Hello All! Reagan and Jaylen Are Grandparents!

Hello everyone, it’s been so long since I have posted on this blog. Now that we are coming up on the five year anniversary of when Reagan’s epic story ended, I wanted to share some updates with you on what she’s been doing and how her life has been going. First, I still play with Reagan and Jaylen along with their 3 kids and extended family members in TS3. However as I do not play TS3 as much anymore, I have recreated Reagan and her family in TS4. At the end of her epilogue, Reagan had given birth to her son, Neko. Well once the story was concluded she had another child, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a teen in both TS3 and TS4. It takes me forver to grow my Sims up. LOL. As the youngest, Brooklyn is pretty spoiled and used to getting her way, well with Jaylen that is. Reagan’s mother, Apollonia lives with her, Jay, and Brooklyn in Sunlit Tides. While Reagan and Jay have not become grandparents in TS3 just yet, their oldest kids, Marseille and Neko are in their 20s and done with college. In TS4 this is the same case, however, Neko married his childhood sweetheart, Rawa David. She is the daughter of Yana who was a minor character in Reagan’s story and Stacey David, a friend and business associate of Rashin, Reagan’s notorious awful ex.

About five years ago I had a little mini story about Neko and Rawa on my Instagram. Anyway, Neko and Rawa live in Brindleton Bay with their twin daughters, Dynasty and Apollonia Reign. Brooklyn is currrently living with them as well as she is attending a prestigious school for her last year of high school while Reagan and Jaylen travel around the supporting their charitable foundation The Reagan and Jaylen Powers Foundation. Jay is still a club business mogul along with his twin brother, Amarre. The Powers brothers have amassed a large fortune over the years and own over 100 clubs and exclusive resorts worldwide.

Rawa and Neko graduated from the same university. She chose to be a stay at home mom while her kids are young and Neko has followed in his father’s footsteps and owns a major club in San Myshuno.

Reagan and Jay often pop up to Neko’s to visit their son and grandbabies. Reagan couldn’t be happier to be a grandmother. When Rawa was in labor I sent her to the hospital. Reagan as an NPC showed up at the same time! I was not controlling her nor did Rawa or Neko call her to come, but I guess somehow she knew she had to be there to witness her grandchildren being born!

Here’s some pictures taken over the last several months in my game featuring the Powers family.

Reagan and Jaylen at Neko’s wedding in Sulani.

Marseille and Stephanie Pinto, Neko and Rawa’s ward that Reagan and Jay plan on adopting as their child soon.

Reagan and Jaylen renewed their vows. It was like Miami all over again (cries)

Neko feels Rawa’s tummy. He couldn’t wait to be a daddy!

Photoshoot in the backyard. Neko’s parents actually gifted them this house I built as a wedding present.

Rawa goes into labor!

The twins! Dynasty and Apollonia Reign

Reagan and Jay stop by for dinner.

Neko is a great dad!

Happy Simming and Happy End Anniversary to Reagan’s story .



The Classy Reviewer: White-Hot Chic

Ethiopian Queen

Ayana in TS4, Yana is TS3.

S.H.E Magazine

Hello Dear Readers!

This is a special preview of my upcoming tank top line celebrating my Ethiopian Heritage. Stay tuned!

Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief

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S.H.E Gifts

TS4 Cabbage Patch Doll Babies

Reign: A Game of Power

Cabbage Patch Kids have been well-loved for over three decades. Each Cabbage Patch Baby or Kid is looking for a loving home. Why not adopt one and welcome them into your heart today? You will receive your new baby’s birth certificate, official adoption papers, and their baby book that lets you see their origins of birth in the cabbage patch. Taking care of a baby is hard work! Don’t worry; we have you covered. Please accept our compliments, a nutritious food box needed for healthy babies, brand new feeding bottles, a comfy high chair,  and a stroller for lovely summer day walks. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy

Cabbage Patch Baby Set. 7 items. Ages 2&UP

Doll 10 babies. High chair 10 variants. Stroller 9 variants. Adoption Certificate found in Kids Decor. Birth Certificate and Baby Book found in Kids Decor. Food Set found in Kids Decor. Baby Bottle found…

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Photoshop Alpha Channel Tutorial

via Photoshop Alpha Channel Tutorial

Chapter 11 Five Minutes to Flush

Reign: A Game of Power

Bash Banks’ POV

I met up with Rico downtown the night before about the “progress” I made on getting Cypher’s technology for him. Tim and I had grown “closer”, and he was very forthcoming with information on what management discussed regarding the issues and bugs with the application and what they were doing to address the problems.

