The Mirror

Screenshot-85 What does the good book say? “This one is like a man (in my case a woman) looking at her natural face in a mirror,for she looks at herself, and off she goes and immediately forgets what sort of woman she is.” I remember that passage from a long time ago when I was little. I never really paid much attention when my dad was teaching us scripture, but for some reason, that one has always stuck with me. Screenshot-112 I’m Reagan. My sister Kennedey and I recently moved here to Isla Paradiso after living in Starlight Shores and for some years prior to that, Appaloosa Plains. We moved to Appaloosa Plains while we were still in high school with our dad Ray shortly after our mother left us. My dad tried raising us alone as best he could. It wasn’t easy for him with two teenage daughters and no mother around. My mom, Apollonia was originally from Trinidad, and moved to the US back in the eighties. Truth be told, my mom may have stuck around for several years, but it wasn’t like she was “really” there, you know what I mean? I hated having to move to Appaloosa Plains from our  home in Miami. Appaloosa was slow and full of hillbillies. I was so glad to leave once it was time to start college. Not that I enjoyed being in a classroom, heck most of the time I got one of my friends to go to class for me while I slept in from partying the night before. I fought with my father and Kennedey a lot back then. Part of me was angry with my father, I’d thought if only he were a better husband, than maybe Mom wouldn’t have left. I didn’t really believe that though. I knew my dad was a good husband and an even better father, he deserved more from me, and for whatever dingbat reason my mom had for leaving, wasn’t his fault. Screenshot-131 (2) “You’re such a loser Kennedey! You think you’re better than everyone else!” I said to her. Screenshot-134 “If I’m such a loser, I’d like to know what you are! I think I’m better than everyone else? Girl, please you walk around thinking folks gotta bow down to you Reagan!” Wow. That seemed like a lifetime ago when we moved to the country. So much has happened between now and then. Some good, some bad, mostly good though. I guess now that I look at myself and think about what my life has become, I know I definitely do not want to turn out like my mother. Goodness knows where she’s at. How did I end up in Isla Paradiso? I couldn’t tell you in a couple of sentences. Will I stay here for good? Only time will tell.

***Author’s note. I know my pictures aren’t super great for the first few chapters in my story. These pics were taken a long time ago before I learned how to take more quality Sims pictures. I appreciate you coming to my blog and reading about Reagan.

24 thoughts on “The Mirror

  1. HIya – I like Reagan already – she’s feisty and a little bit mean sometimes but she’s honest with herself and she knows what she’s doing. I look forward to reading more of her story – it seems like it should get interesting!


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