grin on his face. I laughed because I knew exactly what he was talking about. “You’re so nasty,” I said. “Yep, but you like me like that,” said Jaylen. He was right, I did.


“Baby, I wanted to let you know, I got a text from Bri today. She said they wanted to throw us a welcome home barbeque a week or so after we got back. Bri knows we need to unwind, but I think it’s a very good idea. What do you think?” I asked. “That sounds cool. You know I’m always down for a ‘que. Good, the fellas can come over. I can show them both my new pair of J’s and they can hate on me,” said Jaylen, laughing. He would be surprised once he found out Apollo helped me with the selections. I shook my head. I could just see Jaylen bragging to family and friends about his new shoes.

“Did your parents make it back to New York, okay?” I asked, shifting gears. “Yep. Mom said she and Dad a good time and they were glad they stayed an extra couple of days,” replied Jaylen. Yuri told me on the day of the wedding she and Kevin were going to stay in Miami to have what she called “a mini honeymoon”. I thought that was a sweet idea. Jaylen also mentioned Amarre didn’t go home immediately either. Matter of fact, several of our family didn’t rush back home. Briah and Apollo were in Miami for at least a couple of more days after the wedding. I guess I can chop it up to love’s lingering effect.



Once dinner was over, we cleaned up our dishes and went back outside to watch the sunset. “Do you think we’ll still be doing this when we’re ninety?” I asked. “Most def. Of course, I’m not going to be the kind of ninety year that sits around all day. I’m still going to rock my kicks and get out and about. I’m going to be the freshest old man anyone has ever known,” replied Jaylen. “You’re so silly. But of course, when you’re ninety, I’ll be a few years younger than you. You’ll have to try to keep up with me,” I said. Jaylen laughed. “We’ll see about that,” he said. “Maybe after all the partying and running around we’ll still be doing, we can take turns rubbing Ben-gay on our aching muscles,” I mused. “And we can take each others blood pressure to make sure we’re not overdoing it,” added Jaylen. We cracked up at the thought of old Reagan and Jaylen still cool and turnt up. I guess when you love someone as much as we did, you want to live life to the fullest, having a blast every step of the way.




***Jade has a new story on my secondary blog, What About Jade?

***author’s note, okay I can admit, Reagan’s memory about the duckie was plucked from own childhood memory. I immediately thought of that when I saw her playing with the duckie. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Honeymooners

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  2. I’m loving all the updates. Jay and Reagan make such a great couple, they bring out the best in each other. The honeymoon chapter was very sweet, that was a nice resort they stayed at. Those screen shots of Jay and Reagan riding on the boat and jet skiing makes me want to get the IP expansion pack.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I like it when I’m able to update so much. I’m taking a small little break to hang with family and work more on writing the upcoming chapters. Rea and Jay are a great couple, they compliment want one another. They’re very honest with who they are and they don’t need to pretend to be someone they are not. The additions that came with IP are a lot of fun. It’s interesting to see my Sims riding in a taxi speedboat in the winter (thankfully it’s covered) LOL. Origin has good sales from time to time often at 50% off. I was able to get most of my EPs last summer when they had one of their sales. Seasons, IP, Late Night, and Ambitions are like the essential EPs I would always need. I have others, but those are my favorites, Pets too. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


  3. I still have so much catching up to do, but I loved this. You could see truly how much Reagan and Jay love one another and that they are truly best friends. I loved the hugging picture towards the end, it was just so cutee. When Reagan said she had received a text from Bri, I was like omg she’s pregnant lmao. I don’t know why, but that’s usually my first thought to about every surprise in a story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s nice to hear from you. I hope all is well and school is going good. Yes, Rea and Jay are best friends. They have a good time with each other and bring out the best in one another. I liked the hugging picture too. Oh yeah, the text Bri sent was just her wanting to see how things were going and let them know they were going to have a welcome home party for them. Thanks again for commenting. 🙂


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