“Do you have what I need?” Rico asked me.
“No, but I’m getting close,” I tried to reassure him.

“Maybe I was wrong about you, Bash. Maybe it’s best if you were to stay on at Jupiter and the let the chips fall where they may,” said Rico. Behind his dark tinted shades, I could see his eyes; it felt as if they were piercing through me.

“No, you weren’t wrong; I need more time.”

“You have seventy-two hours,” replied Rico and walked off.


After my conversation with Rico, I could think…

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An All-New Issue of S.H.E! Congratulations to The S.H.E CoverGirl Winner Liyah Haughton!

The United States of Carter

The United States of Carter

Reign: A Game of Power

The Carters

The Carters are one of the most prominent black legacy families in the south and the DMV.  They are one of the founding members of  John&Jenn, an old societal club that formed during the Reconstruction period for black families that grouped together in their communities to support each other and fight for civil rights but on a much smaller scale than what came several decades later.

If the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts are what is considered WASPs blue-blooded American aristocracy, then the Carters, the Livaudaiss, and the Carmichaels were the “black equivalent.” While the J&Js legacy families are located in many states, their “unwritten” membership requirements and traditions are very southern. No one person could apply for membership. You either had to be brought in through family legacy, sponsored, or marry someone that was already in the organization.

Judge Corliss Carter sits on the bench of the US Court…

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Chapter 9.1 Sugar & Blood

Chapter 9.1 Sugar & Blood

Reign: A Game of Power

Lupita Noriega’s POV:

(some language)

I had arrived at the New Crest Regional Justice Center’s visitor’s lounge, but there was nothing “lounge-worthy” or comfortable about A room with the dingy walls, old wooden tables, and hard metal fold-out chairs. I was here for my monthly visit with my father, Carmine Noriega.

Papa was being held awaiting trial on multiple drugs and racketeering charges. His lawyers, one of the best criminal defense firms in the country were working on getting him house arrest until his trial started. In the meantime, I had been tasked with overseeing our family’s principal operations, while two of my older brothers handled out of state business. I didn’t see Junior and Felix very often; it was better for them to stay out of my sight.

I heard a guard unlock the door to the visitor’s lounge. The other families who had been waiting looked up as…

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Chapter 8 Reign: A Game of Power

via My Family, Mi Familia

Chapter 8 of Game of Power

via My Family, Mi Familia

My Family, Mi Familia

Reign: A Game of Power

Det Bella Vega’s POV:
(Some graphic language, sexual situations, no nudity)

“Moynihan, did you get anything back from forensics?” Erik and I had been reviewing the evidence seized from Meech’s apartment over the last couple of days. Most of what was recovered by the team had been useless. “Uh, yeah. There was nothing on those phones we recovered. I didn’t suspect there would be.” He whizzed around in his chair; slamming down a stack of folders. “It’s bullshit, Bella. If we had gotten the warrant earlier, maybe we would’ve found something to tie McQueen to the Caribbean importers or Hector Noriega and by extension his brother and Lupita.”

