Thanks for coming to Reagan’s blog! Reagan Leeds is the ultimate Sims 3 diva. Charismatic and fun-loving Reagan is always the center of attention and the life of any party. Come follow Reagan as she makes her move from Starlight Shores and the fun she had there dating and working in the modeling industry to her time in the present on Isla Paradiso and all her travels while she tries to figure out who she is and where she wants to be in life.

***Disclaimer, this story contains some strong language and mature content, no nudity.

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22 thoughts on “Home

  1. Do you plan on uploading these for download.
    I love your content and your story and also where do you get your custom content from besides the content you make?
    Thanks in Advance


    • Thank you so much, I appreciate that. I’m.not sure to what you’re referring when you say put up for download? I didn’t.make anything in the pictures on my homepage. I get my cc so many places. I’ll have to post a list next time I get on my pc, can’t post links since I’m on my phone. Are you referring to anything in particular? I get a lot of my cc from tumblr, my Sims 3 blogspot, Sims 3 updates, the Sims resource, those are the major ones. There’s so many creators I love.


      • When i said put up for download you know you have the girl with the red hair shes really pretty i was wondering if you were going to put her up for download. Thank you so much ! Oh and nothing particular i’m open to anything , but if it was something in particular it would have to be the clothes because I love the clothes you use on your sims.


        • Oh thank you, but no, that’s my main diva, Reagan 🙂 There may be other characters in my story I put up for dl once its complete. BTB Sims is a good cc resource, Irida Sims, Irinka Sims, just a few more I can think.of.


    • BTW, the onesie and jacket Reagan is wearing is from Miss Fortune Sims, you can Google her. All About Style is another major site I get cc from. I really love Gergana 83 on Tumblr, Simsimi on tumblr, the 77 Sims on tumblr Modish Kitten, and Madlensims on tumblr.


      • Hi Regan. I was wondering do you take conversion requests? The reason why I’m asking is because i always stumble upon some good cc i see online but majority are in .package file and it’s complicated for me to install. If you don’t, do you know any sites that take conversion request besides underneaththesims or do you know a non complicated program to where i can do the conversions myself?


        • Oh, you can call me Camille, LOL. Do you mean making packages into Sims 3 Packs? I wasn’t aware any sites did this. I can ask my followers on Tumblr if they know of any. I understand about packages being difficult to install. It took me a while and watching a video a few times to learn. Do you use a MAC or PC? I’m not super technical, but I can probably find a video or try to explain if you have a PC (I don’t know anything about MACs). There’s written instructions out there that may be easy to follow. The instructions I read at the time, weren’t very easy.


          • Oh Sorry! Lol! Camille thx for taking your time to respond back. Yes I’m talking about converting packages in sim3pack. Yea the only site that i know that use to do it is Underneath The Sims blog. You just basically send them a link to the cc you want converted and they will convert it in sims3pack for you. Yes I use a PC.


        • Oh yes, I forgot to mention, even if you can’t set up your game to read packages, its very easy to do in TSR Workshop. You would have to download it. You can import a package and export as a Sims 3 pack. I looked on that site and it seems some people were upset about them uploading others cc. I can understand why they do it, because packages are irritating initially. 🙂


          • Oh OK thx! The Underneath The Sims site? Yea i saw a few people that were upset because there are some people that charge for their cc and there will be people who buy the cc from the owners site and donate it to underneaththesims blog for anyone to download etc and they also did conversions for ppl who didn’t know how to do package files.


            • Sorry, if it takes me a while to get back to you. I’m knee deep in writing my latest chapter and I’m fully concentrating on that. First, let me ask, what don’t you understand about the process of setting up for packages? If I knew where you were getting stuck, maybe I can explain it, in an easier way. Try watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgZLixTa26E. I’m not sure of the name of the original video I watched, that made it easy for me to follow, but I’m sure its on there. I can’t remember the name of the girl who made it. Instead of using 7zip, I use winrar to open my downloads. Just Google winrar free and download either the 64 or 32 bit, depending on your system. I’m actually happy I’m able to use packages, because I use several mods and removing packages I no longer need is much easier than removing something from the launcher. The launcher doesn’t always show everything.


  2. Maybe I can ask u since I can’t get the answer anywhere else. Is it possible to move my sim to different neighborhoods and he not lose his family/friend connections, cus I wanna move my main Sim to another hood but his parents will b in the old one.


    • I believe Twallan’s Porter mod enables you to do this. Traveler has some functions too but it’s mainly for vacation. Read all the info on the mod as I’m unfamiliar with it. Google nraas wikispaces and you’ll find all of Twallan’s mods. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


  3. Thanks Reagan, I looked it up as I have a few of nraas mods in my game. That one kinda spooked me so Imma just chill with the moving him. I’ll just make new copies and place him. The game shoulda been better equipped for moving in between worlds. Thanks again.


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