You Wish You Were Me


I started modeling again once I got to Starlight Shores and became friends with some of the models I worked with.

I met Aoki, Taina, and Fallion while we were all waiting at our agency Nu Model Management. I  met them before I met Ra$hin. We became cool and I usually don’t have friends who are female. Girls are too catty so I usually avoid them. I was willing to make an exception in this case as I didn’t know too many people when I got here and I needed connects in the industry. My befriending them was more of about me needing other contacts around town, that may sound selfish, but hey don’t judge me I was on a mission.

Actually, to my surprise they weren’t half bad and we got along for the most part, but I still kept them at bay and didn’t allow myself to fully open up. I would say out of all three, Taina was the one I talked to the most. She was more laid back than her sister Fallion.  Aoki was the one in the bunch that sort of followed the crowd, did everything everyone else was doing, she didn’t have much of a mind of her own. Fallion was more of a tomboy. She was also loud and would trip over the smallest things.

I know I can go H.A.M too, but there is usually a good reason, like if someone is in my face talking mess or being disrespectful, that I won’t tolerate.
Taina and Fallion were both from Brooklyn. I admit I have my stereotypes about New Yorkers, the ones I have encountered over the years are usually aggressive and think because they’re from New York they know everything and they have the loudest opinion. However, when I met Taina she was the total opposite of that, Fallion on the other hand was exactly that. You see, me myself I’m from the Sunshine State, we’re just more chill there.

Since the girls had been working in this town for a while they knew a lot of people and were often on the list for the best clubs. I quickly stopped needing them to get on most lists though, I could thank my new relationship for that.

fakeazine2d (4)

One of the first guys I dated in Starlight Shores was a rapper, Ra$hin. You’ve probably heard of him, who hasn’t? He’s huge! He has his own clothing label ’51/50′, he’s sold tens of millions of records worldwide and has won countless awards.

It was good at first, he treated me like the queen that I am, bought me anything I wanted took me to all the expensive restaurants, got into all the A-list clubs. What was his problem? He was a damn cheat for one amongst  other things. He was extremely self centered, always putting his needs ahead of my own. That wasn’t his biggest problem however.

Ra$hin was on the road a lot, either that or always in the studio. He was heavy into what would become his fifth platinum album when he and I met.


We met at the Platinum Aces Casino during a music venue that only had the top personalities in the music industry there.  I could tell Taina was totally star-struck when he entered the casino, she couldn’t hide her thirst.


He had a swarm of females approaching him, but not me, I’m not a groupie.


I was looking around at all the girls trying to get his attention. I didn’t need to act desperate. I knew I was the baddest bitch up in there. I wasn’t at all surprised when Ra$hin broke from his entourage and approached me and tried to spit game. I acted nonchalant and didn’t buy into it. I didn’t want him to think I was going home with him or anything


“Hey baby what’s your name?” he asked me. “Well, it’s not baby for one,” I replied. “My bad, can I start over? It’s just I’ve been watching you all night, you’re the only girl here who hasn’t tried to come up to me. I was starting to feel insulted especially ’cause you’re the baddest girl in here,” he said. I was just thinking the same thing about myself I thought. “Reagan,” I told him. “Reagan, huh? That’s a pretty name,” he said. “Thank you,” I responded flatly. I was playing the cool nonchalant thing very well.

“So, what’s up? How come I’ve never seen you at one of these things before? These parties bring out the finest girls in town, well at least I thought they did considering this is the first time I’ve seen you,” he laid it on thick.


I laughed “That’s because I’ve never been here. This is my first time,” I told him. “For real? You must be new to the city, where are you from?” Ra$hin asked.
“Originally Miami, but I just moved here from Appaloosa Plains,” I said. “Appaloosa? Dang, what were you doing out there?” he asked surprised.
“It’s a long story, but I only lived there while I was in high school,” I said. “Oh ok. Well look, I’m actually heading to the studio to work on  some tracks. Can I call you sometime?” he asked. I didn’t know it at the time, but giving him my number was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
“I guess that would be ok. But if I give it to you, you better use it, don’t just be collecting my number just to have it. And don’t think you’re going to be calling me for no booty call either,” I said to him. He laughed “Damn, you don’t play do you? Don’t worry I am definitely going to call you. It was nice meeting you. The pleasure was all mine,” he said. “I’m sure it was,” I said smartly. He laughed again and said goodnight.