It was getting late in the afternoon, and I was gearing up for another twelve-hour workday. The tension was rising within our department because we were feeling the heat. Ever since cartel boss DM Sanders was killed, there’s been uprisings from smaller…

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Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Dialogue on The Cutting Room Floor; You Can Use It Later

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Dialogue on The Cutting Room Floor; You Can Use It Later

Reign: A Game of Power

Okay, so you know how you end up writing several pages whether it’s your character’s inner dialogue or between two or more characters, only to find that you need to cut, cut, and cut some more? But what if some of that dialogue is important either to the storyline or the development of the character? I’ve come across this issue in the past, and I am dealing with it as I write chapter 8 of Game of Power.  What I found out is that sometimes certain scenes, detail, or dialogue is unnecessary for what the storyline calls for at the moment. Having too much text that doesn’t further along anything at the time can weigh the momentum of the story down. However, the same informational dialogue could be essential for your character’s development. I’ve often had to cut it and add it later either by presenting it differently through the…

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Officer Colton Johnson Is an Unwilling Player in The Game of Power



Officer Colton Johnson

Colton has the Jungle Explorer Aspiration


Colton’s traits are: Athletic, Dog Lover, and Loves Outdoors

Colton Johnson has been a patrol officer with the San Myshuno Police Department for the last four years. He previously served in the US Army, completed two tours in Afghanistan and was honorably discharged after six years of service.

As an Army veteran and officer of the law, Colton believes in honor and duty to his country and those he was sworn to protect and serve. His family comprises of several military and law enforcement members.

Coming out of the academy, Colton looked forward to serving communities and ridding neighborhoods of crime. As a patrol officer, he interacts with the community he serves every day and believes he can make a positive impact in the lives of the citizens of San Myshuno. His immediate goal is to obtain the rank of sergeant, but from there Colton doesn’t have a clear idea of where he wants his career to go. His father, Carl is a high ranking member in the department with aspirations for his son and plans to direct him into a leadership position one day, but he’s never shared his father’s ambition and thirst for power.

In the blink of an eye, Colton’s life changes forever, and he’s thrown into a game he’s never had any real ambition to play. How can one compete in a game if they no desire to play? Others have thrust their ambitions onto him either for their desires, agendas, or the wills of others.

Now that Colton is in the lion’s den, not of his choosing, he may have to do others bidding when it’s never been something he’s wanted for himself. Will the game ultimately destroy him or will he find a way to play even it means giving up his dreams?

****Be sure to check out the other character biographies  at Reign: A Game of Power https://reignagameofpower.com/character-biography/

****Author’s Note: As you can probably tell, this character biography has less information and is shorter than some of my others. Although I believe the detailed biographies of Bash, Bella, Rico, and Ayana were fine, I did edit some of the information on Marquez out because I didn’t want to give too much of his storyline away. I am doing the same with Colton. Depending on the characters and what they all contribute to GOP, some of their biographies may be more or less detailed than others. I know for a fact, some will have more background information on them, but others I plan on keeping condensed to general information.****

Check us out on Facebook for cc and story updates. Come and join our group. SOCS

Chapter 7 Going to the Mattresses

Hey everyone chapter 7 of Reign: A Game of Power is available!

Reign: A Game of Power

Rico Thomas’ POV

I was in New York for a meeting with Harrison to discuss the Jupiter Works acquisition. Edward Enterprises L.P. is a diversified holdings conglomerate located in the 9 West building in Manhattan. One of Harrison’s subsidiaries is Edward Capital L.P., an activist hedge fund with just over seventeen billion in assets under management. Aside from being a businessman and billionaire philanthropist, Harrison is an old family friend and my mentor. He’s currently married but separated from his wife.

I had the highest respect and admiration Harrison, even more so than my father. He taught me everything I know about my business, how to obtain power; ultimately he’s shown me how to survive.

Harrison had gained a reputation a pit bull corporate raider in the nineties; the preferred modern term is “activist investor or shareholder.” He told me once when I was at Harvard that he preferred the…

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Let the Games Commence! Marseille Powers Begins Her Reign

Marseille has the Popularity Aspiration

Marseille’s Traits Are:

Cheerful, Insider, and Outgoing

Let Her Reign Commence!

You know her mother, you know her father, now Marseille Powers daughter of legendary supermodel/fashion designer Reagan Leeds-Powers and nightclub magnate Jaylen Powers climbs out of their shadows to establish her reign.

Many would reduce the existence of a privileged socialite to private schools, parties, and elite vacation destinations, but Marsy never desired the life of a kept rich girl. She excelled in college where she started a successful event planning company due to her wit and business acumen. Her company, City Girls Elite was a mere stepping stone.