Boy was I in trouble…

In the beginning of our relationship things were all good, he bought the BMW I  was driving at the time, totally spoiled me! He was seriously ballin’. If he wanted to spend his money on me, why shouldn’t I let him?

As soon as it got out that I was dating Ra$hin, my hater count increased ten-fold. You wouldn’t believe some of the Twitter messages I got from girls, it was a trip. Now that I look back on it, I laugh.


Ra was very romantic, flowers, candy, everything. He called me up one night telling me he was back from L.A. where he was recording a couple of tracks with one of his new producers. He wanted to take me to the most expensive restaurant in town, Chateau Ste. Michelle.


It was the nicest restaurant I’d been to, I didn’t tell him that. I didn’t want him thinking I was like every other female out there. There were a number of other expensive places to eat around town, but this place was the most exclusive and I could tell Ra$hin wanted to
impress me, so I let him.


Ra$hin and I headed over to the The Run Around Lounge one evening. The Run Around was one of the hardest places to get into in the city. Ra didn’t have any problem getting in though, clubs always rolled out the red carpet for him.

“I reserved VIP for us,” he told me on our way there. “Really? Why?” I asked. What’s the point of being in VIP if no one can see you there? I thought to myself as we made our way downtown.

“I just don’t feel like being bothered by anyone tonight, baby,” he replied. “Well it’s not like ‘nobodies’ would be in there anyway, they can’t get in,” I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice.

There were a couple of girls on his label who often came to the Run Around that couldn’t stand me and I had wanted to make sure they saw me with him, but since he reserved it only for us, no one else would be there.

“Damn, you’re cold Reagan,” he laughed, “I just don’t want to run into anyone tonight. I want to chill in the spot with my boo, dang I’d thought you would be happy to spend some alone time together since you say we don’t get to enough,” Ra$hin said.
“Oh it’s all ‘G’,” I lied. “If I had to deal with groupies again tonight, I don’t know what I would do, that includes Talina and Jada,” I said referring to his label mates.


Our conversation continued once we snuck into VIP through the back to avoid the regular club and all the people outside.  “Why don’t you like them? You’ve only met them a couple of times. Talina is cool, she sang the hook on my first track, ” he said. “They’re haters, I replied. “How are they haters?” he asked.

Men are so dumb sometimes, either that or they try to act dumb I thought to myself.  “For one Talina wants to get with you, that’s pretty obvious. The only reason she still has a record deal is because her daddy is the president of your label. And Jada, who the hell lied and told her she could sing? Her career is trash, she’s dried up, no one is checking for her anymore. She knows this, that’s why she’s been trying to sling it at you to get a track from you,” I told him.

“Sling it at me? Oh wow you got quite an imagination. It’s not even like that between us. Jada is just the home girl. I told her I would try to help her in the studio when I was done wrapping up this album,” he replied. “Whatever,” I said rolling my eyes.

We grab a couple of drinks.  I had never seen it so dead in VIP  before. But if that’s what Ra wanted, then I wasn’t going to complain anymore. I know he got tired of people constantly in his face, that included other artist and industry people. When you’re one of the biggest hip hop moguls in the world everyone wants something from you.


A couple weeks later I go meet up with Ra at Chanel, I was slightly irritated seeing the girls there too. When I shop I typically like to do it alone at least not with other women, I don’t want them to copy me or always know where I got something.


“Hey I wasn’t expecting to see you guys here,” I said coolly to Fallion.


“Oh we just came from eating at the Underground and decided to stop in, nothing else to do when it’s raining outside,” Fallion answered.  Yeah, right I was thinking to myself, I made the mistake of texting Taina where Ra and I were going, so I know she mentioned it to them.