Reagan Leeds has long dreamed of her oldest daughter following in her footsteps and taking over her companies, so when Marsy informs her mother of her desire to work for her father, she’s heartbroken. However, anyone who knows Reagan knows that she won’t readily accept defeat nor let a “broken heart” stop her from getting what she wants and what’s best for her heir.

It wasn’t always easy living under the public gaze of an international fashion legend, despite how close Marsy and her mother were. But she was still more like her father, Jaylen; forever on the party scene thus making nightclubs his business that’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars for Powers Enterprises.

Co-founder and co-CEO, Amarre Powers has tasked his niece with operating their newest nightclub expansion in San Myshuno. Tomo is an international nightclub, resort and hotel chain with five hundred locations worldwide. He sees the same intelligence and relentless ambition in Marsy as he does in himself; all she needs is someone to drive it out and mold it. Jaylen was never as power hungry as his brother, and he initially opposed Marsy taking on such massive task until Amarre assured him that she would get all the support and resources needed to make Tomo San Myshuno a success. It took some convincing, but Jaylen eventually signed off on his daughter’s promotion.

There’s one person who’s never welcomed the idea of Amarre molding Marsy, and that’s Reagan. Amarre and Reagan have often found themselves at odds over the years as he always pushed to expand Powers Enterprises with ruthless determination to conquer and remove their competitors and enemies alike at any cost. Reagan is very success driven herself and encourages her children to be the same way, but not to the extreme like her power-hungry brother-in-law. Soon enough she and Amarre ensue in a battle over Marsy’s career path.

Marsy is loyal to her family and will do anything to protect their interest. When enemies from the past and present begin to emerge determined to dismantle the Powers reign, she’s unequipped with the arsenal required to fight them. Fearing failure and disappointing her father and uncle, Marsy turns to Amarre who tells her she must be relentless to silence all enemies.

For the protection and advancement of her family legacy, Marsy must become a skilled and merciless player of the game. Amarre instructs her in no uncertain terms to start treating the game like the bloodsport it truly is.

Not everyone is equipped to pay the price for winning the many games of power. Long live her reign.

****Marseille Powers is a legacy member of my most important dynasty; the Leeds and Powers dynasty. Through the Leeds and Powers family branches, all my stories and several characters were created. Her mother, Reagan Leeds-Powers has been the center of my Sims Universe for several years. She’s the protagonist of my first full epic Sims story, Reagan Leeds: Run The World. It’s because of that story I’ve been able to create so many complex characters and storylines. It’s a great pleasure for me to continue Reagan’s legacy through her oldest daughter. 

****Check out Marseille’s featured layout and interview with S.H.Emagazine and her December 2017 cover.

****Read about the beginning of Tomo Nightclub in chapter 20 Steelo Part I. This is when Reagan and Jaylen meet for the first time. You can also read about Marsy’s birth in chapter 38 And Baby Makes Three. Be sure to check out Amarre’s POVs as part of the Expanded Universe of Reagan Leeds: Run The World. 


Thank you,



Reign: A Game of Power Chapter 4

via Chapter 4 If I Was Your Girlfriend

Marquez “Big Meech” Flex Makes a Power Play to Win the Cartel Wars

Reign: A Game of Power

 Marquez “Big Meech” Flex

Marquez had the Deviance Aspiration

Marquez’s traits are: Ambitious, Insider, and Romantic

Marquez “Big Meech” Flex is a mid-level underboss in the newly formed McQueen cartel. Ever since the execution of former boss D.M. Sanders by unknown assailants, there’s been a power grab over territory within the four boroughs in San Myshuno: The Spice District, Uptown, Fashion Row, and Art of the City. Not only are smaller factions on the rise and seeking to take over, but the bosses from the surrounding cities know that San Myshuno is ripe for the pickings.

Outside cartels threaten Lamar McQueen’s reign as the new boss. Meech and his crew; The Thetas report directly to McQueen. Pressure is starting to build within the organization as there are many including the Thetas who feel disenfranchised by McQueen’s erratic actions and increasingly ineffective operations.

Lamar was a mentor to Marquez and showed…

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