Ra$hin knew he has been busy and we hadn’t seen a whole lot of each other, so he told me once he got done with his interview with Hot 93 he wanted to take me shopping. He buys up practically the whole store for me. I could tell Aoki and Fallion were hating a little bit.

Screenshot-207 (2)

“How much can I spend?” I asked him, knowing he would say I didn’t have a limit, but I wanted to appear humble.
“Baby, you can get anything you want. I need to just give you your own platinum card, so you won’t need me to come with you,” he laughed.


Hearing that made me very happy. “Awwhh, thanks boo!” I exclaimed hugging him.


The first big contract I had was with Beach Dreams. They make some of the most expensive swimwear in the world.
My agency Nu Model Management had just landed the contract and was eager to get me booked for this job. I was happy about it too, Beach Dreams ads are carried in most major fashion magazines. I had been ripping and running so much the last several weeks with other jobs and a new boyfriend I was exhausted, thankfully this shoot was taking place here in Starlight Shores.

The Beach Dreams campaign was stressful, I was glad it was over. I decide to unwind a bit and throw a pool party and invite some of the new people I work with.



The party starts really jumping once Ra$hin gets there. I was surprised Kennedey came down to the party and wasn’t at the art gallery or dumpster diving or whatever it is she does on Saturdays.

Some of the people I didn’t know, I would have kicked them out but they came with my invited guest. I wish people would ask first before inviting perfect strangers to my house.


I get into with Barrington about this since he invited all these whack people I didn’t know. Barrington is one of Ra$shin’s producers and is super cocky. There is something about him I didn’t like, for instance the way he looks at me and the stupid rude inappropriate remarks he makes. I tolerated him because he was Ra’s homeboy.

“Barrington, how are you just going to invite random folks to my house without asking?” I asked him. “What’s the big deal? Shit, it’s just a couple of extra people. Besides I know you really don’t care since you’re trying to get on with people in the industry,” he replied smartly.
“How am I trying to ‘get on’? I don’t care who these folks you invited are in the industry, this is my private home and I don’t like just anyone up in here. You barely got an invitation, trust,” I told him.
“Ok, whatever you say Reagan, females like you are all alike, you come a dime a dozen. Ra’s had a thousand chicks before you and he’ll have a thousand more after you,”  he said. That made me mad and slapped him clear across his face. “You know you can get out my house talking shit,” I told him and turned away to avoid making an even bigger scene.

Screenshot-166 (2)
Ra$hin took over for a while from the regular DJ. I was done with my conversation with Barrington, what an ass. Later Ra$hin asked me about the argument to which I told him Barrington was just being rude as usual. Ra wanted me to get along with Barrington since they had been boys’ since they were in elementary. I would try for his sake. I didn’t need Barrington putting ideas into Ra’s head about me either.

To let the situation cool down I go watch Ra DJ for awhile, he initially started out DJ’ing before  he made it in the rap game and he liked to spin from time to time he said it calmed his nerves.


After the party had winded down in the wee hours of the morning I realized I had drank too much and got sick. The party was fun, but I was glad it was over. I would need to remember to call my cleaning agency to tell them to send over a few more people to clean up the mess from the party.

Things were good, I was seeing someone I was actually excited about and my career was heating up, hopefully things stayed this way. Unfortunately, life experiences have taught me not to get my hopes up about anything and good things don’t last forever.

9 thoughts on “You Wish You Were Me

  1. I can see Raegan and Ra$hin’s relationship crashing and burning. He is probably just using her sadly, like Barrington said. Is she still friends with the other girls btw? Or are they just pretty much colleagues now?


  2. Whoa Barrington was such an ass to Reagan, LOL. Even though Reagan didn’t get to show off that she was with RaShin at the club, she did get to make the girls jealous when she went shopping. 🙂 LOL, her thoughts about her sister, thinking she might have been dumpster diving. I liked those swimsuits and how shiny they were. 😀


    • LOL. Barrington is an ass, he really rubs Reagan the wrong way. She have more run ins with him in the future. Since Kennedey is an artist, she likes finding things in the dump for her collection. LOL. I love those swimsuits too, they’re from TSR, but I forgot the name of the creator. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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